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  1. RickNinjaHunter

    Uber Togolossi Hof

    Lunchtime HOF on Ark, thought another day another dolla.. totally surprised after I missed the 17k Drone Elite caught by Greenwood
  2. RickNinjaHunter

    Uber Drone Elite HOF - The Borg

    Not many know that I was top drone hunter for quite some time in old game, but rage quitting and switching to evil OA-101 amp crafting dropped me out of the ladder , with second best all time highest drone hof. I came back to new game last year with a goal to get to lvl 100 in 12 months. I did...
  3. RickNinjaHunter

    5k Drone Elite

    Today was a good turn of events despite haters still hating and sending a GM to my location after restart, as I mentioned I would have to nerf herd all the Warlocks again. I'm not the only player that herds away mobs that defeat the gear I am applying for a specific mob, which in this case is...
  4. RickNinjaHunter

    Buying: Buying DOA Loudmouth / DOA Strikehammer

    Buying high Tier DOA LM / DOA SH (T7-10) or Adj DOA LM (T9+) Please let me know who is selling or send me pm.
  5. RickNinjaHunter

    All 12 Month Goals Achieved within 12 Months

    HI Couple weeks back I reached enough level to max my Jungle stalker. Couple days later I reached lvl 100 BLP Sniper Hit. Today I reached lvl 100 BLP Sniper DMG. So I am now true LVL 100 Quite pleased despite the usual reaming of my Ped card by MA. RicK
  6. RickNinjaHunter

    Achievement: 12 Month Goal Reached:MAX lvl 100 Gun

    So this week, on 14th April 2019 exactly, I returned to EU after almost 7 years break from the game due to a 'rage' quit. When I returned I was lvl 62 hit / 61 dmg after chip out in 2012. I set myself some realistic goals and I reached one of them this week, although a little later than I...
  7. RickNinjaHunter

    Selling: Selling/Trading Calytrek Spirit Mk1

    Selling Calytrek Spirit Mk1 T7.9 -- SB TT+5k BO TT+6k Gun has been good to me all throughout migration up until Longtooths. I have outgrown this gun very quickly and I need to upgrade Looking for TT+5k up to +6k BO , will take best offers. Interested in adj Heal chip, DOA Strikehammer, adj...
  8. RickNinjaHunter

    Public apology

    Hi Entropians and MA I am publicly apologising for my constant swearing on Global and Rookie chat and telling MA to Fuck OFF. Please accept my apology and allow me to continue skilling up in peace. I got a 24 hour kickban and now big mobs are spawning on my location. I am not geared for these...
  9. RickNinjaHunter

    HoF's and Other Achievements

    Howsit Haven't been on here or in game much since my explosive rage quit 8 years ago. Hangs head in shame. Anyways life goes on, so I came back with passion to get back into hunting which was my original Ava profession till I got hooked on the crafts After 13 weeks of pure hunting I went...
  10. RickNinjaHunter

    Selling: UL EWE LC100 Frontier

    HI Selling my UL EWE LC100 Frontier Tier 5.3. Taking offers above TT+2.7k Regards Rick
  11. RickNinjaHunter

    Hunting is my thing

    So decided to come back to the game after about 8 years break, on and off here and there clicking shit or killing a hogg. Now I'm back but hunting full time, crafting my own equipment where I can and basically spending peds again but not at the sick rate I did before. Let's see where this...
  12. RickNinjaHunter

    Need Help with Player Album and photos

    G'Day I was doing some cleanup of my use CP, and I can not seem to delete any images.. Can a moderator please assist in any way Thanks in advance RicK
  13. RickNinjaHunter

    FYI: Not a Game...

    So, I was wondering why so many people hate on me, other than the obvious... Rick 'Whinger' Hunter... I have been playing with this ava since jan 2006, and I had this overwhelming desire to win a big ATH in EU and I would leave my mark... However things did not turn out as I thought, and...
  14. RickNinjaHunter

    Buh Bye UL H21 Scrofs

    Hi I made a promise I would'nt Depo anymore until I have sorted out IRL issues. I needed money , so I made an interesting video on Xfire. Way to go to all the Forumn Trolls.. you know who you are. Dont spam this thread, with BS about losing ped by not...
  15. RickNinjaHunter

    Selling: Tiger M UL + H21Scrof UL

    Tiger M UL(SOLD) + H21Scrof UL(SOLD) Hi, Tiger UL M +24K - Ped offers only (SOLD) UL H21 Scrof (2 to choose from) 1 TT ~5k, 1 TT Full 7.3K, : TT+4k (might consider items) (SOLD) H21 Has been SOLD. Gratz to the new owner :yay: Plz no price debates here. Accept PM offers, or post here Rick
  16. RickNinjaHunter

    Half my crafting Stats Gone!

    Hi, Why has half of all my total crafting stats just dropped off the page? Also hunting and mining stats are missing as well. Regards Rick
  17. RickNinjaHunter

    Uber: First Component Uber

    Hi, I had this uber whilst crafting Components on Auto, unfortunately I had already passed out asleep, and when I woke this morning to put all the conductors on auction I was quite surprised to see the loots :yay::wtg::yay::wtg: Happy Hoffing Rick:ninja:Hunter (Please stop calling me...
  18. RickNinjaHunter

    Buying: 2X A105 Laser Amps

    Hi, I am looking to buy 2 A105 Laser Amps. Please send me a PM or post in this thread. Thank you for your custom Regards Rick
  19. RickNinjaHunter

    Uber: W2s on fire

    Hi Entropians. Today I log in to EU, and wonder another day another dollar spent. So I look at the HoF list for some clue as what to do. I see two of my SoC mates who have nice Hof, so I think maybe I should click somethings, instead of hunting. I decided to click some 101_lights and had some...
  20. RickNinjaHunter

    Cant post to Moneta Bank Threads

    Hi, Why cant I post replies to a thread I made under Moneta Bank? Rick
  21. RickNinjaHunter

    Rent not Paid

    Hi, What happens if the bank has not paid its rent, and your loan is due, but you cant get in bank to pay the loan? Does the banker get your item automatically? Is this the new SCAM? I am quite interested, also why do banks not have any capital, but are still operating? WTF Rick
  22. RickNinjaHunter

    Thanks for EFD and +REP

    Hi, I just wanted to thank all the users who have given me EFD, and +REP for my posts in the last weeks or so. I really am a forumn noob, even though I work in IT.. and I honestly CBF figuring out how to reply to the +rep or EFD granted. So Thanks to everyone who gave me rep and EFD.. BTW...
  23. RickNinjaHunter

    This years input into EU

    Hi I just wanted to clarify for BlackHawk, of my investment into EU just for this past year. I have submitted a support to retrieve my total investments, however I am almost certain that the history can only be retrieved for fraud etcetc, therefore only 12 months is available So yea...
  24. RickNinjaHunter

    Gallo, Pappa Gallo, Hunter Gallo

    Hi Gallo I dont know how to find people on forumns, please contact me in next 24 hours if you want to still call me a friend, I am done waiting and hearing excuses. Rick
  25. RickNinjaHunter

    Accidental Item Deletion!!

    Hi, I know many people who have accidentally deleted an item, and either the item is not worth 1000 ped to retrieve via support, or they had no idea they could retrieve via support, or could not afford the 1k ped fee to retrieve. I have a question to MA/FPC/Support/Dev Team.. Why have they not...