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  1. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier 7, 8 Mod, 9

    Looking for the following Melee amps. PM me here or ingame. :D Melee Trauma Amplifier 7 Melee Trauma Amplifier 8 Mod Melee Trauma Amplifier 9
  2. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Buying: Strong/Great Argonaut Claws FEN

    Looking for either/both of these claws. PM me if you are looking to sell thanks :)
  3. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    HoF: Shadow Foot Guards! Rare Item Loot :D

    Got a nice surprise hunting today! :cool:
  4. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Buying: NeoPsion Mindforce Implant (Imp, Mod, Aug, Per)

    NeoPsion Mindforce Implant, Perfected, Augmented, Modified, Improved PM me if you got one and looking to sell.
  5. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Buying: Easter Ring 2017

    Heyya, looking to buy this ring. If you have PM :) or if you know someone who owns one PM plz :) :cool: Also Interested in Christmas 2015, 17, 18! thanks!
  6. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Buying: Improved A-3 Justifier Mk. 2

    Looking to buy a lower tiered one so the price won't be as much! let me know if you have and interested to sell! :sniper:
  7. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Buying: Shopkeepers! M or F

    Looking for M or F Shopkeepers :cool: I have seen hundreds of them around with nothing on them just standing there looking bored. Sell your dusty shopkeepers, give them a new job. PM me if you have some for sale! Thanks
  8. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Buzz Erik Lightyear Shops - Hunting - Mining - Protection

    - Featuring 3 themed shops with a huge range of over 800 items! - Shops organized and stocked often with great prices! - Located at Twin Peaks Mall. Floor 1, 2 and 3 beside the televator. - Arkadia Celeste Quarry booth with mining amps & more (6 Shopkeepers) ---- Floor 1 ---- High End...
  9. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Selling: Buzz Selling Rare Items - Arson FEN, CP Shopping Booths & More

    Taking Offers on some items. PM with offers. Weapons: Arson Chip 4 FEN Edition - Tier 1.6 (Only 15 of them exist) Sold Arson Chip 3 TEN Edition- Tier 4.6 - more info Halloween Ring 2015 - Left Hand Ring - more info Archon Sword - Tier 1.5 - more info Sold Estates: Crystal Palace Trade...
  10. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Buying: Level 12 Finder Amplifier Blueprint

    Looking for this blueprint. Let me know if you have it, or a spare copy. Thanks, :)
  11. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Info: Crystal Palace 2018

    Hello fellow Entropians, I am writing to inform people about Crystal Palace and it's evolution this year. In the beginning of 2018 I had been thinking about the idea to sell Crystal Palace. It has been a great honor and it has been very exciting, fun and rewarding to have owned it all these...
  12. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Uber: MacMahon Vengeance UL - Aurli Uber Loot Dome 4!!!!

    I looted this in Dome 4 tonight while hunting Aurlis for Platinum Tokens! :cool: MacMahon Vengeance :cowboy: This is the best hunting loot I've had since SGA when I looted Camo Jungle Stalker SGA! :yay: Epic loot on Crystal...
  13. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Selling: Terratech PH-3 Unlimited (Wood Cutting Tool)

    PM me if you are interested. These can be used to extract the Long Moonleaf boards which have had a markup of 3000-5000% since the boards have been introduced. Unlimited Terratech PH-3 can pay off in the longer haul vs using the Limited tools with high MU. I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK :silly2:
  14. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    a204 Dropped on Aurli Queen in Dome 4

    Janis janku Gaisonok looted an a204 in Dome 4 recently. :cool: Big Gratz! :) did anyone else loot one from here before?... or since?
  15. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Selling: Animal Brushes (L)

    Animal Brushes 105.70 full TT :sweat: :whip: Brushing your Pets will give them affection fast, and increase their mood. Decay is only 15 pecs per use. Wiki Info link: PM me ingame or on forum! Also in my Twin L1 L2...
  16. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Selling: Vampiric Cloak Of Lifesteal (M)

    Selling Epic Item: Vampiric Cloak Of Lifesteal (M) 75,000 PEDS :vampire: :vampire: :vampire: :vampire: 1% of all dmg given is returned as heals. Awesome with high dps weapons. Free endless healing. Only 4 of these Male Cloaks exist. Less fapping needed, gives more time to shoot...
  17. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Selling: Perseus Armour Blueprints!

    Hello, :) I have the following Perseus Blueprints for sale: Perseus Harness blueprint...... SOLD Perseus Helmet blueprint.... SOLD Perseus Thigh Guards blueprint 2500 SB / 4000 BO Perseus Arm Guards blueprint.. SOLD They are all 1.0 qr. Each bp takes various amounts: Lidacon, Gold, Solis...
  18. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Selling: Vampiric Cloak (M)

    Hello, :vampire: I'm taking offers on the Vampiric Cloak (M). There are only 4 of these ingame. (+2 F ones) BUYOUT = 90,000 PEDS :vampire: 1% of all dmg given, is received as heals. Very good for high dps! Awesome healing, and you don't have to switch to fap, giving you more time...
  19. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    ATH #1, #3, and #5 Crafting List !!

    I just noticed that I no longer reside on the ATH list for crafting anymore! :eek: I was on the list for 8+ years! My ATH's were getting pushed down and down by all the new Uber ATH's. There are now 100+ Larger crafting ATH's who have pushed my once #1 Crafting ATH right off the list! Here...
  20. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Selling: Adapted Montgomery Anabolic (L) New Low Price!

    Selling this gun in my Twin L1 Shop and in trades. Stats: Type: Carbine Laser Dmg: 62 HP Range: 66 M Speed: 50/min Full TT: 893 PED Notes: - Only L20 in Laser Sniper needed to max it! - Very low decay and high tt, so it lasts almost 60,000 shots! - Good range/Dmg, really good gun for many...
  21. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Info: Crystal Palace In Space (How To Guide)

    Traveling to Crystal Palace The cost to fly to CP is only 2 when you return to Calypso, or 17.5 peds when using the TP to teleport back with your loot safely. (as compared to the old cost of 35+peds) Be sure to check out Summer's Service: Offering free flights to Crystal Palace To fly, you...
  22. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    My Biggest ESI loot, from Aurli :)

    Got this from Aurli weak! while trying to loot output amps! my biggest ever ESI! :cool:
  23. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Achievement: Congratulations, You have acquired a new skill; Force Merge

    :cool: Working on iron missions with Elec chip, Was somewhat annoying since I was zapping Feffoids and someone just out of my radar got 22k feffoid... so I continued on Argos... then someone got 10k+ argo just off radar... so moved back to working on feffoids, and person got 12k feffoid...
  24. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    Info: Overweight Problems! With Solutions!

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: in VU 11.10.0 Strength does effect weight! :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Problem that is getting worse! But...
  25. Buzz Erik Lightyear

    CP Uberloots of 2011!

    All the 10,000+ sized uber hofs of 2011 will be in this thread! Feel free to post pix of your loots in this thread, I will try to always post a screenshot of the hof board aswell. And I'll link them to your Gratz threads! For the list of 27 Uberloots that came in 2010, check here Happy...