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  1. Brilliam Mason

    Looing for Bp drops

    I decided to do some crafting in hopes of vehical Bp drop (fat chance of that) and I got these globals almost back to back.
  2. Brilliam Mason

    HoF: Striped HoF

    I got this nice little Hof while waiting for themobs to return.
  3. Brilliam Mason


    Looted my first gem whie crafting
  4. Brilliam Mason

    BP drops

    does anyone know what the vehicle (L) BPs drop from? ie Basic Vehicle Battery, Gearbox, Servo, Supercharger, and Suspension.
  5. Brilliam Mason

    Mounted Weapon Global

    Got this nicelittle global last night my first Mounted weapon global.
  6. Brilliam Mason

    Buying: Rielly Boot BP

    I am looking for a Rielly Boots BP. Want to buy or trade. PM me what you want for it and we will see what we can do
  7. Brilliam Mason

    Combibo Global

    I got a little surprise out hunting big Combibo last night.:yay:
  8. Brilliam Mason

    HoF: Belkar

    Nice little Belkar HOF:yay:
  9. Brilliam Mason

    HoF: First Tower

    This was my very first tower and biggest find in mining :yay::eyecrazy::wtg::silly2:
  10. Brilliam Mason

    HoF: Yes another one

    Yes I got another HOF. This is my third highest HOF mining :yay::wtg::wtg::yay:
  11. Brilliam Mason

    HoF: Copper HOF

    I got this nice little Copper HOF while out today. :yay:
  12. Brilliam Mason

    Rare Odd find

    Was out mining the other day and got a message This is the second time within 30 days I found some of this. So I am wondering just how rare is this stone?:scratch2:
  13. Brilliam Mason

    Copper HOF

    Got me a real nice Copper HOF tonight :yay::wtg::yay::wtg:
  14. Brilliam Mason

    XXII Gazz

    Got this out mining unamped my biggest hit ever :yay::wtg:
  15. Brilliam Mason

    Quick question

    Just a question for all those miners out there. What do you consider a good hit rate when mining? I recently started keeping track of my hit rate and found that on a 150 bomb run I am hitting returns about 25% of those drops. This is on the planet on both continent.
  16. Brilliam Mason

    HoF: Narc Hof

    this is my biggest loot ever let alone my largest mining strick :wtg::yay:
  17. Brilliam Mason

    Soc mate la global

    got a global on my soc mates new la
  18. Brilliam Mason

    blaus global

    just a lil global
  19. Brilliam Mason

    HoF: Lysterium Hof

    got a good hit on my 5th bomb droped :yay:
  20. Brilliam Mason

    HoF: My ATH in Mining

    Had a wonderful night mining in New Switzerland last night :wtg::yay:
  21. Brilliam Mason

    Entropia Triple Header

    Messing around with a few bp to clean out storage a bit and i got the Entropia Tripple Header within about 3 hrs of crafting.:wtg:
  22. Brilliam Mason

    Clericdagger Good loot

    I got an intersting loot with this global. Only made 8 daggers worth 118ped plus the amout of the global and 23 clicks on the bp. not a bad little run.
  23. Brilliam Mason

    Gazz Global

    was out tring to global on some molisk's and first bomb i droped hit big for me still in site of the TP:yay::wtg:
  24. Brilliam Mason

    Bug Globals

    Soc hunt that netted a few globals on new bugs:yay:
  25. Brilliam Mason

    HoF: Second HOF ever

    I was out on the beach minding my own buisness when all hell broke lose and scared the shit out of me. :wtg: