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  1. eyeshark

    FYI: How To Survive 2

    I presume these deficit numbers are what you have recorded during your time hunting? I can’t imagine this is super reliable as far as the numbers go. Essentially it boils down to “keep shooting and don’t stop until the global come?”
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    Info: Geo's 17th Birthday.

    You did it!
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    Selling: Kobold full set M

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    Selling: Nemesis full set M

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    New and yber

    This is not true. UL items are not always better. But I suppose I’m fine with this misconception. Keep the L time MU as low as possible :)
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    Free players can not farm skills at Zychion Citadel by Mulciber?

    They don’t do what you suggest because it can’t be automated as easily.
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    Free players can not farm skills at Zychion Citadel by Mulciber?

    Good point. I edited out the link. Just wanted to answer evey’s question as this is a very prominent video/article when you search for EU tutorials and certainly explains the activity’s popularity.
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    Free players can not farm skills at Zychion Citadel by Mulciber?

    Stevieb. edit: removed direct link. It’s easily located on google.
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    FYI: How To Survive 2

    I heard the space wave mobs that were added drop a metric ton of blazers.
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    When hunting what pills do you use and why?

    I am not at this level yet, but it seems to me if you can increase your DPS through, say, attack speed from a pill, you could increase your loot events per hour. You can also potentially kill more efficiently on a mob you otherwise might not (reducing regen) and improve your loot composition? If...
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    What is meant by 'eco' hunting?

    My understanding is that the answer is “we don’t know.” Essentially it appears that you receive the “same return” you can expect during hunting in general. The difference is, with overkill, it’s guaranteed to be returned in shrapnel.
  12. eyeshark

    How big of a ped cycle is needed before you would typically see ~95% Returns stated by MA.

    This may not be applicable to you, but since it was the reason for my very similar 70-80% returns on my first tracker I will mention it. I was converting shrapnel mid-hunt and not properly accounting for that in my cycle/return calculations. Once I made the adjustments in my tracker, my numbers...
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    FYI: Smilgs hunting log - 2016 and beyond

    I just finished reading this 18 page marathon thread documenting the ups and downs throughout the 8 years I have been away from the game. I can certainly say I will be learning from some mistakes.
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    FYI: FREE PED GIVEAWAY EVENT - BunkerThree Stream

    STRASH333? The American actor and Entropia Universe enthusiast?
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    Selling: Atlas Harness [M]

    You go of the HOF board.
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    Understanding how 'you' are defining of a hunting run.

    I track a “run” from when I start a mob, to either A) I need to empty my inventory or B) I need to go do something else. Ultimately it doesn’t matter because I track them all on the same sheet. I can see my overall returns for all hunts, or break it down by month/week etc. Just expect that your...
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    Info: Scanner Skillgains Testing

    If you do it right. :banana:
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    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    This is hands-down the best reason to find a good mentor and/or society. You need to have an impartial 3rd party, preferably someone who has your best interest at heart. Let’s be real thoug, if you’re relying on the person selling you something to tell you whether or not it’s a good price...:duh:
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    Webshop Down Once Again?

    Thanks, My!
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    Question: Using a rental service

    I am a recently returning player. I can’t imagine renting anything. I have not yet at least. The idea of having to provide collateral, while completely reasonable, makes me shy away. I’d love to see a lending feature built into the game which would strip the need for collateral. I don’t see that...
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    Gender change

    I identify as common dung. :poop:
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    Gender change

    Didnt... didn’t you choose your gender?
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    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    0 turnover is too easy for them to get past. Then you have to ask “where would you draw the line?” In order to have it at a level that the people you’re referencing can’t easily bypass the tax, you would be taxing a lot of legitimate, low-cycle players.