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  1. Dorian

    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

    !Register Meya Mya Fernz
  2. Dorian

    Summer Mayhem 2019

    Yeah scoreboard visible, but bug with paused at 0 sec is still not fixed as mentioned above. and i finished my first 10 hours 7 am yesterday.. Will we have to wait all weekend for a fix, or should we go against recomendation and abandon the mission in order to go on another run? some clear...
  3. Dorian

    Summer Mayhem 2019

    I see scoreborard now but my score is still not in. and my mission still says 0 sec ... and does not release the score to the board.
  4. Dorian

    Server Downtime for Release

    uh huh! :laugh:
  5. Dorian

    Server Downtime for Release

    Such a pedsaver i swear! :cool:
  6. Dorian

    The Ambuliped New Edition @ OLA 17 The Salty Flats

    Register Meya Mya Fernz
  7. Dorian

    Easter Mayhem 2019 Results

    Gz everyone =) mayhem tokens b with you!:wtg:
  8. Dorian

    Osseocollum Mega Markup event- Huge Prizes Up For Grabs

    signing up : Meya Mya Fernz
  9. Dorian

    *NEW* April Anarchy : Naga Island & Ayida Island (Hunting & Mining)

    Registering Meya Mya Fernz
  10. Dorian

    AOL #29 Mining Paradise Event

    Registering - Meya Mya Fernz
  11. Dorian

    No Remorse Mining event on LA64

    Ohh congrats on the purchase! Registering ofc - Meya Mya Fernz
  12. Dorian

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread (2018 +)

    !Register Meya Mya Fernz
  13. Dorian

    Selling: Modified Genesis Star Excavator

    Get it bak up there!:wtg:
  14. Dorian

    Where is Magam?

    Bet he will be around at Migration, prolly just been busy IRL.. i havent played much myself for some months now. ya magam aint a myth:)
  15. Dorian

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Meya Mya Fernz
  16. Dorian

    Mission Creature Spawns Update

    Active until 21st ? Isnt that past date already ? :)
  17. Dorian

    OMG.. notting works

    Cant get much cheaper then that man :) Did he get rid of all eufiles in the deinst so thers nothin old just messin with the new install? Happened to le few times over the years.. Hope it sorts out :)
  18. Dorian

    Selling: X5 unlimited Tier 7, "Lean mean killing machine!"

    Tror LT / Eomon åt upp alla peds för folk :) grym puffra gl me sellen
  19. Dorian

    Bootcamp mentoring

    Or it could juwt be 7 years in-game experience . Avatar bein 7 years old.. take it as stleast dogyears:) then he is like 49 years old !
  20. Dorian

    stolen unlimited isis lr32 :"(

    Its always sad to hear when these things happen. But even though things might not look to bright atm atleast u posted about it. I would imagine it being tough to sell it if they know how he got it.. lets hope it gets back to you soon. And as someone said there is no harm sending a support case.
  21. Dorian

    How much you;ve lost since Migrations Start

    Finished the 3k pts new LT mission, and 1k eomons (youngs / mature) . stuck at bout 306 eomon olds now for bronze. losses bout 8-9 k peds since event start... not a good migration for me..
  22. Dorian

    Is it worth it! Somon Ironmission - Completion

    Yeah i kinda feel the same... To shame.. the migration is the fun of the year... :)
  23. Dorian

    Is it worth it! Somon Ironmission - Completion

    Lol, tell i was bit stressed typing that:p noticed that first after save:)
  24. Dorian

    Is it worth it! Somon Ironmission - Completion

    Hey! EOMON not SOMON (was just bit stressed typing this haha) Ill make a post here. If i go ahead with this I want to track the progress here. I put in quite some peds on Friday when the migration started and thought id try and get eomon iron mission done, i was on 183/250 when i started...