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  1. NoBion

    Question: Despawn time on vehicles?

    So i wonder, 2020. How does vehicle despawn works? I read some quite old threads about despawning 10 min after you log out, also 10 min when you are offradar. But how about if you are on rader? will it stay spawned for ages or? I guess someone tested this, so i dont have to :P
  2. NoBion

    An administrator has blocked your acces to application for safety

    So i had this message today trying to run the client loader Running as administrator doesent fix it. Only option i could really find is to completely turn off the feature with the user acces control in windows Regedit. Anyone else having issues? The message i saw is the same as this video...
  3. NoBion

    Selling: Koroma set (M)

    Hello :) Selling a full suit of Koroma Looking for +200 ped. Offers are welcome :cool: SOLD
  4. NoBion

    Buying: Deep Cadmium Paint cans

    Need around 650 cans of these. Can anyone help? :) P.S. Put a order on auction for 650 cans at 110%, so thats an option to sell me through as well :)
  5. NoBion

    Buying: Mastercoat (M) (All blank/Cheap)

    Looking for a cheap as possible mastercoat (M) for a colouring project. Hit me with a message if you got a cheap one laying around :) COAT FOUND!
  6. NoBion

    Selling: White & Pink coat (Great for paradox etc.)

    Looking to sell this lovely coat! 2 fields of white and 1 pink. Used with Paradox set in the past. B/O is +250 ped Offers are welcome :) Regards NoBion
  7. NoBion

    Question: Rocktropia - What is up?

    So for many days the rocktropia website was "Dead", you could not acces it. Finaly it now works, but all it does is redirect to Entropia official website account creation. NEVERDIES Official facebook page is deactivated People have seen NEVERDIE Global, but wasent his avatar now a official...
  8. NoBion

    Suggestion: Lights on chest for nighttime

    Sometimes its very dark in EU, and it makes no sense we do not have any light. I know you can buy a flashlight attachment for guns, but that decays with every shot. What about a light to mount on your chest? giving you light all the time, even when no equipment in hands. Could be neccesary to...
  9. NoBion

    How long before auto log out?

    Might appear like a strange question from a experienced player But i been AFK crafting a few times now, and after a long period of time it seems to have shut down EU when i come back. I thought there's basicly no time you can be AFK before it wants to log you out. Did this change at some...
  10. NoBion

    Buying: All parts found - Thanks!

    Hello :) Looking for these in male versions, prefferably i want the thighs first. If anyone have a one of these and look to part with it, please send me a PM for more :-)
  11. NoBion

    Looking to complete dicipleship? I can offer you mentoring. More info inside

    Good & helpfull mentor is looking for new diciples! (Danish/English) Want the best help you can get and maybe even some free skills ? Read below My time in Entropia have been wide and far. i been active more or less all years (some i have been alot, some i have almost not) i am fairly active...
  12. NoBion

    Selling: Two rare collector items

    Hello :) Selling 2 items that i believe might be of interrest for collectors Ull laser rifle: SOLD Has a pretty cool laser beam too :) Mallice Boots: SOLD Quite rare boots in smooth and exclusive design pattern. Send me a PM if they got interrest, i expect offers that take rarerity...
  13. NoBion

    Buying: Paradox set (M)

    Looking for a set of paradox at an attractive price. Hit me up here or ingame if you got a set! :)
  14. NoBion

    Selling: Level 8 Oratan Miner Pet

    Looking to sell this guy SOLD Offers welcome Info:
  15. NoBion

    Level 8 Oretan Miner Pet

    Hello :) Anyone know what value are on these today? Can only really seem to find a sales thread from 2018 on forums, asking around +4-500 ped for a level 7
  16. NoBion

    Selling: Rare Full Zombie (M)

    Zombie is rare, especially in a complete set with feets Last Full set sold on auction for +360 Full set SOLD :) Current tier Face: 1,99 Harness: 2,82 Arms: 2,30 Gloves: 1,11 Thigh: 1,80 Shin: 1,9 Feet: 2,89
  17. NoBion

    Selling: Apartment Omegaton Beta Complex 5E - Great view!

    Selling my small and very nice apartment This apartment is great since it contains both view to another apartment building, Terrain and also ocean. Looking for offers :-)
  18. NoBion

    Selling: Full set of Zombie (M), Full set of 5B plates, Full set of 6A Plates

    Zombie is rare, especially in a complete set with feets Full set sold on auction not long ago for +370 Full set +370 or throw me a offer :)
  19. NoBion

    Selling: Rare armor set & Part

    Looking to sell Paradox Set (M) Price +2500 ped. Multiple parts are impossible to find, and are only part of the 3-4 complete sets in exist. There's been a few "lucky" buyers snapping up a rare part cheap, but that doesent mean they will ever have a complete set. Price is set out from average...
  20. NoBion

    Selling: Paradox Set (M) + Lion Helmet (M)

    Hi everyone Paradox set (M). can be used to hunt almost anything mid level, and when cut dmg monsters it functions just as good as a angel armor (actually 3 cut better!). Price idea TT+3000, Most parts are 2-3, i believe a single one is tier 1. Lion Helmet (M). Tier 0,5 One of the most...
  21. NoBion

    Selling: Rare Paradox Set (M)

    Looking to sell Paradox Set (M) Fantastic cut armor, looks great as well Only 3 full male sets in game TT+4000 TT+3750 TT+3500 TT+3250 TT+3000 , open for offers Wiki Cut: 33 HP Stab: 16 HP Impact: 11 HP Penetration: 10 HP Shrapnel: 10 HP Close: 60 HP Firearms: 20 HP...
  22. NoBion

    Buying: Lion Harness

    Looking for a Lion Harness (M) I see a tier 3 sold for +1000 recently PM me if you got one for sale :-)
  23. NoBion

    "Project Entropia" Music by NoBion

    Hello I 2014 i began on the journey of creating music inspired by the music from the first project entropia days, I would say that Elias also inspired some of it. My Soundcloud page can be found in my signature. Quite a bunch of PE/EU alike songs (in albums are also easy acces to older ones)...
  24. NoBion

    Selling: Adjusted Vigilante set (M)

    Hello Adjusted Vigilante set (M) for sale... I am running out of peds :-( Asking +1600 ped for the set, offers also welcome :yay: