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  1. Tree-doctor

    Question: The player’s quest

    Hello Mindark team ! This question is for Magnus and the dev team. A great aspect of this virtual universe is the feeling of Freedom, adventure and the hope of looting, one day, some kind of item related to our dedication. I do not speak about economy or eventual resale value of those items...
  2. Tree-doctor

    9K Uber from old Disciple

    One of my old disciple had this baby today so I'm proud of him ^^ At least he stayed ingame for years now :)
  3. Tree-doctor

    Buying: Looking for an Ancient MKII

    Hello, Im looking for an Ancient Justifier MKII. Feel free to PM me or posting here if u have one for sale. Regards
  4. Tree-doctor


    Just because many things should not be forgotten: From my window, PE was more beautiful than EU post VU10. Just look at the sky ! I remember roaming the continents because there were many sites who was beautiful, the ability to loose yourself in Hades or having a meeting with your...
  5. Tree-doctor

    Selling: Adapted T15

    Have that in my storage and I don't need it anymore. Here is a pic of the stats: Pm me offer.
  6. Tree-doctor

    Idea for updates

    MA need realese testers. Today, as many of u, I had issues with the patch. I mean, the error window was not fun at all (reinstall EU then retry ...). hopefully there is EF and some smart dudes who know how work programms. My idea is: U, FPC or Mindark, should ask for cobay players before...
  7. Tree-doctor

    New stuff !!

    Found out new furniture to play EU :) At least when u loose all u are not disapointed :)
  8. Tree-doctor

    I want my money !!!

    That make now 31 days that I wait my money ! U haven't been that long before, even for larger sumns ! Now, in my understanding, u are a BANK. So i dont see were is the problem to transfer such sums in the 10 days. So please, can u accelerate this transaction cause I want to pay a present for...
  9. Tree-doctor

    HoF: Nice Zinc

    haha i like that. I like swirly:)
  10. Tree-doctor

    Uber: After the prank ...

    After my prank in the south corners of the dome#2 on CND, Here is what I got in one of those corners today :DD haha happy dayz !
  11. Tree-doctor


    Hey ! Sorry but Im pissed. Since some week now I beta test some features on CND, in association with Neverdie. We had an agreement but Mr Jacobs broke it. So I don't see any problem to break myself the NDA. Yes ppl, U will have the possibility to go outside Domes. For now, there is no need of...
  12. Tree-doctor

    Selling: Hunting Armor Combo.

    XxXxXx game over xXxXxX
  13. Tree-doctor

    Info: Forums

    Hello there:) If u have or want to make a society and need a forum, reliable, extremely quick access, without any publicity and lifetime durable, drop me a PM. I already host society forums for other games. Of course this is free and im trustworthy. PS: Just a council, never ever log on a forum...
  14. Tree-doctor


    At my left, if I plug it into the car, it will decay normaly. But, if I want to gamble a bit and plug the one at my right, the decay will be dynamic. That mean I can loose the car in one day.
  15. Tree-doctor

    For the connoisseurs Hunters out there :)

    Here is what I just bought to hunt and snipe;) SAKO finlight 85 in 7REM :yay: Kahles Scope FTW I must say that it blast hard :D Not the same as a gun ingame :) Cheers
  16. Tree-doctor

    Life is good :D

    Deleted because no more pictures
  17. Tree-doctor

    Info: Life sucks !!

    Wife didnt understand that a computer dont like bottle and even more dont like water. All have burned hard. Im happy to open the office now, then I have a PC ... THAT SUCKS BAD !!!! Ok I calm down. I try. I will use this post to show u how to build a middle PC, around 2000/2500 $. I already...
  18. Tree-doctor

    About MINDARK for the fresh ppl over here

    As we can see on the forum, there is some fresh players here and here. They land on Entropia Forum without protections :D and they are quikly blowed under tons of whin threads and protestations. As they can see, most of those whining aim directely the game provider, and sometimes its deserved...
  19. Tree-doctor

    Lets buy crystal palace !!!

    Dudes, this is an unique opportunity for all of us. Would u like to see CP in the hands of only one player ? Do u realy know how much this will generate in USD every months ? If u want free ammo every months, taxes adjusted according to ur player wishes, lets meet between us IRL. The extrem...
  20. Tree-doctor

    Items enhancements: which are your opinions ?

    So, after this information about items, what are ur opinions about this MAJOR change, cause lets say it : This change will have a bigger impact on us than CE2. Are u lost with all thoses novelties ? Do u think we will pay more to get less ? Do u feel deep inside u that u will adapt one more...
  21. Tree-doctor

    I like throwing this kind of stuff !!

    Have fun by looking at this :flip: PWNED !! Lets immolate the witcher !!
  22. Tree-doctor

    The strange power of Project Entropia.

    I dont know how to share this feeling cause its complexe, but i will try. Its a long time now I play this game and I must say I did pretty good for a hardcore casual player. Just check my achievement and u will see i have no way to complain (just sometimes when I deposited big and get nothing)...
  23. Tree-doctor

    Info: Langotz

    Yesterday i was roaming between Jason, the maze and Fort Ares (this is a wonderfull treck). Im equiped with a E-Mine OFS and no amp. After some finds of lyst, blaus, azzu, i found One stone or Langotz, at the pink point rougly. Well, it was close to the TP, i dont remember if he was in radar or...
  24. Tree-doctor

    Selling: Castorian Combat Enblade - 9

    Heya, Im selling this longblade who is pretty powefull :) Entropedia infos >>> HERE Start Bid at tt + 500 ¤¤¤¤¤ Buy out at tt + 700. ¤¤¤¤¤ TT is 11.11 peds.
  25. Tree-doctor

    Buying: Shadow M unl thigh and Supremacy unl thigh

    Pm only thank u.