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    Hurricane Sandy

    It should be hitting the northeast coast of the United States by tomorrow... I happen to be right in the path, but thankfully quite a bit inland. Should be interesting over the next few days! :eyecrazy:
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    Get A Grip

    Published on 06-26-2012 13:07 Number of Views: 3096 It's October 23rd... get a fucking grip on updating your forum. The representation of Planet Calypso on the home page is shit.
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    Favorite Entropia Memories

    So, the intent of this thread is for nothing more than a bit of feel-good nostalgia and conversation. The guidelines are simple: 1) State when you started playing and how long you've been active. 2) Share at least one enjoyable memory from your gaming experience. I'll start. I began...
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    Help: Connection Error?!?

    Hi all, looking for a little help here, please. I started getting this a couple weeks ago, thought maybe it was something on MA's end since it only happened a couple times then went away. Now for the past week, I cannot connect at all. Firewall settings are allowing: EIGC Client Process...
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    Wireless Router Recommendations?

    Hey all... I need to get a decent wireless cable internet router that works well at a relatively decent price. Any recommendations on what I should consider? Thanks! :D
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    What ever happened to the planet "partner" vision?

    Several years ago, I was quite content playing a (new to me) online sci-fi game with a real cash economy based on a single planet called Calypso. After a couple of years, MindArk announced that it planned to diversify the game by creating a "Universe" and adding other planets to the game. Here...
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    Have you been actively promoting the universe?

    PLEASE READ ENTIRE POLL QUESTION BELOW BEFORE RESPONDING!!! A simple yes or no poll... Within the last three months (Sept.-Nov. 2011), have you been actively promoting Planet Calypso and/or Entropia Universe to other people? A recent post in another thread made me curious how many forum...
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    Selling: Dragon Armor (F), FULL SET!!!

    Dragon Armor (F), FULL SET!!! Selling this fantastic set of armor!!! Grab it while you can, there aren't very many of these around... Complete with RARE feet!!! <Start bid is BELOW average yearly MU> Start Bid: TT+450 ped Buy Out Bid: TT+550 ped Bidding will end exactly one...
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    New World Order

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    ASSISTANCE NEEDED: Old Calypso Screenshots

    Hello fellow citizens... errr... colonists.... errrr... avatars on Calypso!!! I am hoping to do a short video in the very near future (like, this weekend), and need some screenshots of old Calypso, pre-VU10... Old Hadesheim Old Stock Exchange Old Voting Booth (various locations) Old ND Bank...
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    Selling: Fire Forge ARR 8000 - UL Laser Rifle, Tier 1.6

    Fire Forge ARR 8000 - UL Laser Rifle, Tier 1.6 Selling this affordable long-range laser tagger!!! The FF ARR 8K is GREAT for sniping high-agro mobs out of packs from a safe distance... Current TT is 115.44 ped (almost full 100%) Start Bid: TT+800 ped Buy Out Bid: TT+875 ped Bidding...
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    Selling: GeoTrek H41 Mina - UL BLP SIB Pistol, Tier 4.4

    GeoTrek H41 Mina - UL BLP SIB Pistol, Tier 4.4 Considering reasonable offers, please post or message! Start Bid: REDUCED: SB TT+3030 Buy Out Bid: REDUCED: BO TT+3333 Selling this great UL BLP SIB Pistol!!! Grab it while you can, there aren't very many of these around...
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    O Fortuna

    O Fortuna, a different kind of "Chrome"
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    MA really does care...

    I received via email this after only a few weeks of not playing. Hi <insert name here>, We noticed that you haven't been logged in to Entropia Universe for a time now and we don't want you to miss the opportunity of being a continuous part of our virtual community. It's interesting to see...
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    Has a question been answered? Right from the horse's mouth. So... no answer on Planet Partners yet.
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    My Next Island Vacation

    For more information about Next Island, please visit
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    ROCKtropia Female Hats

    A stunning example of the new high-quality ROCKtropia Female Hats, now available on auction!!! Get these collectors items NOW, before they turn into Male Shirts! * Brought to you by the professional game developers at NEVERDIE Studios. *
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    How does this happen?!?

    You know... I try not to let other people's loots frustrate me or get me down, which is why I turn OFF globals while playing. However, a large HoF on a relatively small mob flashed on the screen tonight, and I decided to check tracker...
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    FYI: reality-vs-fiction
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    Oratan Offensive, Dependable Defense

    Arkadia Interplanetary Militia (AIM) pushes back the Oratan Offensive south of Dependable Firebase on Planet Arkadia, Entropia Universe.
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    VTOL SS Night Ops RECON

    The continuing story of the battle against the Oratan...
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    Question: What's going on with Blazars?

    Blazar MU within the last three days went from 60,000% (6 ped per stack of 1K) to up around 100,000% and above (minimum 10 ped per stack of 1K). Limited amount on auction... So, what's going on with Blazars?
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    Conspiracy Theory 101: GUESS WHO HOF IN HELL

    GUESS WHO...