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    Selling: NeoPsion 55 Mindforce Implant

    I am selling a NeoPsion 55 Mindforce Implant. This model is the best mindforce implant available in universe. It has a current TT value of 94.01PED. I am asking +595.99 for a total of 690PED BO for this nice piece of mindforce equipment. I will accept serious offers. Please PM me if you are...
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    Happy 5th Anniversary Mann MPH Killers

    :birthday: I would like to like to wish a Happy 5th Anniversary to Mann MPH Killers. Many thanks to all past and present members for years of fun and to our various friends for your friendship and support. We`ve had our ups and downs, highs and lows but the spirit remains. Five years is quite a...
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    Odd chat system message....

    I was in team chat and hit a wrong key or two, don`t remember which but got the following message. "System not available yet. Please visit planet website for possibly further information." Anyone else seen this. And if so what do you think it means. Kind of says to me further chat system stuff...
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    Gamers - Documentary

    On now and just started @ 11:00PM EST on Documentaries channel Direct TV channel 267 in the States.
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    To deposit or not to deposit?

    I`ve been broke and losing in EU for quite some time now. Though I do enjoy participating and interacting with friends. But lack of PED has kept me out of the game when I`ve had time. Recently I`ve been visiting the casino near me and walking in with a few 20 dollar bills and often walking out...
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    Order for doing quests/missions?

    This probably won`t apply to the Iron Chalenge type missions but while I was out on one of the others last night I came across components and landmarks of other missions. That got me thinking that there might be a prefered order to do those missions in to make them easier and go a little faster...
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    Your Avg. running PED Balance?

    This polls results will be kept private as obviously most people probably don`t want others knowing how much PED they keep on their card. Comments are not needed but always appreciated! Yes both good and bad. ;) I`m wondering what most people end up with as an average running PED balance on...
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    Time remaining: >99:59:59

    Okay I`ve been patient and downloading the update for about 18 hours now for reasons unknown. But when I get to the end of the count the display say "Time remaining: >99:59:59". What the heck is that suppose to mean? That I will now be waiting an eternity? Never had a problem with updates before...
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    Soc chat not working?

    Has anyone else been experiencing this. Society chat is not working for my society. Just want to make sure we are not alone. At least EF still works fine!
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    Getting OJ`s back

    Long ago I got rid of my oj`s and just tried to get them back before the vu happens. I thought what you had to do was log out and back on with no clotes on. But that did`nt work. I even tried putting them all in storage and then trading them all to my friend which did`nt work either. Does anyone...
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    FYI: A New General for Mann MPH Killers

    Friends, Entropians and fellow Earthlings I am proud to announce that I have been elected as the new General of Mann MPH Killers. We are a society that has been around 4 years this month and I have been with them since shortly after the societies creation. I have held every rank from recruit all...
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    Ammunition handler?

    I noticed this in the vu10.0 previews that were just released. I`m wondering what it is or could be used for. Any ideas/guesses? I`m just hoping it`s not something that will need more ped. It`s the only item in the photo with the description highlighted. I think MA is trying to tell us...
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    HoF: 391PED Redulite = Silent Uber

    I got this HoF on redulite the other night and just got around to posting it. After markup it valued in at around 1500PED. A nice silent uber on a semi rare ore using an oa-101. It was much needed as my PED balance at the time shows! Click to enlarge
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    Uber: 1473 PED Longtooth HoF

    I was searching for the Longtooth herd and while out found this lone specimen near a few other players engaged in the only other on the radar. It surprised me with my biggest hunting loot to date and bested my old one by a good 1200 PED. I missed the screen shot when I got it but items were a...
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    Uber: Finally a tower!

    My lack of a mining tower has been a running joke in my society for years now. Last night that all ended as I hit this 5846PED garcen. What a relief! Click to enlarge
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    Have (L) items increased the importance of skills?

    In your opinion has the introduction of (L) limited weapons and tools such as finders and faps increased the importance or inherent value of skills? Recently while trying some of the limited finders in my reach I can`t help but feel that these (L) items have increased the importance of skills...
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    Uber: 1480PED Garcen HoF

    I got this, my second largest mining find, while playing with a biggish amp. I was still hoping for that first tower but this will do nicely for now! Click to enlarge Actually this is my largest mining find but my second largest loot. So excited I got confused I guess.
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    A mining wish

    I would love to see the ability to set the default location that a finder pops up after dropping a bomb or probe just like you can do with the loot windows. It most often seems to block the view of a claim when trying to locate it. And when I mine I highlight the claim so in 2 clicks or taps of...
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    Have you been ks`ed during the robot event?

    With all the threads about kill stealing lately I was wondering what kind of numbers we would see in a poll so here it is. Have you been a victim of kill stealing during this robot wars event? Yes or no? because I am a kill stealer. No judgements, no public results. Kill stealing can...
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    Uber: 2067ped oa-101

    After a long hard day and night of bad bot loots I came back from a mining run and decided to click a few ore amps for the next day. I only make amps to use and don`t do a ton of clicks. But this time the first click gave me this nice loot and a complimentary global followup. A new personal best...
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    Exaro Elite?

    I saw a global on an exaro old alpha elite a little while ago and was wondering if anyone knows where the elites are spawning. I suspected echidna crater but have`nt been able to get there yet and have to log off for a while. Any info appreciated! UPDATE: I found them east of PA and moving ever...
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    Calypso Historical Museum

    Would you like to see a Calypso Historical Museum on planet? Yes or No. Feel free to elaborate or contribute ideas. I was partly inspired by a recent trip to the American Museum of Natural History and a thread about who was the first to do this or that in Entropia found here...
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    Aging in EU

    I occured to me last night in thinking about speculation of needing food or drink to maintain stamina and other possibilities that with the advent of Cryengine it might be possible to have our avatars age as time goes by. That would surely place a value on the beauty professions especially body...
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    Wheeeeee 1000 Posts!

    My achievements in game have been few and far between lately aside from hitting lvl5 sweat gatherer and then 500pts in that same skill. lesser activity in game seems to have led to a bit more activity here as evidenced by my 1000th post earlier this week. So I figured I may as well...
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    Selling: NeoScion Bd Mindforce Implant

    As the thread title says I am selling a NeoPsion Bd minforce Implant tt value is currently 10.95PED. Stats on the implant can be found here. Bid starting at 1000 PED and a buyout of 1200PED. I will be taking bids from now until...