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  1. Svetlana

    Official Ma/eu Media Kit

    Hello to all of you Entropian enthusiasts! I recently attended the March 2007 Virtual Worlds Conference in NYC as media personnel and have done a bit of blogging and writing on the experience. I noticed that it has been popping up here and there, so I might as well post about it myself so that I...
  2. Svetlana

    Riders Come Out- I need your input

    Hello mates. I am looking into purchasing a bike (read that motorcycle) and have found one in particular that has really caught my eye for several reasons. Was hoping to get some feedback from those out there in EF land that ride: Here's what you need to know about me: I'm a novice rider. I want...
  3. Svetlana


    MyCorn- 385 My chat says it all- Nothing uber, but still a good day :girl: Click to enlarge
  4. Svetlana

    Got it by a Hair- 51 ped Foul

    Finally- after months and months without any global or hof... I found this little foul and made the global by one whopping ped :laugh: Btw, the pistol is a m2732 :girl:
  5. Svetlana

    Anti-Virus Q

    Hi All- So I thought I'd ask here as we have so many uber IT peeps hanging around that might be willing to offer me their advice to this simple question... I've always used Norton Anti-Virus on our home pc and now it's expired... which means, of course, that I have to pay to renew it. No big...
  6. Svetlana

    PM possible candidates

    ok ok- so here's my wish... .... i want to be able to instantly pm any1 that applies to soc to find out more info from them if none of us in soc already have them on fl... :wise: is this too much to ask for? :confused: :rolleyes: btw- thx to gruye, if it hadn't been for our conversation the...
  7. Svetlana

    Underwater Dining Any1??

    OK- here's a great off-topic complements of Dino... couldn't resist posting it here.... so cool looking!
  8. Svetlana

    Where Do You Call Home

    Ok guys- I love travelling and hearing of places I have never been.... soooooooo........ Where are you all from, and/or where do you call home.... AND what is your town/city/countrys' claim to fame... is it known for anything in particular? Is it scenic? Congested? Local food? etc. etc...
  9. Svetlana

    Good Bike Advice

    Ello ello guys and gals... So finally, after years of begging him, my husband has taken the first step towards getting little me in the seat of a motorcycle :banana: We went to the local BMW bike shop and did a little snooping around for a good bike for me... And after reading threads here...
  10. Svetlana

    Loot Messages

    Perhaps this is a silly, trivial wish... but alas I will make it anyway ;) I would really like to be able to clearly see my last loot in the loot window (yes, like most ppl I leave the loot window open while hunting). You can drag the loot around in the window to see it more clearly (like...
  11. Svetlana

    New Avi Pic

    yes- let it be known... SKAM IS AWESOME! :girl: She made a great looking new avatar pic and when I inquired about it and told her how much I liked it she made me one too! So... yes, I'm a copycat :laugh: Just saying thx to Skam! Very nice, great idea and thx for sharing :)
  12. Svetlana

    Make Your Own Art

    Any1 seen this link yet?.... make your own art creation :) Here's my rendition of Svetka in whip mode....
  13. Svetlana

    Svetlana's Diary

    Hmmm- never was one for blogging, but what the heck... :girl: Last night, after finishing up my dinner, cleaning the dishes and getting a quick workout in at the gym, I logged onto game and found lovely Svetka standing in her apartment. As usual at that time (about 6 am GMT) there are few ppl...
  14. Svetlana

    Apartment Size And Auction

    Basic Question- Why can we not see the size of apartment on auction? :confused: If the apartments are being sold by MA, it's no worry b/c we know the prices for 250 small, 350 medium and 450 large. But now that other ppl are selling these pads, I think we ought to be able to see what the size...
  15. Svetlana

    Wide-World of MMORPG's

    Hi all- Most ppl I know also know that PE was my first mmorpg (yes, PE is my Little Tykes if you will of the online role playing world). Currently we also have SWG. Some things I love about SWG, some things I don't care for at all. I read once on EP that the average life-span of an avatar on...
  16. Svetlana

    Standard Issue @ Auction??

    Why have I been seeing so many standard issue orange clothes at auction lately? I would have assumed that it was impossible to put the standard issued clothing up at auction in the first place :scratch: It seems that the ppl selling these ought to be banned immediately for attempting a...
  17. Svetlana


    So- now that there will be 3000 new apartments.... I think MA needs to start dropping more furniture! and asap! :girl: I can only imagine how current furniture items in auction will start going for A LOT of money due to the extreme lack of furnishings in this game.... My hope is that MA will...
  18. Svetlana

    Color Wish

    Why is it that on Calypso we have ppl that walk around covered in pink from head to toe??? Yet we do not have access to coloring with black?!? :confused: What's going on here? Has a flamingo vomitted all over MA's office, thus provoking an odd array of clothing colours in game that most of us...
  19. Svetlana

    To auto-click, or not to auto-click...

    ... that is the question ;) To all my dear fellow Calypsans.... What are your auto-clicking views? It seems I know so many ppl that utilize an auto-clicker in game. Some use it only ocassionally when extracting in mining, some use it in the ring when skilling, and yet others use it overnight...
  20. Svetlana

    Sea Creatures

    I've been thinking lately that what PE needs are some more water creatures.... Atm there is only ripper-snapper of course. Why not have larger beasts that live underwater? It seems there is a fair amount of water on the planet that is going to waste essentially :D Perhaps in the far-off future...
  21. Svetlana


    Woohoot! This game ROCKS MB! :laugh: LMFAO I am now officially the top Marco-slapper.... *sveta- awaiting the boys to come out and bit&h slap Marco harder than I did
  22. Svetlana

    Loot Window

    OK- pls tell me if this has already been discussed here... But I am still VERY weary of leaving my loot window open. I mean, I do it when I hunt. It's far more practical when looting now, and of course all those items aren't weighing you down if you're hunting for a good amount of time... But I...
  23. Svetlana

    Favorite toys

    OK- I'm always too interested in the off-topics... sry... But was just having a discussion about some of my favorite childhood toys... funny to think back on what I played with as a kid and see how it has impacted me today. Unfortunately, I never played much with Legos or construction...
  24. Svetlana

    melee amps??

    Hey all- I recall reading a post on another forum in regards to the wish to have amps on melee weapons.... Atm melee weaps do considerably less dmg of course than other weapons. For skilling, I prefer melee b/c of the low decay I get from a 1X0 or a whip... but it would be nice to occassionally...
  25. Svetlana

    Best Show

    OK- for fear of never being able to duplicate the one great thread on EP known as *noW ListenIng*, and not wanting to do it the same way of course ;) , I ask the following..... What is/are the best show(s) (speaking music here) you've seen. :cool: Can be a huge arena show or some little gig...