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  1. Chellie

    Chellie's Beautique - Hair Styling, Body & Face Surgery

    Chellie's Beautique - Hair Styling, Body & Face Surgery, Make Up, Customising . Dear Beauty Loving Entropians, I'm happy to present to you: Chellie's Beautique! It's located in the lovely city of Genesis Amethera Headquarters, Tower D, Appartement 10a. Right next to the teleporter and a...
  2. Chellie

    Selling: Uber High Tier Increase Rated Isis LR41 (L) - Full TT

    Selling an Isis LR41 (L) with uber high tier increase rates. TT: 240 ped Startbid: 118% Buyout: 140% Minimal bid increment: 1% Auction will end 3 days after start bid has been met.
  3. Chellie

    Selling: High Tier Increase Rated Korss H400 (L)

    Selling a Korss H400 (L) with high tier increase rates. These should get it to at least tier 4 quite fast. TT: 97.34 ped Startbid: 115% Buyout: 129% Bid increment: 1% Auction will end 3 days after start bid has been met.
  4. Chellie

    Article on CP-sale on (main Dutch news website)

    I just found this on one of the main Dutch news website. For the non-Dutch players: the article mentions the sale of CP to Buzz and gives a brief description of the RCE aspect of EU :D GÖTEBORG - In het internetspel Entropia Universe is het...
  5. Chellie

    Selling: Duchev Logs 1 & 2

    I have both log 1 and 2, as well as 2 pieces of paper for sale. Please post an offer in this thread or pm me if you're interested! :girl:
  6. Chellie

    Selling: Make Up Collection

    I have been collecting all kinds of make up for the last months, which I would now like to auction in a bulk sale. The total tt value is 331 PED, opening bid is 110% and buyout will be 120%. The auction will end 7 days after the opening bid is met. :girl:
  7. Chellie

    Vigilante Harnass, right gender!

    Sooo, I had some loss lately so I decided to go to a small mob for a minor loss hunt for a change. I said to RobVee (bf), "here I go, wish me luck looting the vigi harnass." And what do you know, after only a small while I had some nice 49.5 PED loot. I thought, this is going well. When I had...
  8. Chellie

    PA on Saturday evenings...

    Tonight i was totallly astonished by the chats going on in PA. I normally don't go there on Saturday evenings, so this might just be a normal situation. But it really struck me as extremely harsh. There were some people trying to get the sweat price raised. No problem of course, everyone is free...