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  1. Kamikaas

    Selling: several texture BP`s

    Hi i am selling the following texture BP`s: Generic leather BP 100QR LVL I Large striped cotton fabric BP 100QR LVL ISOLD Flannel Fabric Texture BP 69.4QR LVLI Soft Leather Texture BP 66.4QR LVL II Evenweave Cotton Fabric BP 98.3QR LVL IISOLD Burlap Fabric Texture BP 57.5QR LVL III Fine Silk...
  2. Kamikaas

    texture BPs

    Hi All, Would like to know what the prices are for the following BP`s, a batch price is also ok :) Generic leather BP 100QR LVL I Large striped cotton fabric BP 100QR LVL I Flannel Fabric Texture BP 69.4QR LVLI Soft Leather Texture BP 66.4QR LVL II Evenweave Cotton Fabric BP...
  3. Kamikaas

    Several Texture BP`s

    Hey all, Was wondering what my bp`s are worth if anyone has an idea plz reply here :) Evenweave Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint 97QR Fine Silk Fabric Texture Blueprint 87.8QR Flannel Fabric Texture Blueprint 67.8QR Denim Fabric Texture Blueprint 36QR...
  4. Kamikaas

    downloading updates

    at the moment i am downloading the latest update at about 6kb/s..anyone else got these problems? and no, it`s not my connection who got the problems :D
  5. Kamikaas

    swimming caperon

    shell found swimming caperon :)
  6. Kamikaas

    Selling: (L) Texture BP`s

    Hey , got a collection of limited texture bp`s I want to sell in bulk: Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 461 clicks Berycled Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 230 clicks Canvas Fabric Texture Blueprint (L) 156 clicks Combibo Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 273 clicks Copper Texture Blueprint...
  7. Kamikaas

    Achievement: New skill unlock:

    finally i unlocked Material Comprehension, been skilling for some time now and i am very happy with this achievement :yay::yay: Click to enlarge now going for fashion design and coolness :D
  8. Kamikaas

    S: Unlimited Riker UL3

    Hi i am selling my riker UL3 unlimited TT is aprox. 3150 PED i am selling this gun for +4.5k
  9. Kamikaas


    Second time this year i can post in this i got my first huntng uber :yay::yay: was crafting textures all day till i decided to do some hunting..crafting at myrene island i thought to kick some mermoths..pats..boom..oops 6b plates on :D wanted to tp to rei`s but changed my mind and...
  10. Kamikaas

    S: Angel Micro Skirt BP (L)

    hi, 2 days ago i looted an angel micro skirt bp (L) with 41 clicks As there are not many of this item sold, i am willing to take offers on this bp Click to enlarge Click to enlarge market value is an estimated 90k% This is not an auction, pm or post your offers
  11. Kamikaas

    EU`s: I want a Famous Face

    Hey all Beauty freaks out here. My ingame avatar name Is Snoop Da Don Dogg. don`t ask me why..but i smoked to much creating my avatar ;) I want to know what it would cost to get a complete makeover (as close as possible to his real look) :D Anyone who can help me out with prices?, and if the...
  12. Kamikaas

    New skill unlocked :)

    After clicking for hours and hours i managed to unlock a new skill :D Click to enlarge
  13. Kamikaas

    Bling Bling

    Today i made my first gold find :yay: it came right after reaching 2k prospecting at about 2002 skills Click to enlarge
  14. Kamikaas

    B: Paladin Thigh (M)

    I am still trying to complete my paladin set :mad: Would like to get in touch with one of the owners of this "rare" part. Plz send offers and i`ll have a look at it :). I pay well!
  15. Kamikaas

    S: Big Bulk Belkar

    Hey all, Got a big bulk belkar for sale ( ~18.5kPED TT) :D also available in smaller batches, complete batch is available somewhere Thursday or friday plz send your offers through PM, also ingame ofcourse. SOLD
  16. Kamikaas


    The year 2008 will be my mining year for sure..after 2 globals with mining in one and a half year i started with a little HOF new years day..yesterday a little global and today my dream come true Click to enlarge Click to enlarge I got a Towah!!!! and it`s a BIG one :tower: Belkar is For...
  17. Kamikaas


    Why not supply CRYENGINE2 ready computers for a nice price in TT terminal :D..when 10k of the players need to buy a new pc and do i through EU it could be a lot cheaper for a nice PC :D
  18. Kamikaas


    Finally after hours and hours looking at Lvl 29 i finally reached serendipity :yay::yay: Click to enlarge
  19. Kamikaas

    is this normal?

    After more than one and a half year of mining..amped and unamped i still have not found anything bigger then XII, not even one global. My prospecting and mining skills are both 1100+ and i tried to mine with OA101, OA102 and OA103. (tried on amathera, eudoria, cnd) :mad: Would it be usefull for...
  20. Kamikaas


    Finally i unlocked RDA :yay: :D :yay: Click to enlarge
  21. Kamikaas

    My First HOF

    Finally, exactly 1 year after creating Snoop i hit this wonderfull Atrax. My first HOF :yay: :yay: :yay: ready for the first Uber now :D Click to enlarge harness is an Paladin Harness (F), rest of loot was oils Click to enlarge P.S. today i hit this nice traxje
  22. Kamikaas


    Hi, While browsing the internet i came across this little movie. This guy is a briljant imitator of a few rappers
  23. Kamikaas

    My week @ Atrax Beach

    Finally i`ve took a look at atrax beach..after my first run i`ve noticed that i`ll not leave the place for the coming weeks :) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  24. Kamikaas

    My First Mining Global!!

    After months of no normal loots while mining (only 2 spacecrafts ever) I was hunting argo`s with a Soc m8 and dropped a probe. it finally gave me my first Mining global :yay: :yay: Click to enlarge
  25. Kamikaas

    My first crafting Global!!!

    Finally, after crafting a lot equipment i wanted to try some tailoring..had only 3 clicks to try. my 2nd click gave me this: Click to enlarge :yay: :yay: