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    Help: Account compromised - Completely wiped-out all inventory

    UPDATE: This get solved in just a day after resubmitting my case. But, as you can read, it does not matter. All is lost. I dont think I will come back. Need to stay away from this "game". I wont complain how I feel about all this now, but there is literally no reason to stay. It was fun to...
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    Help: Account compromised - Completely wiped-out all inventory

    Update: Fun stuff guys, I will try and resubmit it. If it doesnt work, im leaving for good. Its been fun playing, but I dont have any friends that I can even play actively with. All the knowledge about eco guns, mods, amps, mining gear, strats, TPs, I feel like it might be good time to move on...
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    Help: Account compromised - Completely wiped-out all inventory

    Nobody knows I play Entropia Universe. My computer is shared with nobody. I didnt click any phishing emails or suspicious activity. But I didnt have 2FA set up (for Entropia) I saw they also canceled my auctions, which gives approx. time of when it happened.
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    Help: Account compromised - Completely wiped-out all inventory

    Hi guys, Just want to say - look out, change your passwords, get the 2FA. I lost about 2k of PEDs worth of items. Everything got transfered (incl. Common dung), except the things that cant be traded. I couldnt login, then somehow logged in and noticed I was in Camp Icarus (???) and no PEDs on...
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    Hunt the LA, WIN the LA! - Discussion Thread.

    This pretty much sums it up. It is by no way worth even going for the 1st price since the effort (and huge amount of time) to get it doesnt pay off. Do the math,.. try lowering those required points OR make it that you get more points for bigger globals/HOFs (like 10points for 100pedder or...
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    Time to pay your taxes ppl, for every sale you do in EU although only affects swedish ppl

    IPs will not be workable since you can use proxy or just slap any other non-swedish IP you find on the internet :computer:
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    Got my first Small(V) deposit worth ~2.8 PED AND making it my 4th in a row profitable mining run AND 10 PED after 8 days :D

    holy smokes your returns are better than mine! still not sure if trolling is enabled or not.
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    FYI: Art of Mining

    Just call me Free :) will be mostly mining and talking with soc about everything mining-based Good Luck out there!:yay:
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    Help: Trying to target garcen grease. What finder would you use?

    as you can see on the minimal,average and maximal depth of garcen is on almost all levels similar to oil or lyst, TT finder should work good, besides finding oil and other stuff in that area (if it has). you will find less types of enmatter with TT finder, giving you more chances...
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    2,92PED per shot? Ewe LC-300 Ambush (bug?)

    So we are actually looking at the most uneco weapon currently in game. Enjoy while it lasts :)
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    2,92PED per shot? Ewe LC-300 Ambush (bug?)

    It could also be only a display bug and the gun could be consuming 2920 as it should :confused:
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    2,92PED per shot? Ewe LC-300 Ambush (bug?)

    This HAS to be a bug, please check it somebody else too. 2,92PED/shot is just wicked sick with that low damage. also somebody has put in entropedia that it should be 2920 not 29200 link HERE
  13. most un-eco weapon bug

    most un-eco weapon bug

    most un-eco weapon bug ewe lc-300 ambush
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    Earn PEDs ! - Entropia Partners

    You need to have available video tasks and watch them (you can fastforward to the ending 10 seconds, no need to watch full video :) ) and then wait for the (CLOSE) button to turn green. Let me know if it worked out, it can take some time. You can ALSO search for treasure (1min digging) AND be...
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    Earn PEDs ! - Entropia Partners

    Earn PEDs ! - <removed link>Entropia Partners This stuff really works, and it can get you over periods when you are low on cash. You can do tasks, search for treasure, surveys, get rewarded while you are doing something else (e.g. sweating). This is very good for newbies to help them get some...
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    The end of USD <-> Bitcoin convertibility

    Free electricity? Really? :)))))) You have shown Bitcoin in a very black shadow, yet all of this is very inaccurate. They (who? you mean WHOLE BITCOIN community? ok..) dont steal your GPU/CPU/any other power to help them. All that mining power is used for proving all bitcoin operations and...
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    The end of USD <-> Bitcoin convertibility

    not quite, there is still btc-e anyways, i think this will get sorted out sooner or later, dont worry
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    Achievement: Found My First CLD...

    Angel Scales, everytime you get a SOOTO you have a chance to loot CLDs or event items with it :silly2:
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    FYI: Profit opportunities - a history lesson

    5 years ago you could breakeven/profit continuously with hunting small fouls for their bones. MU on bones was around 700% and you could do this with very little funds (like 45peds ammo /run). Eventually this was very very boring and I got sleepy while hunting them at aegis (best spawn without...
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    Lose 50k ped answer ma:

    Seems to me that you guys have alot of time to spend when you should be mining... ...wait a sec... :rolleyes:
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    Long Term Log

    well I so far had the chance once :) although i got only 22 angel scales, which seems bit low i guess...
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    Long Term Log

    Reminds me of this and the fact that many people out of curiosity wanted to see somebody spending that much money so fast. Definitelly make a vid out of it ;)
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    First Hunting Uber

    congrats but how come you loot asg-12 bucketful in top left corner and it doesnt say anything about it in chat?