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  1. Nikos Eordeus

    FYI: New tool under developemnt

    looking forward to try it if you need testers or something count me in, although i dont play anymore as i used to, i can still pop in and do some hunting sessions
  2. Nikos Eordeus

    Not enough memory, while I have 4 gb

    Same problem here, I have a similar system and can only be online for a few minutes. Good thing that I dont play anymore just checking in from time to time
  3. Nikos Eordeus

    Server downtime for patch

    100s of patches and VUs already, I dont recall this information about timezones being available before. Its the first time I see it or am I wrong? And if ppl have no understanding about their timezone then wtf are they doing on internet ?
  4. Nikos Eordeus

    Server downtime for patch

    wtf details about UTC time? ppl at MA are masters at trolling us
  5. Nikos Eordeus

    Please add an Item Lock feature !

    +1 but I m afraid MA will not do it because selling eq to tt adds drama to this game. People start to hate EU and we all love to hate this game...
  6. Nikos Eordeus

    Server Maintenance

    Â! ?? msg too short
  7. Nikos Eordeus

    Deposit promotions

    yea why not? after all all the other betting sites give 1st deposit bonuses
  8. Nikos Eordeus

    IFN Intelligence: New attack forces detected!

    robots riding dinosaurs now? i ll wait until they come flying on sharks
  9. Nikos Eordeus

    Seriously..someone please explain this to me

    looks like you have lots of fun
  10. Nikos Eordeus

    Is MA really listening?

    Hm I have a problem with continius disconects. Support closed it as they forwared it to the responsible team but I reopend i as the problem is still theret. Today I saw that they ask for mor info. What surprised me is that they send the email last night at 23:30. So this means that some people...
  11. Nikos Eordeus

    Half Moon .. New area keeps crashing

    yes i crushed every couple of minutes when i tried to explore the area , i managed to run back to tp and after a couple of failed attemps to use it i moved to another area. i had this even with my gfx reduced to safe mode. my card is an amd radeon hd 5700. not the latest model but still decent imho
  12. Nikos Eordeus

    Question: Failed accessing the update server.

    had the same problem today and your post helped me. i just started IE and i noticed that was set on offline browsing, dunno how or when because i dont use it. I swithed it back on line and problem solved :wtg:
  13. Nikos Eordeus

    Ready for tommorow? :)

    had to post this , one of my all time favs
  14. Nikos Eordeus

    Big Depositors - lets start doing business with each other

    sorry mate , im my club we only accept ppl who deposit 5k usd or more per month, you are just not good enough for us, try harder ... :P
  15. Nikos Eordeus

    Why was item lock never implemented?

    its simple because it causes drama (we all love to hate this game and at the end most people become addicts) and it serves as item recycle or drain from the general economy
  16. Nikos Eordeus

    So.. I am in Malaysia for internship and this happens..

    police beating people happens to all civilized countries
  17. Nikos Eordeus

    Become a citizen of Planet Calypso!

    guys I really tried to read all this thead but I was lost about page 50 so excuse me if this question has been asked before. have they anounced the date that they will start paying ? is it from the first week after deeds came to market that they will start paying the share or they have...
  18. Nikos Eordeus

    Help: Nearly a year gone by and I STILL can't install this crap...

    I had a similar problem when my client was stuck in a loop downloading contennt, try setting the Download thread count to 1 in the tools menu of the client loader.
  19. Nikos Eordeus

    FYI: MindArk's president J-W Timkrans has been let go!

    Zolotas is a greek name , you check this profile in linkedin. Maybe its him ..
  20. Nikos Eordeus

    downloading startup content

    thx Well support gave me a list of things to check and guess what, one of them did the trick. I i managed to get back in game. Here it is ... 9. Set the Download thread count to 1 in the tools menu of the client loader. ... I ve never read anything about this in the forums , maybe it will...
  21. Nikos Eordeus

    downloading startup content

    I downloaded today all planets and areas. From the dymanic content tab in the tools I can see that all areas are 100% and that I have 0 B(ytes?) left to download. I believe I have all files downloaded
  22. Nikos Eordeus

    downloading startup content

    Hi guys I tried to install EU again after a couple of months being away. But after I type my security code number when I try to log in, client gives me the message "downloading start up content". I tried to repair installation but no problems found. I also runned is as admin but no luck. Client...
  23. Nikos Eordeus

    Thank you Mindark

    bah why thank mindark, they only had to post it. thank the courier service who delivered it instead ..
  24. Nikos Eordeus

    Question on why auto bots ruin the game.

    if autobots are evil these guys caught on camera building one are in trouble now ..
  25. Nikos Eordeus

    Server's problems?

    thank god i thought it was only me eheh