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  1. LeeLoo Faith

    LeeLoos Mom

    Hey all some might be wondering where I got lost. I am having very hard times this year.. two jobs .. lots of stress.. sick dog (lot of stomach problems, broken paw) and a very hard and though brain stroke hit my mom. So much organisational things to do... forms to fill.. things to order by...
  2. LeeLoo Faith

    Buying: Eudoracell, Rabbiger

    Buying Rabbiger bunny looking for all kind of bunnys. allready have all but...
  3. LeeLoo Faith

    Info: Colorer List

    Coloring LeeLoo Faith ----- 51 Colorful Faith Girts Smilgs ----- 43 Smilgs beauty Xany ------------- 41 Summer ----------- 38 Summers Fashion Designs Bjorn Longstaff -- 37 on request Leeloo Mountain -- 33 Leeloo Mountains Beauty Wes Valivill ----- 19 Gwen ------------- 18 Audrey Cheerful --...
  4. LeeLoo Faith

    Buying: Ruby Canin, Rabinger, Wolpertinger

    got them all Mission accomplished!!! Now have all kind of bunnys Wolpertinger Ruby Canin Silver Canin Corinthian Canin Eudoracell Rabbiger .. Collection completed until a golden or black canin enters our Universe
  5. LeeLoo Faith

    too suspicious or a kind of scam !?

    .. beeing called a bitch for trying to be nice .. Probably just beeing too nice at all .. willing to color someones stuff for free (with my paints) because of their heartbreaking "i got hacked" story and lost (insert lots of stuff) and all my skills .. but then I have to go to their hangar...
  6. LeeLoo Faith

    AUD Auction Mistake

    Today I wanted to sell 11 AUD and accidentally made a stack containing 21 Deeds instead. When creating the auction with 555Ped Buyout it was immediatly sold.. I didnt think at once that I put to many deeds in there so I clicked away the message .. then I looked in my inventory and realized it :(...
  7. LeeLoo Faith


    Dreaming of PE? Want to go back to the time where you needed TP Runs? Just want to sit back, relax and talk about the good old times, sharing fond memorys and do some useless fun stuff together? OldTimers might be a group for you :laugh::ahh...
  8. LeeLoo Faith

    Buying: Textures/Paints

    buying all Textures/Paints that you are willing to let go for 105% also doing Bulk Trades of hunters batches. mid level ~ 110% can also trade individual paints seperatly if you have a batch of a more expensive color
  9. LeeLoo Faith

    Info: How to get stuck items from your Estate

    Just a little tip for all shop (or other Estate) Owners who have items stuck in an unaccessible area of their shop/estate. For most shops that is the display area outside of the shop. You may be able to pick up your items when you open the Action Library and search for OTS. Switch on OTS Camera...
  10. LeeLoo Faith

    looking for Rabinger Pet

    I like a "Tigerhase" (Tiger Bunny) , they are so cute :girl::ahh: How and where can I get (tame) one? Anybody has one for sale (not paying very much as i am just going to have it as add up to my bunny family)
  11. LeeLoo Faith

    Selling: Large Emerald Lakes Mall Shop, Jaguar Armour (F), Shopkeeper (F) and some more

    Large Shop in Emerald Lakes Mall, Floor 2 , near Televator 10 Item Points in Display Area, 300 Item Points inside very nice shop design , much space , some handy wall shelves included SB: 10k PED BO: 20k PED -- SOLD Jaguar Armour Set (F) uL all seven pieces Tier 2-3 SB: 5k PED BO: 10k PED --...
  12. LeeLoo Faith

    Selling: Big storage clean up, armour, weapons, deeds, furniture, vehicles, clothes, textures

    REALLY REALLY NEED TO REDUCE ITEM AMOUNT so here is a big sale list ============================== bulk trades prefered ============= armour 1634 Shogun Arm Guards (F) 1 25.49 PED Medium Storage Box (C) (1143) 1635 Shogun Face Guard (F) 1 12.74 PED Medium Storage Box (C) (1143) 1636...
  13. LeeLoo Faith

    just a rare sound for me

    yesterday a very unfamilar sound was created by me once again. what a surprise, just a few mobs ago my L2 gun broke and then a nice Argo decided to give me a new one!!! it is not that I hunt so little as some of you may think, I just usually dont get any swirlies (not even globals) no matter...
  14. LeeLoo Faith

    Collecting ideas for Pets

    Why not make Pets even more useful and let them fulfil some tasks. Let's collect some ideas what they could do: small pets - collect loot - trail mobs to you - collect fruit/stone/dung big pets - riding - carrying stuff Not sure about taking part in battle, because then they would also...
  15. LeeLoo Faith

    Do you think I am crazy because Trucks remind me of EU?

    Everytime I see those Trucks I have to think about Entropia Universe! Do you think I am crazy? :rofl: What things do you have, that immediatly remind you about something in EU?
  16. LeeLoo Faith

    Buying: Exarosaur Wool/Cloth

    If you have any Exo Wool or Cloth pls dont tt it, I need some for tailoring.
  17. LeeLoo Faith

    just good night swirls

    yesterday night I was hunting with Fred Prowler Nurk and we got just 2 small swirls on proterons when it was getting late and time to stop / go sleep "OK", he said, "but a little good night swirl would be nice" just a few mobs later we got a Hof. nice I thought .. then I checked the amounts...
  18. LeeLoo Faith

    dont I look ... spooky ?

    When I use my healchip there is a big white/sometimes golden sphere around me. it is so bright it hurts my eyes.. they are blinding me .. it also brightens or bleaches a big cricle on the ground around me
  19. LeeLoo Faith

    Taking Loot from planet - bad for its economy?

    I wonder .. If many ppl take their Loot from one planet with them to another planet, does this influence the economy of the planet badly? maybe because they can sell it better there or because they dont want to have stacks on each planet , why they take it away does not matter too much I guess...
  20. LeeLoo Faith

    Question: Bidding on auctions on other planets

    I am wondering why is it not possible to bid on other planets auctions? I can see them - so why not bid? When I put up an auction on planet A and fly to planet B before it is run out, I do receive the peds while on planet B. So it could also work the other way around. when you have won the...
  21. LeeLoo Faith

    Question: just a curios question about pvp in space INSIDE ships

    Everytime you are on Board of a Mothership or privateer and it starts from the Space Station and enters Space.. there comes a Message that you enter PVP. So I always wonder If someone would shoot the other passengers standing beside him - would he be able to kill them and loot them?
  22. LeeLoo Faith

    Question: Weapon Economy Enhancers for limited Weapons

    Every time my limited gun breaks I have the problem to find a new one .. Sometimes there are none of those I have maxxed in auction or with super high markup. :mad: also all the new weapons and names making it hard for me to know which ones are the highest ones that I have maxxed. :eyecrazy...
  23. LeeLoo Faith

    Limited Weapons good or bad?

    I dont like that I have to buy a new weapon every few hunts and ofc the fact that the weapons I am using are the "most wanted" and markup is quite high atm, most weapons go for 130%-150% :eyecrazy: But on the other hand, while skills are increasing so are the weapons to use and the damage done...
  24. LeeLoo Faith

    Selling: cute blue F outfit (30Ped SB)

    Selling this cute female outfit Carpace Boots Blue Hoplite "Skirt" Hoplite Breast Plate SB: 30Ped Auction runs 2 Weeks
  25. LeeLoo Faith

    Avatar Creation

    Can´t stop to tweak my avatar.. haircut and haircolor is the worst things that need a little tweaking here and a little tweaking there.. hopefully the week of recreating as much as you want is over soon :girl: but I have to say, getting used to new look quite fast, I like it. that update was...