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  1. HardWrath

    Selling: Isis Project Zero-Three - Tier 6.5

    Sold!! :locked:
  2. HardWrath

    Selling: Treasure Island Platinum Apartment, 6F

    I'm selling Treasure Island Platinum Apartment, 6F 1300 PED The deed currently is in my Shopkeeper upstairs in apartment 14G, just go there and buy it. Apartment 6F is partially furnished, currently 20/120 items. Total value of items ~150 PED. The items consist of shelves to help keep your...
  3. HardWrath

    Selling: DetPil V-Rex 2000 (L) Blueprint (L) - 27 clicks

    TT = 0.27 Price = 80 PED which is 29629% You can buy it at my shopkeeper in Treasure Island Platinum Building #14G
  4. HardWrath

    Buying: Trading my Female Shopkeeper for a Male Shopkeeper

    I want to trade my Female Shopkeeper for a Male Shopkeeper Looking for an even exchange. I have (M) cloths and armor that I want to use for the shopkeeper Just send me a PM Thanks!
  5. HardWrath

    Buying: Treasure Island Platinum Apartment

    Found one! :locked:
  6. HardWrath

    Buying: ESI - Empty Skill Implant

    I'm currently buying ESI @1000% I log in every day at Monday-Friday between 5:45 and 6PM CST which is 22:45 to 23:00 GMT... Usually then I stay online for 30-60 mins before logging off but can usually be online a specific time after that if you need. Before bed i log in again, usually sometime...
  7. HardWrath

    Buying: NEED PED?? Need A Fast Sale??

    If you have something that you need to sell, for whatever reason, and if you are willing to sell a bit under the current market value, I can likely buy it. Please know that I intend on reselling it for a profit. I don't care what the item is, whatever it is I have no use for it, its all just...
  8. HardWrath

    Selling: Skills

    I'm not quitting... I just need the PED value of the skills for something else. At the moment I have 613 PED of ESI on hand in various sizes. The biggest are 234 PED and 205 PED and the rest are between 10 and 16 PED. These ESI are available first come, first serve. I can meet you almost...
  9. HardWrath

    Selling: Ranked Psy-Swords

  10. HardWrath

    Selling: Selling: My Unique Clothing Set

    THE SALE IS CANCELED... I cant part with them. :locked:
  11. HardWrath

    FYI: Apocalyptic and Apocalyptic Uprising are recruiting!

    We are a laid back group of people and we each do our own thing. There is no pressure to team hunt or do things differently then you do now. Really, most of us are freelancers at heart but we enjoy the chat channel and we have a good group of people. Spontaneous team things do happen once in...
  12. HardWrath

    Selling: Ancient Pets

    Hello... I'm selling the following Ancient Pets Scroll down for the "Strong" variants. All pets are unfed unless otherwise noted. Counter offers to the prices listed below will be considered, especially if you are buying more than one or if you recently did a trade with me on something...
  13. HardWrath

    Selling: Crystal Palace Trade Booth #12

    EDIT: due to a bug, the booth cant be used right now, as a result, the sale is on hold. :locked: As the title says, I'm selling CP booth #12 7K PEDS Ill consider item(s) in trade.... just send me a PM. Thanks!
  14. HardWrath

    Selling: Full Set of Infiltrator (M)

    I have a full set of Infiltrator (M) that I want to sell. The Harness is the only part that's low TT SOLD!!!!!!
  15. HardWrath

    Selling: Unlimited Weapons, Tools, & Armor

    all gone.. thread closed
  16. HardWrath

    Hello All

    Hello all. I understand that I am an asshole for not finding a way to communicate with someone/anyone in EU, to at least tell people that I'm alive. I have an inbox with similar descriptive words of me and I wont hold it against anyone. I am truly sorry that I have not logged in to EU, this...
  17. HardWrath

    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem

    I'm interested in buying Hedoc Mayhem, maybe several of them so the market value doesn't crash too much with the sudden flood of them for sale. Send me a PM, I'm interested in any tier, including tier 0.0
  18. HardWrath

    Selling: Crystal Palace Booth #12

    As it says, I have CP booth #12 for sale It has 30 item points Price: 10K ped This location is ideal for anyone who crafts weapons, weapon attachments, armor, and armor attachments... especially armor plates that do acid protection. If you stock the booth correctly and market it, it will be...
  19. HardWrath

    Apocalyptic Uprising

    Apocalyptic members have decided to create a sister society, one that allows those with under 200K skills to be part of our dysfunctional little family. We created Apocalyptic in April 2013 and since implementing a minimum skill requirement of 200K, we unfortunately have had to turn away so many...
  20. HardWrath

    Renting Highest Tier Ranked Combat Knife In-Game

    I bought this ranked Combat Knife last June at tier 0. It sat in my storage while I skilled up to use it. A few months ago that happened and since then I've been grinding my ass off with it and took it to tier 7.6. I got the tier HoF for tier 6 and for tier 7 so its safe to say that this is the...
  21. HardWrath

    FYI: Ancient Pets & Other Planets

    With the last VU yesterday, Mindark updated the info screen on pets because there were some errors where it shows if it can be spawned on other planets. For the new creatures that we can currently tame on each planet, it says the following: Spawnable on foreign planets: At level 7. And then...
  22. HardWrath

    Starfinder XXIV - Space Hunting Available!!

    Do you want to be sitting in the gunner's seat for this? If you do, just send me a PM for details! - TeamSpeak 3 channel is available for hunting - Hunt solo or with friends - Increase your Gunner profession fast - We fly, we repair, you shoot, and you keep all of your loot!
  23. HardWrath

    Apologies to anyone that has sent me a Friends Request that has not been accepted

    I just wanted to apologize to anyone that has sent me a Friends Request that has not been accepted. There is an ongoing bug thats been interfering with friends requests for several months. Why MindArk has not fixed it yet is beyond me. It happens any time the recipient of the friend request is...
  24. HardWrath

    Buying: Welding Wire & RK-5 - In Bulk

    I am looking to purchase RK-5 and Welding Wire in bulk. I would like about 1000 PED TT of Welding Wire and probably about 100 RK-5 to start. Please PM me for prices and with what quantity you have or can make. Thanks.
  25. HardWrath

    Captain & Repair Skilling - Starfinder XXIV - Skilling Everyday

    . The Starfinder XXIV has been sold!! The new owner is PostHistory PostHistory Hax Please contact the ships new owner to for warp flights Crew should also contact him in order to continue with repair skilling Thanks :) New Thread...