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  1. giuly_adm

    Buying: Adj Excavator (5k PED any tier) / Imp Excavator (Offer me)

    Looking for one of these, tier level not relevant, message me ps: limited time offer (24/48h max)
  2. giuly_adm

    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

    Selling FOMA Biodome #5 Estate Deed :tower: Many requests has been received in past, with a lot of arguments about value ROI etc... just to compare with another similar land (not really comparable with planet Lands), is with the other main "high density" mining area ingame, Arkadia Underground...
  3. giuly_adm

    Selling: Common Dung 209k

    Selling as a bulk only a lot of Common Dung lost in storage for ages now... price 2.5 ped/k
  4. giuly_adm

    Selling: Angelica's Paradise TP Shed (OLA#52 Shed)

    I am taking offers on this beautiful House location, in front of Angelica's Paradise Teleporter, one of the closest TP houses on Calypso. PM me here or ingame your offer Current BO 12k PED
  5. giuly_adm

    Buying: Tier 8 Components

    I am buying around 200 of these, pm me if you have some lost in storage :)
  6. giuly_adm

    Selling: Armor Plating 5B Set (7x)

    I have just found out I ad one lost in storage I don't need :) so I am selling as a set only 7 x 5B armor plating, BO TT +250 PED (TT +35,71 PED each)
  7. giuly_adm

    Selling: Rocktropia Luggages (antigravity containers) 28x

    Selling these, all low TT (around 20 TT each), price is TT+20 each (minimum 5x for trade) 10 x Lux Armor Luggage 10 x Lux Secondary Armor Luggage 7x Lux Special Armor Luggage
  8. giuly_adm

    Selling: Calypso Land Deeds (X)

    All sold.....
  9. giuly_adm

    Buying: Frescoquda DNA parts

    I am paying 1k ped each Frescoquda DNA part, contact me if you find any in loot. Thanks Giuliano
  10. giuly_adm

    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition

    I am looking to buy one of these as shown in title :lolup: There are few around for sale actually, I am taking offers, if you selling please send me your price and stats of the weapon (current tiers and tier numbers for left slots) so I can compare and decide which one to finalize the deal...
  11. giuly_adm

    Selling: Calypso Land Deeds

    Sold all, the 2 CLD left are in auction at 2010.50 each, first comes...
  12. giuly_adm

    Buying: EMT kit Ek-2600 Modified

    Buying one, pm me tier and price (Tiered adjfap or adjFAP FENed can be considered too depending on price)
  13. giuly_adm

    Buying: SIB Rifle (Kallous 7 - Calytrek II or similar)

    If you got something might be in my interest pm me item, tiers and price. Best deal offered will end in a fast deal, I pay in peds and CLDs (2k each)
  14. giuly_adm

    Selling: Arkadian Golden Key

    Selling one Key Price: TT+2k PED
  15. giuly_adm

    Selling: Cld - cldx

    Selling CLDs and CLDXs, price is little lower than auction, better for big amounts. Current price: 1 x CLD = 1880 PED 5 x CLD = 1875 PED each 10+ x CLD = 1870 PED each 1 x CLDX = 1860 PED 5 x CLDX = 1855 PED each 10+ x CLDX = 1850 PED each First comes first served... around 30 total deeds...
  16. giuly_adm

    Selling: Biodome #5

    Private negotiation only.
  17. giuly_adm

    Buying: Arkadian Golden Key Cogs

    I am looking for few Cogs, pm me amount and price if you have some for sale.
  18. giuly_adm

    Selling: Arkadian Golden Key

    Selling one Key, please post me offer in TT+ PED form. Giuliano
  19. giuly_adm

    Selling: Anti-Gravity Luggages

    Selling containers in stock or in multiple of 10 pieces. Send me offer, here the list: 360 Casual Luggage 1 41.29 PED CARRIED 361 Casual Luggage 1 37.11 PED CARRIED 362 Casual Luggage 1 18.81 PED CARRIED 363 Casual Luggage 1 33.64 PED CARRIED 364 Casual Luggage 1 18.76 PED CARRIED 365 Casual...
  20. giuly_adm

    Selling: Arkadia Land Area #1

    Considering selling this Land Area The sale includes: Arkadia Land Area #1 Deed Arkadia Land Area #1 Estate Deed (Villa) 2 x Magurg Male DNA actually inserted (Unique LA with this DNA) 1 x Magurg Male DNA Cartridge for future use (spawn density increase) Rules: Private offers only...
  21. giuly_adm

    Selling: Compet Deeds

    Selling 62 Compet Deeds Price: 107 PED Each Bulk Price: 106 PED Each for 30+
  22. giuly_adm

    Selling: Frescoquda DNA parts package

    Keeping selling out all my stuff it's now time for the Frescoquda DNA package. The package is missing something easy since I have all the rare parts. Useless to say I am selling in function to leave the game, else we all know this is one of the best DNA a LA owner can place in Fert station...
  23. giuly_adm

    Selling: Amethera Outback Land Area #50

    Land Area sold
  24. giuly_adm

    Selling: 3 x Arkadian Golden Key

    EDIT: All sold!
  25. giuly_adm

    Selling: Quad-Wing Equus auction

    This is an auction for the sale of a Quad-Wing Equus package EDIT: Sold @ BO to Diana LOVE Brand CONGRATULATIONS!!!