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    Selling: Gold gold gold

    Bulk Gold for 110% x 7743PED TT === 8517.3 ( equals even more fun in space +11k - 14k SI)
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    Selling: F.O.M.A Shop #3 -=PostHistorys Space Bizaar=-

    Great location so close to TP 6Kped See sig for more info Recent sales history
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    Selling: Starfinder XXXI

    Stuck in your house for 14+ Days? nothings to do? Look no further I have hours of entertainment for the low price of 40KPED PED PED PED <--- Sold also Bulk Gold for 110% x 7743PED TT === 8517.3 ( equals even more fun in space +11k - 14k SI) :)
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    Open letter to dev staff and leadership

    To MA: Hey Guys, I am happy to see the work you have done in this VU, some real QOL updates in potential now that you have what seems to be a good backbone installed... I would also like to say thankyou to the current programmer(s) as they seem to be more capable than the last... Please...
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    Over one month without a update :) ????????????????????????

    why not do light weight features if your working on something bigger in the back ground or better yet tell us your doing something :D
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    Effective Markup formula?????????????

    hey guys long time no troll.... I am trying to get my head around the Effective Markup formula used here.... formula is used to calc Cost: as part calc of cost (weaponMU + ammoMU + ampMU) / (weaponDecay + ammo + ampDecay) is what i thought it was...
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    Selling: Booth and a Shop

    selling these two good locations to free up some cash to play the game another way :) PostHistorys Calypso Trade Booth 4k PED F.O.M.A Shop #3 -=PostHistorys Space Bizaar=- 12k PED
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    Suggestion: Drop Nano Cubes in all Loots....

    Hello... :) I think I have a solution to EP's and Economy in general. This is a Three way system... Remove Nano Cubes from Trade Terminal. Make Nano Cubes refinable into Universal Ammo @(101%). Make Nano Cubes Auction able. Here is how I see it working... Hunting: Instead of the normal...
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    PostHistorys Trading Post

    Hello fellow entropian's this is PostHistorys Landing page for his Shops and trade offers. FOMA Shop #3 [70524, 70452, 359] Calypso, Omegaton West Habitat, Omegaton Delta Tower, Booth #3 [25627, 37505, 117] [My current location] [Calypso] WTS [Compet Deed] 27ped each WTB [Neurostim-A] 360%
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    Suggestion: Return the 2ped fee in space...

    Hello, I have spent some time mulling over this idea in my head since they removed the 2PED fee to land planet side... If they reversed the idea... That is charge "up to 2PED" to enter space from ANY location, we could have a "Fix" for all of us being bored in space. Here is how I see it...
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    Help: HELP!!! I have had a major Fall out with my now Ex Society.

    My Society turned on me today. When I suggested we started to offer protection in space as another way of income, rather than shooting the people we could protect them from the other pirates that exist in space. I had it all planned out we could offer cheap warp services have all our gunner...
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    Suggestion: Lets fix the game mechanics and current non working implementations.

    I am fast growing tired of seeing a certain mod on this forum posting how to polish a [common dung] rather than fixing the games mechanics. lets make a triage list will build list in following reserved post. how i see the structure... is something like this section "A" game mechanic...
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    F.O.M.A Shop #3 -=PostHistorys Space Bizaar=-

    This Location is for sale. 6k PEDs Current Items Item Qty TT Value Adaptive Fire Rate Component 264 79.2 Advanced Gem Extractor 146 1.46 Advanced Leather Extractor 72 0.72 Advanced Mineral Extractor 14 0.14 Advanced Stone Extractor 52 0.52 Advanced Wood Extractor...
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    Selling: [Earth Shock Trooper Set (M,L)]

    [Earth Shock Trooper Foot Guards (M,L)] = 25.76PED [Earth Shock Trooper Gloves (M,L)] = 26.26PED [Earth Shock Trooper Helmet (M,L)] = 41.58PED [Earth Shock Trooper Harness (M,L)] = 40.73PED [Earth Shock Trooper Shin Guards (M,L)] = 40.5PED [Earth Shock Trooper Thigh Guards (M,L)] = 47.10PED...
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    Omegaton Delta Tower, Booth #3

    Location SOLD
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    [Camo Arms Jungle Stalker] Tier 9: Omegaton Delta Tower, Booth #3

    SB9k 72 hours wait after last bid made BO10k Placed in Booth for Quick BO See sig. Sold For BO
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    Using vehicles to reduce AOE?

    2017-07-02 06:53!!!!!!You wrote: I have had a discussion for over an hour now... would like your input..... Is it okay to spawn multiple vehicles to reduce the AoE dmg taken by avatars? if so ,,, he who has the most vehicles wins ? Kind Regards PostHistory. 2017-07-02 07:05!!!!!!You wrote...
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    Selling: [Camo Arms Jungle Stalker][RX OpTac x2 Set(M)]

    Tier 9.0 [Camo Arms Jungle Stalker][Highest In game?] Evil and Enhancers = 103.1 Dmg/s @115m @ Tier 9 Tier 0.9 [RX OpTac x2 Set(M)] Swap for equus or PEDs
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    Selling: Selling PK gear

    Today is a good day to buy a gun. If you don't buy a gun you might need good protection.... lucky you, you're reading a post that helps in both cases. Tier 6.2 [DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition] 15k [Sold] Tier 9.0 [Camo Arms Jungle Stalker] [Highest In game?] Evil and Enhancers = 103.1 Dmg/s...
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    Who forgot to feed the hampster again!!!!!

    OMG have we lost power ?
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    Selling: Starfinder XXXI

    Not forsale.
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    Selling: Hangar

    Selling hangar maybe ? Location: North Space Base Docks A #5, South East Hangar. [88655, 94404, 355]
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    Selling: Eon Gloves (F)

    2k SBO .
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    [Empty Paint Cans]

    Spacecraft Skills Selling [Empty Paint Cans] @ 210% Items accepted are [Empty Paint Cans] @ 180% or Pure PEDS Kind Regards PostHistory.