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  1. hojlund

    FYI: Talk Of The Town.

    Dear all unfortunately I have to work today, but I am working on a new time for the talk ASAP
  2. hojlund

    Hate Twitch? No Probs use

    Don't like Twich, but love my content? Now there is a chance for you to get involved without going over to your hated Twitch, because I am now also putting my stream up on So now you can avoid supporting Twitch, yet still catch your favorite streamer doing his thang...
  3. hojlund

    Free To Enter MEME Competition With PED Prizes.

    Theres is currently 380 PED (If you want to Sponsor more prizes hook me up) Up for grabs to the person who creates the Greatest MEME in Entropia. All you have to do is create an Entropia related MEME upload it to PCF EU related Gallery...
  4. hojlund

    Buying: Mod exc

    As title says buying modified excavator +2000 ped.
  5. hojlund

    Live With Strakkan & Hojlund.

    Tomorrow at noon 11.00 a clock EU time Strakkan and I will talk about Entropia Universe and our experince with the last many many years in game, how we see the game now and of cause a little on the future aswell. You can find the Stream here if you haven't already followed...
  6. hojlund

    FYI: Gold Rush: Streaming from EU

    The Grind for wealth: Streaming from EU My fellow Entropians. I will live stream on: Tuesday and Thursday from 18.00-23.00 GMT Friday from 18.00 to unknown Saturday and from 13.00 zzzz! So come on by for a chat and more knowledge about the Universe... All...
  7. hojlund

    2000+ nothing to report

    Forgive me if someone allready posted it, but havent seen any so far. What other benefits could depth have, or what dimension could mining be enriched with?
  8. hojlund

    Question: Omegaton Detectonator MD

    Wghat did it turn in too?
  9. hojlund

    Buying: MOD/Imp Korss

    As title says buying 1 of thoose. PM me your price :)
  10. hojlund

    Buying: Merry Mayhem MALE parts

    As title say Merry Mayhem parts let me know what you want for it, i personally prefer getting Harness first. I know it was fast, but on hold for now :P
  11. hojlund


    So no matter what amount you withdraw your minimum expense will always be 100 peds. Pending question: Is it 30 normal day period or buisines days like current when withdrawel above 1000 peds? If you set up your Neteller account to be in GBP and you can withdraw in EU in GBP then you do NOT...
  12. hojlund

    Mining RULES!

    I mined for many years now and i still love it!! Spread the love for mining it is possible to profit mining, and it is possible to loose. You can mine it slow you can mine it fast. You can find out of ordinary things you can find the ordinary things. You can find the expensive things you can...
  13. hojlund

    Land area price speculation

    I am curious if it would be possible to aquire a land area at 100k. Any input is appriciated, also regarding rentability, and your thoughts on how fast, or slow a LA should pay back it self. Personally i would say that a landarea should be able to pay it self back over a period of no more than...
  14. hojlund

    Selling: Ul ma 103/oa101

    I am looking for a trade of 1 or both involving another OA/MA UL peds one or the other. Amp my way preferable bigger than the 2 i got. especially OA 102 have my interrest. I am not that interrested in a pure pedtrade, i will therefore not put a price on either amp. MA-103 SOLD
  15. hojlund

    Always 30 days or close. Any one less?

    Withdrawel's seem to be ringing at 30 days or very close, i was wonder is this some pathetic way for MA to hold on to the money for a few more days of interrest??? but before saying that it is so i would like to hear if someone is experiencing less, and if so, what currency and country?
  16. hojlund

    I dont mind bashing support, but..

    They shall also have some pads on the back when they do it good! The new support platform on the EU page is working really well, your cases are submitted fast to whom it might concern, and suggestions or actual conclusion to your problem are handed out fairly fast! There are tho still...
  17. hojlund

    Think about it!?

    Entropia Universe is a unique platform/RPG/casino/social network. Then why in the world are it still in the low end of online universes? I have a shtload of my own oppinions why, but not gonna post them here and taint the thread/draw lines. When i first read a article about EU in 2002 i...
  18. hojlund

    Thank you.

    Thank you all pvp 4 hunters, without you every new miner would flood pvp 4 and bring down Ore/Enmatter % Love you all! :yay:
  19. hojlund

    Selling: Complete vehicle parts book I

    Selling vehicle parts BP book I, complete with BP's all QR 0.01. SB 10 peds current Kombinator 30 peds BO 100 peds auction ends 11-07-10 20:58. SOLD TO DRAGGGER ps. got another book that you can get at 100 peds if interrested, no auction here.
  20. hojlund

    Take that US copycats!

    EU has spoken... Click to enlarge You may now only refere to your weirdo ball by the name "longball that bounces funny!"
  21. hojlund

    New owner CND !?!?

    Who bought it?
  22. hojlund

    Neg rep and fear of retaliation.

    Seeing this thread made me want to neg rep like crazy but i did not, partly because i was a whimp and afraid to get neg rep back. So i made a post in public instead about my thoughts on the baviour...
  23. hojlund

    Buying: IMP excavator.

    Paying 9000 pure peds.
  24. hojlund

    Legacy of CSc. best mining society

    I want to congratulate Legacy of CSc. Click to enlarge No dissrespect TGP ;D
  25. hojlund

    Selling: EE/05 SGA and ME/05 SGA both tier 1.

    As title says selling this pair, SB 6500 BO 8000 Auction ends 4 days (94hours) after first bid is met, tho no earlier than Friday 2nd APR 2200. Minimum bid increase 50 ped Single purchases EE/05 SGA SB 3600 BO 4200 ME/05 SGA SB 3200 BO 4000