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  1. NanoTech

    HoF: Rocking HOF

    decided saterday that should take a look at Rocktropia. was worried a bit cause the teleporter fee, but it payed out with a nice HOF. well all oil again, but who cares. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge but time to come back to home, rocktropia is nice, but too small in my eyes.
  2. NanoTech

    1st Mining Global XV

    :yay: and this year is still good, after chipped in some surveying(just from 250 to 2k) i got my 1st global not even an hour later. Click to enlarge damn its going to take ages to get all the melchi with the tt extractor out lol
  3. NanoTech

    Anaglyph Entropia (Real 3D)

    After a friend brought some 3D Posters with the Red/Cyan Glasses, i checked the internet if i couldnt make use of em for my computer. What i found was iZ3D on And the result u can see here. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge This are no post producted screenshots...
  4. NanoTech

    HoF: or maybe Uber-Hof

    yeah, thats what i call a happy new year Click to enlarge 85660 Muscle oil, shogun face F and some ammo unfortunaly i couldnt get a fast screen, just got a blank screen after pasted into paint so i had to switch to window mode and make this screen instead
  5. NanoTech

    Molisk did loot again

    well even that close global is nice for me again there are this fiew of em in my entropian life, that they still exciting me Click to enlarge btw, dunno if tussi will read this, but great work from her with the new version of the tracker, the autocapture now works for me too Greetings NanoTech
  6. NanoTech

    Global on Trax

    :yay: was almost broke as u see on my ped card, and then this one Click to enlarge not much but it will make me able to play some more bfore next depo Greetz NanoTech
  7. NanoTech

    HoF: My 1st HOF

    :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: WOHOo, my first HOF after so many years!!!!! My heart still beats at 200bpm. Was bit bored after the molisk n trax i normaly hunt wont loot, and went into PVP1 zone. well the trox round there served me well, and i had to swim. in the middle of the circle i...
  8. NanoTech

    Achievement: Rda

    :yay::yay: jippy yay schweinebacke, finally unlocked Ranged Damage Assessment :yay::yay: i want more of that mojo , just was hunting some molisk n trax in hope of a global. no loot and than this. MA knows how to keep me playing lol Click to enlarge
  9. NanoTech

    Merry X-mas

    i just wish merry x-mas and a happy new year to every forum user may santa bring u lots a gifts and lootius lotsa loot keep on dudes n girls, its rly a great a bunch of ppl in here so long NanoTech
  10. NanoTech

    Nano did it again

    :yay::yay: another Global on Molisk. was time for it after lost so much during event. and this after 300 ammo burn. hope more following soon. at least i dont regret anymore that i bought me my premium membership on e-tracker. Greetz NanoTech Click to enlarge
  11. NanoTech

    GLobal on molisk

    :yay::yay: my 3rd solo global :yay::yay: Click to enlarge finally i found my mobs to hunt on. after 2.5 years full of no-looters and just a fiew team globals, im finally have some luck. last days was rly great. Greetz NanoTech proud Member of PE-Addicts
  12. NanoTech

    Silent ESI Global

    :yay: nothing special but i dont have much luck and this rocks for me :yay: got this from Trax Mature at the Beach unfortunally noone rly like to buy ESI´S atm :rolleyes: Click to enlarge
  13. NanoTech

    2nd global on Atrax young

    Yeha, amazing! Didnt expect the next on comes this fast. Seems its still a myth how you global, or is MA going to make me deposit? ;) :yay: :yay: :yay:
  14. NanoTech

    1st Single Global on Molisk

    :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: Woho, cant belive it. After some team globals, and lotsa game brakes im able to present my 1st Single Hunting Global. The addiction have me back hehe
  15. NanoTech

    My RL Uber-ATH

    Click to enlarge :D This is a Photo from my Marriage from 20th October 8:40Ingame Time. :D Thats what i call Uber-ATH hehe. Greetz NanoTech
  16. NanoTech

    RIG trip of Rose n NanoTech

    Yeah we both was there, finally made it. we also visit the castle on the island near Nymphtown. With Vix i was also the Ship :) Click to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlarge
  17. NanoTech

    Offering Help if you are stuck at an Outpost

    Closed Hi :newbie: , if ure stuck at an Outpost and wanna go back to a TelePort, here u r right. 1st im not an Uber or else, i can get u out only through lower to mid-level mobs. Just post where u r, plz use Coordinates. U can see them when u press "P". We will see if im able to help u then...
  18. NanoTech

    Unlocked Marksmanship

    Click to enlarge :dance: Here we go. :headbang: After 6 Weeks i unlocked my Marksmanship :sniper:
  19. NanoTech

    My 3rd Global with Vix

    :) ;) here we go dudes, my 3rd global! big thx to my teammate and DarkMaster Savannah Vixen Marie. and dont forget the loot dance :dance: Greetz NanoTech Click to enlarge
  20. NanoTech

    Global with Vixen and Mackbrich

    2nd global ive got since playing. BIG THX to my teamates, withou u it wasn such a lucky hunt like this, Hope we that soon again. Enlarge PIC
  21. NanoTech

    Hi Savannah

    Im in here now too! Hope too see ya asap ingame honey. ;)