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  1. Dorian

    Is it worth it! Somon Ironmission - Completion

    Hey! EOMON not SOMON (was just bit stressed typing this haha) Ill make a post here. If i go ahead with this I want to track the progress here. I put in quite some peds on Friday when the migration started and thought id try and get eomon iron mission done, i was on 183/250 when i started...
  2. Dorian

    Bank Robbery in PA - They fled by car after disturbing the peace

    This morning in PA around 7 AM UTC there was a bank robbery in PA.. I am still shaken up about it... Luckily I got some pictures for proof ! Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge They headed North after the Robbery towards Swamp Camp...
  3. Dorian

    Make it or go broke!?

    B r o k e......
  4. Dorian

    Selling: Jaguar F UL

    Hello gang, Im thinking of parting with my Jaguar, in need of some peds and have something else to use for awhile. Im not sure what the market looks like atm... BO Only tighs left! go get em Breakdown: Some individual tier stats atm: Gloves: 0.6 SOLD Helm: 0.6 SOLD Harness: 0.9...
  5. Dorian

    Jaguar F UL

    Hello! Im just bit curious what the price on UL Jaguar F is at atm.. any ideas? discuss :)
  6. Dorian

    Contest 109 amp's on CND

    Hello, Below is an idea I came to think of few weeks ago, there might come improvements in the future from feedback and such provided by community... Have a look below, might be that you get lucky and get some extra peds in your pocket=) The Contest The idea with this contest is that I will...
  7. Dorian

    Uber: Good ending of a good uber week :) Nice feff

    So FINALLY I score a big one, its been quite a struggle with loads of money goin in to the game and quite low return... but this week changed alot.. Starting off with, think last week finding jaguar male foot guards SGA Then this week getting 1200 ped ganganite on cnd Losing 2k peds in a day...
  8. Dorian

    Selling: UL Jaguar Foot Guards Male SGA Edition

    As Title says. Selling my Jaguar Foot Guards Male SGA Edition. Have been getting some feedback regarding the price on regular jaguar, seems to have been a large pricedrop lately, So decided to lower SB .. lets see where it goes. I also have a pricecheck up and running for this Item. Please...
  9. Dorian

    Uber: Jaguar Foot Guards Male SGA Edition (89 ped neconu)

    Yay at last something decent from SGA:) Click to enlarge Pricecheck Thread here. yay! :yay:
  10. Dorian

    Jaguar Foot Guards Male SGA Edition

    Hello ! I was out mining and hunting some lower mat neconus. Got a hold of these little sweet piece in one of the neconu globals :) Jaguar Foot Guards Male SGA Since my avatar is female they were bit to big for my feet, so im making this pricecheck.. Please discuss but keep the thread clear...
  11. Dorian

    All Music lovers - My band needs your help :)

    Hello guys, Im playing in a band here in Dublin and we entered a contest to get a slot at a rather big festival in Ireland called Castle Palooza Music Festival : We got through to the 20 finalists of this Hotpress competition to play at...
  12. Dorian

    Storage cleanout!

    I am now selling all of my stuff in storage and such.... Calculated in "Inventory Calculator" Total amount of items: 110 Total TT-value: 306.18 Total market value: 804.05 Ped TOP BID SO FAR: Dox Amarr - 680 ped - AUCTION ENDED ----------------------------------------------- 1 Alekz...
  13. Dorian

    Selling Skills..

    Hello! i am chipping out and selling all the skills ive been gathering so far throughout my time in pe.. The list is as follows.. ---IMPLANT-------TT-Value----ASKED PED--- Aim Skill Implant(L) 60.38 ped (1630) Athletics Skill Implant(L)...
  14. Dorian

    BUY: Imp M2870

    Hi I am buying Imp M2870 Ill pay tt+7k for it.. allthough i might bend alittle bit on the price.. so offer away, here or in Pm:) cheers /Dor