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  1. Burgerman

    Selling: Nemesis armour M full 7 piece

    Selling Nemesis male full 7 piece armour. Full TT +1800 peds. (2000 peds total)
  2. Burgerman

    Selling: Vigilante armour M full 7 piece set

    Selling male Vigilante full 7 piece armour. Full TT +450 peds. (660 peds total)
  3. Burgerman

    Selling: 6A plates, 7 pieces

    Selling 6A armour plates, 7 pieces as a set. Full TT +25 peds for the set. (200 peds total)
  4. Burgerman

    Selling: 5B plates (7 pieces)

    Selling 5B armour plates, 7 pieces as a set. Full TT +175 peds for the set. (390 peds total)
  5. Burgerman

    Achievement: Commando unlocked

    The 3x skills this month lured me back ingame, and the hateful robots were a fun mob to try a few different laser weapons against. On Sunday I finally reached a goal I had hoped for but thought would not arrive in 2008 (if ever :laugh: ) and I unlocked Commando. :D Some chipping certainly...
  6. Burgerman

    Selling: Apartments at Sakura

    It is an entire floor at Sakura City, Amethera. Chikara Yuujou Tower, Floor 15, apartments A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. This Tower is conveniently close to the TP as can be seen in the final screenshot. There is also an auction/Trade Centre next to the TP. Price updated to 4k peds. Click to...
  7. Burgerman

    Pricecheck Tiger Helmet M (L)

    I was enjoying a fun team hunt tonight chasing SEGs on TI when this appeared in my loot window. Any suggestions of a suitable asking price would be much appreciated. It will be split equally among the team. :) Click to enlarge
  8. Burgerman

    Pricecheck on entire floor of apartments - Sakura City

    As some of you know, recent changes in my health and subsequent medical bills have seen me regretfully selling some of my treasures. After watching an early promotional video for PE, I had always hoped to see the interior design and wall removal as shown, hoping that the apartments could be...
  9. Burgerman

    Selling: Salamander M full armour with Cognac coat

    With regret I am selling my full Salamander armour M with the matching Cognac coat. TT +16k as shown in the screenshot. Click to enlarge
  10. Burgerman

    Selling: Rascal armour Male full set

    Selling Rascal armour M full set TT (60.65) +48 Rounded to 100 peds total. :)
  11. Burgerman

    Selling: Ghost armour Male (no feet)

    Selling 6 parts Ghost armour M (no feet) TT (302) +35 peds
  12. Burgerman

    Selling: Predator Male (no feet)

    Selling Predator M armour set (6 parts - no feet) 200 peds total.
  13. Burgerman

    Selling: Full Gremlin Male

    Full Gremlin M set for sale. TT (484.20) +200 Rounded to 680 peds total. :)
  14. Burgerman

    Selling: Full Viking Male

    My full Viking M is for sale. TT (615) +7k If you would also like the 7 x 5D plates, please add TT (162.4) +700
  15. Burgerman

    Bunny's Birthday Saturday

    Happy Birthday to Sandra Bunny Doright. :yay: My best friend irl and in EU. :birthday:
  16. Burgerman

    Blueprint comprehension unlocked

    A few days ago I reached level 10 Laser weapons engineer, but ran out of materials before I could craft many more weapons. Click to enlarge Today I found a little belkar and so was able to make a few more pistols, leading to finally unlocking BPC. :D Click to enlarge It was a bit of a race...
  17. Burgerman

    Maffoid Halloween Surprise at LA33

    Off to a great start today. I was back at LA:33 Biohazard Zone annoying the maffoids there, when these guns appeared in the loot window. It took me a moment to realise one of the Isis CB5 was missing the (L). First unlimited version of an (L) weapon I have looted, so I'm doing the happy dance...
  18. Burgerman

    Salamander M foot guards

    These appeared today in a normal, non-global loot window while I was hunting allophyls. Given the current market value I hope it is ok to post here in the uberloots section. These foot guards have found a good home, as I will actually use them rather than put them in auction. :D Click to enlarge
  19. Burgerman

    529 ped Melchi at CND

    While chasing allophyls today at CND, I had a break from hunting to drop some probes. This one found a nice deposit of melchi water. I was using a 105 finder with no amp. :) Click to enlarge
  20. Burgerman

    SEG1 54ped

    I know this is only a little global, but usually these nasty robots kill me repeatedly if I go anywhere near them. :ahh: They still made mincemeat of me today :laugh: but I was very pleased that I could hunt a few of them without always being killed and needing to revive. I was extra happy when...
  21. Burgerman

    Avoidance unlocked. and some neconu fun.

    After a recent trip to Crystal Palace, where I saw a lot of evade skill gains, my evader rank was close to level 25. Today I hoofed around near Atlas Haven, fap healing and being munched again by the nasty tantillion, until finally this nice green message appeared. Click to enlarge A friend...
  22. Burgerman

    Drone with ESI

    I got home from work tonight and thought I'd go for a little hunt near Twin Peaks, as the argos are usually fun to play with. I had an argo young down to low health when suddenly I heard the laser blasts from a drone, and I promptly died. :ahh: I jumped back to finish off the argo, and was...
  23. Burgerman

    Combat Sense unlocked

    I arrived on Calypso all wide-eyed and dressed in designer orange July 22, 2005, so I didn't quite manage this unlock within the 2 years as hoped, but I was still very happy to see it unlock yesterday with a swirl of green sparkles. :) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  24. Burgerman

    Friday Fun Five on Eudoria

    On Friday as I was just approaching unlocking CS, the loots improved greatly for me, which was a big help so I could afford more ammo to keep inching towards the unlock. :) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  25. Burgerman

    Friday night Happy Hour at CND

    After work on Friday night, I ran around on CND like a headless chicken, dropping bombs for 4 or 5 hours without finding much. Then in the last hour the asteroid and the longus finally decided to share some of their goodies with me. :) I had used some mining amps earlier in the evening, but...