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  1. RickNinjaHunter

    Entropia Merchandise

    Models of all the Vehicles in game... Mob Figurines from all planets.. I will buy them ALL. Especially models of ALL the robots in the game
  2. RickNinjaHunter

    Uber Togolossi Hof

    Lunchtime HOF on Ark, thought another day another dolla.. totally surprised after I missed the 17k Drone Elite caught by Greenwood
  3. 2020-10-12 -- Togolossi Stalker 14789 PED .jpg

    2020-10-12 -- Togolossi Stalker 14789 PED .jpg

    Uber Togolossi Hof
  4. RickNinjaHunter

    Question: Webshop down?

    LOL ... incompetent support, programmers, officials.. the list goes on. plus nepotism is rife ... 5 month ban for blatant cheating.. what a fucking joke this game has become.
  5. RickNinjaHunter

    Problems with & support

    just MA incompetence, they hire idiots. I would have fired the entire QA team by now, but that is just me. Support are useless
  6. RickNinjaHunter

    Selling: MMOWC Ring

    how much do you want for the MMOWC ring in ped?
  7. RickNinjaHunter

    Uber Drone Elite HOF - The Borg

    Thanks!. I started the drones in April 2020, and I had it (Beat Danny's drone ATH) in mind when I came back to game in April last year.. but what really inspired me to get there was finding out he was a cheat. I had highest single drone loot for some time in old game, that is on tracker but the...
  8. RickNinjaHunter

    Uber Drone Elite HOF - The Borg

    Thanks Mega. I needed an attitude adjustment as well to get there.
  9. RickNinjaHunter

    Uber Drone Elite HOF - The Borg

    Not many know that I was top drone hunter for quite some time in old game, but rage quitting and switching to evil OA-101 amp crafting dropped me out of the ladder , with second best all time highest drone hof. I came back to new game last year with a goal to get to lvl 100 in 12 months. I did...
  10. 2020-08-22 -- Drone Elite 22998 PED .jpg

    2020-08-22 -- Drone Elite 22998 PED .jpg

    Highest Drone HoF 22998 PED
  11. RickNinjaHunter

    Selling: mod2350/adj resto/ EST M set

    mod 2350 still available?
  12. RickNinjaHunter

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    I don't know what to say.. I been grinding my holy ass off for past 12+ months to get to levels in skill where I can try to compete maybe once seriously in mayhem. Mainly been grinding for my own goals but now I can't even think if I want to continue playing. I know the pills stacking thing was...
  13. RickNinjaHunter

    Under 75% TT return - The Broken Window

    ATTK. I can relate directly to your scenario for ped cycled vs return %'s and instances where I have been cycling ped for hours without that money shot, and some dude will just waltz in take a nice loot or few of them and never seen there again. I have tracked my spend in last 12 months and my...
  14. RickNinjaHunter

    5k Drone Elite

    Today was a good turn of events despite haters still hating and sending a GM to my location after restart, as I mentioned I would have to nerf herd all the Warlocks again. I'm not the only player that herds away mobs that defeat the gear I am applying for a specific mob, which in this case is...
  15. 2020-05-20 -- drone elite 5401 ped

    2020-05-20 -- drone elite 5401 ped

  16. RickNinjaHunter

    Show us ya face!

    ATGATT -- All the Gear All The Time -- Live to ride, ride to live another day.
  17. RickNinjaHunter

    Show us ya face!

    First time posting RL member pic.. be kind lol This is me getting ready for my provisional license on good ol Suzi. GS500F learner legal bike in Aus.
  18. rickhunter n

    rickhunter n

  19. RickNinjaHunter

    MindArk's Statement Regarding Unauthorized Use of Official Items

    Not good enough. This should have been permanent ban and all items and peds liquidated. Contradictory to the EULA, other lesser infractions have costed players their accounts and items. Not happy with this result, once a cheater always a cheater, who knows what other items were "Borrowed" and...
  20. RickNinjaHunter

    Buying: Buying DOA Loudmouth / DOA Strikehammer

    Buying high Tier DOA LM / DOA SH (T7-10) or Adj DOA LM (T9+) Please let me know who is selling or send me pm.
  21. RickNinjaHunter

    RIP Beamer - My best freind in Entropia has passed :(

    Condolences to Beamer's family and sorry for your and their loss. I never knew him personally but was also known to me and my friends in game as one of the last really nice guys in the game. RicK
  22. RickNinjaHunter

    Hello from MindArk's new Community Relations Manager!

    Welcome, I hope you have big feet for those big shoes to fill.. and also a big club for all the trolls to kill
  23. RickNinjaHunter

    Let Get Real Clear on Cheaters/Botters and How to Fight Them

    I like this one tBANNA. I too am the subject of multiple accusations against my avatar and family. Last year alone I was locked numerous times by whiney little bitches reporting me for Botting , having multiple accounts, which saw all my families accounts locked, my two kids are still locked and...
  24. banned


  25. RickNinjaHunter

    All 12 Month Goals Achieved within 12 Months

    No not selling out, too much invested in my avatar. Point to note I started in april last year at lvl 62/61 if I remember correctly. RicK