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  1. DurakJung

    Release 17.2 Video Interview

    :thumbup: Any effort by Mindark to communicate with the player base is appreciated on my behalf. Thanks for the Video and looking forward to see what update brings
  2. DurakJung

    RIP Beamer - My best freind in Entropia has passed :(

    Sad to hear. What a great person he was as you have described him. And at 94 still enjoying the game. A game for all ages. Long live Entropia the game we love and hate:) R.I.P.
  3. DurakJung

    Missing Peds

    Some good advice :) I have decided that I must keep logging on. I will keep searching. Those missing peds are out there somewhere.
  4. DurakJung

    Missing Peds

    My peds keep go missing. Each time I log on they start to disappear. Sometimes at a rapid rate. The only clue I have is they dissapear only when I log on. When I am not logged on no problem.:scratch2:
  5. DurakJung

    Game keeps crashing out after today's patch

    Same here goes right up to time where avatar should appear then back to log on screen. One computer only, logs on with other 2. Computers able to log on are 1. Acer Predator 2. Old Dell laptop updated with ssd's Computer not able to log on Desktop acer 1 year old. All windows 10 ??
  6. DurakJung

    WoF 2020... Hunt for your country! TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT

    Nice idea however the interest originally created by WoF, Nation against Nation far exceeds the appeal that may be raised in trying to get different Societies to compete against each other. Much more fun to compete against another nation than your next door neighbour.
  7. DurakJung

    WoF 2020... Hunt for your country! TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT

    Yes it is World of Firepower. I think the first WoF may have been around 2007. I know I first participated in 2008. WoF is basically Country based teams competing against each other like a virtual Olympics. It was one of the best ways of people meeting in comradeship with a common goals. Many...
  8. DurakJung


    Welcome back. Very interested. If this goes ahead it should be put in the WoF forum under a new thread title WoF 2020. I believe your are a moderator of WoF forum and can do that Hurrikane. Cheers Jung
  9. DurakJung

    Santa's Secret Code - WIN UP TO 2,000 PED for every HOF 500 and Greater!!!

    Sign me up please: Durakk Durakk Jung
  10. DurakJung

    Best Atrox spots

  11. DurakJung

    Best Atrox spots

    Just looking to finish of last of old missions. Halfway through Bronze Atrox and wondering anyone have a favourite camping spot. I have tried Land #40 and #2 however the best spot (Global wise) for me has been the bottom end of Ithiaca which has been one of my favourite areas for many years...
  12. DurakJung

    How did you get to your current game level?

    All excellent points. Now agree 100% plus with all. However in regards to depositing. I did deposit high at the start. The difference is time knowledge and study may have helped me more back in those early days. I probably spent enough to buy a house. Foolish things much money wasted. (fun...
  13. DurakJung

    Shaolin: Happy Birthday Sweet 16 !

    :yay: Gratz
  14. DurakJung

    Question on shops

    Any shops selling or specializing in tier components?
  15. DurakJung

    Buying: Tier 7 Components

    WTB 210 Tier 7 Components. Any shops that specialize in component selling?
  16. DurakJung

    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    My Bad. Fully understand. GL
  17. DurakJung

    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    It is a funny loot screen :scratch2: If someone is going to manufacture and refine stuff then take it with them into PVP4 they need to look at their game play. If it was just a mistake I hope they don't make it again. If it is a made up loot screen well? :rolleyes:
  18. DurakJung

    Zachurm Deathifier Emegen and your Land Areas

    :scratch2: Bit like the Scarlet Pimpernel (or in reverse) They seek him here, they seek him there But unlike the Scarlet Pimpernel is he really here or there?
  19. DurakJung

    Entropia Universe 16.3.2 Release Notes

    I could not download however once cleaning all browsers ( had to do both Edge and Chrome history) and any download history and any other rubbish floating around had no trouble. Windows 10
  20. DurakJung


    True however it only takes one dedicated player to start something going. WoF as we knew it is probably gone. An interplanetary WoF is a possibility each round on one of the planets. By the way I am in the process of transferring all my old VHS to digital. While the tapes will be gone and...
  21. DurakJung

    I did log in today because...

    I logged in because many years ago I joined Second Life because a player turned over the first million in A virtual situation. Shortly afterwards I joined EU because a player invested 200k in a virtual planet/club. I keep logging in most days. Someone has to contribute to keep these figures...
  22. DurakJung

    Good Work MA

    Quite a few different observations from players. Although I am seeing a little bit more of a trend to people coming to terms with this VU. I myself am one of those geriatric players who dislike unnecessary changes, specially major alterations that completely alter years of doing it one way...
  23. DurakJung

    To click or not to click? The veteran new player experience

    OP has really summarised his initial look at EU. Excellent for a short time player to achieve such an insight into the game. A group of people such as OP and reasonable finances could possibly turn EU into probably one of the best games ever. I am a long term player and still log on quiet a...