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    Selling: EntropiaBay for sell

    Hello Since long time I quit the game because I have no more interest in it. If some one interested i sell one of the best website-tool entropia related: Entropiabay that include the ebay-like trade part, inventory calculator, auction data tool and a bunch of stuff that work in background. You...
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    I need someone skilled in graphic (vectorial etcetc)

    Like i said i need someone WITH SOME SPARE TIME that can help me with a project entropia related. He has to create some vectorial images, bmp, suggest graphic options etcetc. Discretion is important too. Not for free ofc post here if u interested. dc
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    It s game boring??????

    So this is me, and pls it s not a negative tread. Stay calm, don t scream, relax!. So i m not playing Entropia a lot, let say almost nothing. In effect i think my in game experience is quite boring. Kill a mob, kill another one, kill another one......... drop a bomb and then another one.... do...
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    A question about weapons for you: thx in advance

    Hello i was data mining entropedia, and i discovered that we have 1133 different weapons ofc MA and each planet partner continue to release new ones over time and for sure many are not even listed in entropedia My question is: do we really...
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    Entropiabay: What countries are playing Entropia Universe the most

    Based on the last year visit on Country / Territory % United States 23.41483516 Germany 7.348901099 United Kingdom 6.318681319 France 6.203296703 Poland 5.771978022 Sweden 5.239010989 Russia 3.629120879 Portugal 3.252747253 Belgium 3.074175824 Canada 2.645604396 Latvia...
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    Entropia Universe Account Inactivity email

    We noticed that you haven't been logged in to Entropia Universe for a time now and we don't want you to miss the opportunity of being a continuous part of our virtual community. .....and did you spent also 2 minutes of your precious time to think WHY i didn t log in in Entropia ????? can be...
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    PCF banner question

    Hello Can the users of PCF advertise on this forum???? If yes can they pay with PCF dollars???? any info about pls? thx in advance DC
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    why players complain about MA/EU?

    The question i guess is quite simple, not sure the answer is so simple too. Like old player i have to admit we got a lot of incredible upgrades. Space, planets, graphic, missions, etcetc no one should doubt that we enjoy the upgrades we got overtime. OFC it should be not forgotten that all...
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    Globals tracher: An official free for all full supported

    Considering the last events i think is time for MA to release an official full supported free for all GLOBALS/HOF tracker. in a RCE the transparency is all. We have...
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    I need help to figurate out about the entropia population growing

    Ok i had this discussion with some mate about the growing population in entropia. IMO in effect there is no increase of players at all , instead according to my friend there is. He support his opinion with the fact that he can meet some new players around the universe (he is a trader) but...
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    Any plan to fix the loot?????

    very happy about the changes we get in EU over the years. very happy about the new planets and land deed. but the core problem persist: loot! until MA will not fix, balance the loot EU will continue to be considered around like a scam. They can add as many planets they want but them will not...
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    New Yorker up for a beer?????

    well happen that i need to spend the whole next week in New York for work, but the night is all for me. Maybe some one up for a beer????? is 10 years that i don t visit the Big Apple.
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    Where are our items???

    If you have an item in a shop, where is it located in your item list??? storage? or? and if you have an item in shopkeeper? and if is in your vtlo/quad/mothership/privater/car/helycopter,boat????? land area?????? thx
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    Mini Warp

    I would like to know if can be an idea to have kind of mini warp. Those will allow people to move from planet to space in a position far and different from space station (that ofc we can name now pirate station, right?) so making difficult to be target. Mini warp jump can be kind of L items...
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    PVP space zone

    Suggestion: Simple , create limited PVP space zones like the ones present in each planet. If you enjoy PVP you can enter in those zone and happy fight with other people that have your same feeling. Becuase Have a whole PVP space is like to have a whole PVP planet................ a place for few...
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    Escape from the Space Station avoiding the pirates MA friends.

    I really don t understand this great idea to show up in the Space Station each time you enter in space. Probably there is a coding, servers, balblabla reason for this but it s very annoying. OFC this give to the pirates a cool advantage, you must move from this zone, so statistically them can...
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    Weapons available in shops (or by private trade)

    here the link sorted in alphabetic order many of them are under market value. You can add your shop or your private offers by yourself too.
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    Skilled programmers wanted (yes this is a job offert)

    Hello i m looking to add a couple of new programmers in the EntropiaBay team. I have a lot of implementations in my mind for EntropiaBay, my actual programmers are doing a great job but like anyone are also quite busy with real life. From here the idea to add a couple of new programmers to work...
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    Failed downloading: bin32\ClientLoader.exe

    since today i get: Failed downloading: bin32\ClientLoader.exe Invalid file size. Expected=2366160 Downloaded= 2194640 used the repair tool but the loader fail to download the content. Any one get the same problem???? ps not sure if this is the correct subforum. sorry
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    call of duty MW3

    775 millions $ in just 5 days , 3million of players simultaneously playing the 8/11. Did you tried it? i m looking for feedback. dc
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    phasm texture service wanted

    I would like have some clothes texturized with pashm. Actually i really love the patter of the phasm leather (it looks ...soft) but i never saw how the texture will look like. Do someone has any picture about? In case i need those 323 texture how many phasm leather i must supply to someone able...
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    Why MA is not able to attract more players?

    Cryengine 2, new Planets, Space, The Thing, Transformers, Land Ownership................... but nothing, despite all that the base player of the whole Entropia Universe don t increase. Why in your opinion?
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    Quad-Wing Interceptor (L) market manipulation?

    Last 50 Sold: Date Qty TT Bid Amount # Bids Markup 9/11/2011 5:49 1 10.79 201 50 1862.84% 9/11/2011 5:49 1 9.91 197 34 1987.89% 9/11/2011 5:18 1 10.79 193 42 1788.69% 9/11/2011 5:18 1 9.91 173 24 1745.71% 9/11/2011 5:18 1 9.52 163 5 1712.18% 8/11/2011 4:39 1 9.37 152 3 1622.20% 6/11/2011...
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    Attacks based on a percentage of the victims current HP

    English is not my first language; what means: attacks based on a percentage of the victims current HP, introduced in the last VU? -two avatars with different HP get different attack? -one avatar during an hunting get different attack based on his hp left? -for attack it means attack rate? or...
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    how much cost for the players to travel in space?????

    just curios, how much cost to fly between planets??? If i m not wrong it was possible to buy some 15-25 ped ticket to fly more or less from/to anywhere and trips were 15-45 min long. Now we have a larger space and warp. I saw already some pilot that offer warp/trip at 100 PED!!!!!!! i mean 100...