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  1. Bernz

    OLA #15 Trilomite for your challenge

    For the new challenge, I thought it could be a good idea to max the quantity on at least one of my Trilomite DNA. You are very welcome on OLA #15 to hunt a lot of L6 Trilomite Young. Teleporter Lon: 31000 Lat: 30000
  2. Bernz

    Help: How to deposit USD and not PEDs?

    My best IRL and in game friend's account have been locked because VISA cancelled a transaction but deposited again later. So MA got the money in the end but .... They ask for 50 USD to investigate and maybe unlock the account. My question is .... How can you deposit without getting PEDs...
  3. Bernz

    The app has failed to start ...

    The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail. Anyone can help please? I use Win7 64
  4. Bernz

    8 years old

    Bernz is now 8 years old. A lot less active than before but still here and cant stop thinking about Entropia and reading PCF every day of my life even when offline for weeks because of work or whatever.
  5. Bernz

    Question: Do you think that PVP-L is the best and only solution to force other planets to attract their own players?

    Dou you think that PVP-L is the best and only solution to force other planets to attract their own players? If no, give your ideas of how you would have done that.
  6. Bernz

    New PvP and PvP-L system

    Wherever you are, any planet or in space, the one who kill another player is automatically flagged as a public danger for the next 24 hours online for each player he/she have killed and it's cumulative. So if you killed 2 players, you are now flagged for the next 48 hours. If the "crime"...
  7. Bernz

    Why no Entropia support for Logitech G15

    Why you provided support for G19 keyboard but not for G15?
  8. Bernz

    Loot log

    Why did you think it was a better idea to show the looted things for only few seconds in the HUD instead of in the chat log? :scratch2:
  9. Bernz

    Bonne Saint-Jean Baptiste

    Bonne Saint-Jean Baptiste Québécois/Québécoise. Que l'alcool coule à flot. Amusez vous mais soyez quand-même prudent. :smoke: + :drink:+ :shots: :yup::yup::yup:
  10. Bernz

    Selling: Cyrene TT Weapons

    I put a few of each TT weapons from Cyrene for sale in Shopkeepers. TT + 1 Shopkeepers are "in" the shed on OLA #15 TP @ 31000, 30000
  11. Bernz

    Opalo SGA + 100 Peds of ammo Hunting Experiment

    I will have only 100 Peds and full TT Opalo SGA. I will use Opalo SGA only I will hunt on a land area with hunting taxe of 5% I will only calculate TT value. I will not sell my loots in TT but I will replace them with the same value in Peds. I will use only the remaining Peds to repair the Opalo...
  12. Bernz

    Question: Another How many CLD are sold?

    Call me what you want but I usually have big faith in MindArk. But with the CLD sale I have to ask to myself .... What is preventing MindArk (Calypso) from selling more CLD than expected and divide the gross revenues between 100K CLD instead of 60K ? Nobody will ever know ...
  13. Bernz

    FYI: Temporary spawn of Shinkiba Young on OLA #15

    Just so you know ... I maxed the quantity of 1 Shinkiba DNA on OLA #15. It will most probably be for a very temporary time. Minimum 10 days actually. I want to do my Shinkiba Iron mission on my OLA if I do it even if 1 DNA do not provide a lot of Shinkiba. They will be all Young (30 HP) so it...
  14. Bernz

    How to skydive from a flying vehicle & survive No sound. This is my first recording and upload btw. Not that bad for a first time I guess.
  15. Bernz

    My avatar is already logged on

    Many hours ago me and my crew were practicing Pilot and repair skills when Entrobug Unibug crashed or whatever. I tried "T" without success so I logged off but now I cant log on again. I guess my crew is all floting in the space now with no idea of what the fack happend because 2 of them are...
  16. Bernz

    Help: SI upgrade on Privateer

    I recently upgraded the SI of Pathfinder VIII. I only wanted to test it first to see the result so I upgraded only a little bit. The owner's Deed show that the SI is upgraded but I can only repair up to 499 SI. :scratch2: I tried relog, destruction by Mobs and destruction by PvP. I also sent a...
  17. Bernz

    Plasma, ACL or LED screen for PC gaming?

    I plan to buy a new TV with PC input and I know nothing about it. Because I know nothing about it, I dont want to trust the saleman. I think it's better to ask real gamers opinion before going to store. Anyone can help me to choose my new TV? Plasma, ACL or LED? Thanx.
  18. Bernz

    Selling: TRADING -- Shopkeepers (F) vs (M)

    I have 3 Shopkeeper Pad (F) and I would like to trade them for 3 Shopkeeper Pad (M). Anyone interested?
  19. Bernz

    Achievements ON/OFF option

    I would love to have an option to disable the achievements. Please and thank you.
  20. Bernz

    Full screen Client Launcher with list of illegal features

    I'd like to have the possibility to resize the client launcher window to full screen to make it possible to contain much more info without the need to scroll down. I'd also really like to see on the front page of the full screen client launcher a complete list of the game features that we are...
  21. Bernz

    FYI: 2 Peds landing fee

    Fu*k Yeah !! I have the good or bad habit of leaving my Peds in storage in order to avoid errors in auction or whatever. Guess what? Few minutes ago, without thinking I headed into space without my Peds. I dont have weapons and/or ammo so, even if I would be a PKer, I could not rob an innocent...
  22. Bernz

    Mining Event on OLA #15 (January 2011)

    OLA #15 Mining Event (January 2011) PRIZES:* 300 Peds for the one who will post the highest quantity of Global/HoF + 200 for the one who will post the largest Global/HoF * One participant can win both prizes if he/she happen to reach all requirements. ** If two or more participants have...
  23. Bernz

    Commercial Estates & Apartments PriceCheck please

    None of them has been upgraded. Genesis Star Tower B, Block A, Shop #1 Omegaton Alpha Tower, Booth #4 Genesis Star Tower B, 2E Omegaton Alpha Complex, 16F
  24. Bernz

    15 days Mining competition

    Start: 2010-09-01, 00:00:01 Finish: 2010-09-15, 23:59:59 On 2010-09-15 at 23:59:59, whoever has the highest number of Globals or HoFs will win. Rules: Screenshots must show: 1) Global message and Date in the chat window 2) open Deed with positition of the claim 3) open Map with you in...
  25. Bernz

    Protect the ancients ones.

    To protect Calypso and the others planets that will follow from the exodus, I think that the new Planet Partners should be forced a little bit more to attract their own colonists. I wish there was a quota of new registered avatars attracted by the Planet Partners to respect before the TP are...