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  1. Bernz

    Selling: Own a piece of the Red Ped Corporation!

    Would like to buy some please. I'm online now.
  2. Bernz

    OLA #15 Trilomite for your challenge

    For the new challenge, I thought it could be a good idea to max the quantity on at least one of my Trilomite DNA. You are very welcome on OLA #15 to hunt a lot of L6 Trilomite Young. Teleporter Lon: 31000 Lat: 30000
  3. Bernz

    Help: How to deposit USD and not PEDs?

    I know, thank you.
  4. Bernz

    Help: How to deposit USD and not PEDs?

    Fair or not, all he want is his account back. VISA did the charge back but after the mistake, VISA sent the money to MA again. He is ready to pay the fee, no problem. But he can't do deposit or add another card or whatever because he do not have access to his account. The problem here is not...
  5. Bernz

    Help: How to deposit USD and not PEDs?

    That's what I think but they refuse to act without the 50 USD. They don't give any details and reply to his messages once per week at best.
  6. Bernz

    Help: How to deposit USD and not PEDs?

    My best IRL and in game friend's account have been locked because VISA cancelled a transaction but deposited again later. So MA got the money in the end but .... They ask for 50 USD to investigate and maybe unlock the account. My question is .... How can you deposit without getting PEDs...
  7. Bernz

    Question: Do you enjoy exploring calypso? (new players only please)

    Did not vote because I'm not new at all. I like running and flying around. Calypso is beautiful. Entropia in general is beautiful. There is spectacular landscapes here like nowhere else.
  8. Bernz

    Shinkiba Land

    Because we never know. Jos Bernz Bernz
  9. Bernz

    Please add a Total Skill count!

    +1 Please and thank you.
  10. Bernz

    neteller vs mindark

    I think that those who had a "Cash Card" many years ago when it was available still have the benefit of fast withdrawals.
  11. Bernz

    Selling: real world - Atrox and Hoglo figure

    60 Ped for the Hoglo.
  12. Bernz

    Selling: real world - Atrox and Hoglo figure

    40 Peds on the Hoglo.
  13. Bernz

    The app has failed to start ...

    I tried vcredist_x86.exe and it did not work but it work with vcredist_x64.exe But hey ... Now it's ok. Thank you very much. :)
  14. Bernz

    The app has failed to start ...

    The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail. Anyone can help please? I use Win7 64
  15. Bernz

    Gibbeting Pirates? Public Display in Cages in Space Port

    Yeah, that would be a lot better. I dont know what they thought when they decide to link karma to the ship instead of player.
  16. Bernz

    NI Status Clarified.

    On my side I think that is MA that failed to give him good support. Not everybody have the patience to wait months/years to get bugs fixed or other needs for planet partners. David will most probably never talk about it because of NDA or whatever but my guess is that MA do not care much more...
  17. Bernz

    Optional LA Terminals

    Not a so bad idea but the fee to adjust the quantity/maturity would have to be lower. If not you wont wish to use it. For ex. actually, it cost 564 Peds (TT value) of fertilizer just to push the maturity from young to stalker. Instead of selling another terminal to land owner I'd like to see...
  18. Bernz

    What now the egg has hatched ?

    Who got the money? From whom?
  19. Bernz

    Moon Estate FAQ

    Additional costs? Something like this?
  20. Bernz

    8 years old

    Merci beaucoup Dano. Hope to see you again IRL one of these days. :)
  21. Bernz

    8 years old

    Bernz is now 8 years old. A lot less active than before but still here and cant stop thinking about Entropia and reading PCF every day of my life even when offline for weeks because of work or whatever.
  22. Bernz

    Selling: Entropia Universe posters x2

    I need to pay you right now because in one hour I go far from my computer for minimum 1 month.
  23. Bernz

    Selling: Entropia Universe posters x2

  24. Bernz

    Selling: Entropia Universe posters x2

    550 Peds..
  25. Bernz

    Selling: Entropia Universe posters x2

    130 Peds..