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  1. amandaboo12

    yes im complaining lol

    So as the thread says i am complaining. I know that some areas well alot of them are pvp, like where the levis are. But i think its totally unfair when im shooting a mob for someone to just come up and shoot me. I know its a pvp are but still there are some people (like me) who cant afford to...
  2. amandaboo12

    Halloween contest Finalist

    Here are the finalist for the Halloween Contest for either funny or scary things.:yay: Winner will get 5000 EFD! Good luck everyone!! 1. Rockchick-- Tlr4158CP_k 2. SoftHart-- 3. Misty Dawn-- 4...
  3. amandaboo12

    Halloween contest :D

    Ok so Halloween is almost here so i decided to do a short contest:yay: I will give 5000 EFD to the person who can post, either the best Halloween video, picture, joke, or anything that has to do with Halloween. It doesn't have to be scary at all. I will then pic 13 finalist on thursday and make...
  4. amandaboo12

    Contest: Top Ten Finalist : What does your name say bout you

    Here are the top ten finalist, there were so many too chose from but I narrowed it down. The winner will receive 3000 EFD. A special thanks aslo to Danielle yourmom, Nihilist, and Nighthawk for their EFD donations :D 1. Daina Gluepot Rendar Delirious Ambitious Inconsistent Naive Affectionate...
  5. amandaboo12

    Contest: What does you' name say bout you?

    What does your name say bout you? Giving 1000.00 EFD to the winner. Ofc I will let the community decide. I will pick the top 10 most creative ones, then the people in EF decide who wins.:D EXAMPLE: M: Marvelous A: Adorable N: Nice D: Ditzy Y: Youthful B: Beautiful O: Obtuse O: Outstanding GL...