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  1. Leandro Kun

    No free space

    Hey all, So yeah, not logged on foor an age, but thought I'd better keep the account active. Found out that the whole updating process had blown up and thought it would be easier to start from scratch. Here's the weird thing though, go to the site download the client, tell it to install to my...
  2. Leandro Kun

    Calling all Australians!

    Hey, Just moved out to Sydney for a 6 month work contract. Gotta say its a much slower pace here than London and i'm enjoying it a lot. Now I've been out to a few places but was wondering if there were things that i just have to see/go while im here? A place that does pints would be a good...
  3. Leandro Kun

    Burning Software

    Does anybody know of a fairly decent free cd/dvd burning application? Cheers Muchly
  4. Leandro Kun

    Laser Weapon Crafting

    Hey all, Okay i'm a complete crafting air head and was wondering about weapon crafting. I should probably quantify this: I spend most of my time in EU mining. A few days ago i decided to hit up some dampeners instead of selling my Oil and Lyst. Whilst clicking away, i was checking out my...
  5. Leandro Kun

    45190 Crude Oil

    As the title says I have 451 ped's of the stuff. Thought id throw it open to the EF community before going the auction route. I would rather sell it all in one, just because its easier, but if i've had no decent offers I will consider letting it go bit by bit. (no silly offers of 400 oil though...
  6. Leandro Kun

    I was sucking all night...

    I was just coming to the end of a run and unexpectedly hit this Click to enlarge This was my first HOF so i was fairly chuffed :laugh: And yep it took an age to drill out, with my extractor breaking twice :silly2: Thanks to my soc mates for the interesting banter, that kept me hitiing the...
  7. Leandro Kun

    The big one!!

    Im sure all my fellow Entropian's are looking forward to the big one tonight. Yes that’s right tonight the mighty Liverpool take on un-classy Chelsea (:P) for a place in the final of Europe’s premiere competition. I've been nervous all day, starting to feel a bit queasy now! So how many goals...
  8. Leandro Kun


    Anyone else trying to get tickets this morning? Woke up since 8 and the site has been down since then. :laugh: I'm refreshing like mad though, good luck to those trying to get tickets ;)
  9. Leandro Kun

    Forum Insults/Slang

    Okay, first off I should point out that I’m really not a politically correct person, just ask my soc :ahh:, in fact the way England has become so PC over the last few years irritates me. Anyway on to the point. Over the past few days I have been noticing in certain threads (the hangar blocking...
  10. Leandro Kun

    First Mining Global!

    Well this was a fun trip :) Click to enlarge Spent most of the night either extracting or waddling back to a TP, my extractor broke and I don't carry a TP chip. Would have helped if I had my refiner on me too :rolleyes: Could say i was a little bit unprepared :D
  11. Leandro Kun


    Bit mad this, but its my first solo hunting global. Seem to have loads when in a group. Seeing how long i've been around for i thought it deserved a post. Took me a while to realise it wasn't another skill swirlie Click to enlarge :)
  12. Leandro Kun

    TDO Corn Crazy

    A couple more for this rag tag outfit Click to enlarge Click to enlarge :yay:
  13. Leandro Kun

    Rep System Problems?

    Is anyone else having problems giving people rep? I cant seem to do it at the moment, I know the site is undergoing some changes but I ask because I have received rep in the same time period. Ta :) Edit Silly Leandro, got my answer from another thread :)
  14. Leandro Kun

    First Global, first spaceship :)

    Well ive been waiting eons for this, never would have thought it would come in a mining trip though! Thanks go to Spikey for the screenie :) Click to enlarge
  15. Leandro Kun

    Lesser BP Vs Maxed BP - A Test

    After a recent conversation with a soc mate I decided to do a little test with different BP’s of basic filters. I assumed that a maxed out BP would provide better returns than mine, which was at about 30%. My soc mate warned that the skill gains would not be as good. This got me thinking about...
  16. Leandro Kun

    To many polls!?

    There seems to be a lot of polls on this forum, more than I have seen any other forums. Thing is I always look at them, maybe it’s the delightful little icon, and then curse myself afterwards. I bet you’re all doing the same now!! I mean this a poll complaining about polls. Its madness I tell...
  17. Leandro Kun

    Unlocked MMS!

    Got there in the end :) Click to enlarge
  18. Leandro Kun

    Mentors, Mentors Everywhere...

    So everyone is aware of the mentor system that we all take advantage of in EU, it’s a great way to learn about the game, gain TP’s, have fun etc etc etc. I actually have a mentor in RL too! Mt first day of employment for my current job I was introduced to ‘Naz’ and encouraged to go grab a coffee...
  19. Leandro Kun

    Hello There

    Well I thought it was about time I introduced myself, I have spent the last couple of days either playing EU or reading over this forum, this section in particular. So it’s a big hello to you all :). Now on to my questions :P When I first loaded the game, and created my avatar, within about 5 -...