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  1. Speschl

    Selling: Selling FOXTROT

    As the title says i want to sell my marber Foxtrot tier 0,8. TT:145 regards Speschl
  2. Speschl

    Selling: Full Liakon (f)

  3. Speschl

    Buying: Looking for some Liakon (f) parts

    As the title says i am looking for harness(f),arm guards(f) and foot guards(f). Send me a pm or contact me ingame!(speschl speschllady lady)
  4. Speschl

    Buying: Infiltrator Harnees or Hermes Back Strap(M,L)

    As that title says i am looking for this Parts, also looking for arms!! Feel free to pm me or post here....
  5. Speschl

    Selling: Shadow arms F,L

    Selling shadow arms F,L tt=34,8 Ped Startbid:700% Buyout:900%
  6. Speschl

    Price Check--Shadow Arms (F,L)

    Anybody knows how much are they worth ?? I have no clue ..............
  7. Speschl

    Question: Argus down

    Anyone else having problems with login atm ? I was argus, had connection lost, and now after entering GC-code, its a forever authorizing. :scratch2: **EDIT** Ok sry i see there is an other Thread about this, can be closed here or delete.
  8. Speschl

    Vumpoor Disintegrator

    We just looted this nice weapon in team, now the question is, how much is it worth?? Click to enlarge
  9. Speschl

    10953 PED Phasm

    hehe i cant believe it, at the first moment:yay: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge