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  1. Arthur

    Selling: Full Merry Mayhem (M) Set

    Sold!!!!! Sold!!!!! Sold!!!!!
  2. Arthur

    Selling: Ranked Scorpion / M71A1

    Hello ! I am selling these - Ranked Scorpion T8.9 sold - M71A1 T 3.9 SOLD!!! Pm me here or ingame for offers!
  3. Arthur

    Buying: Songkra Corrosive Dagger

    Buying Songkra Corrosive Dagger - PM me here or ingame of tier and price!
  4. Arthur

    Where is the support team ?

    Hey. i posted a message to support team like 2 weeks ago but no response. and its about gold card i kinda have lost it :D but yeah no response so far :/ Anyone else got problems whit support team ? they have never been this slow...
  5. Arthur

    Buying: Aakas Fire Dagger!

    Buying one the the fire daggers send me pm here or ingame Arthur Arthur Aspback GOT ONE THANKS!!!!!!! consider this CLOSED!
  6. Arthur

    Buying: Ozypn HK S1X1

    Buying HK S1X1 -- send me your price and tier info - Here or ingame! Arthur Arthur Aspback
  7. Arthur

    Buying: Trauma amp IV

    Got one thanks!
  8. Arthur

    Buying: Regeneration Chip VIII or IX

    Buying Regeneration chip VIII or IX only! send me your price by PM or ingame - Arthur Arthur Aspback I have one now! Thanks for the offers! Thread CLOSED!
  9. Arthur

    Buying: Castorian Combat Mace Mk.III

    Pm me here or ingame whit info of your clubs tier and remaining tier levels and price. Arthur Arthur Aspback
  10. Arthur

    Castorian Combat Mace Mk. III

    Whats the current price for this weapon and how meany of these ar there ingame?
  11. Arthur

    Buying: Bicak Blix ( UL ) or equivalent( UL) shotblade

    Buying Bicak Blix or equivalent shotblade ! all tiers and UL only ! Send me message or add me ingame - Arthur Arthur Aspback CLOSED!!!!
  12. Arthur

    Buying: Adj Drill

    Hello. If you happen to have a Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted for sale pm me details and your price!
  13. Arthur

    Selling: Ignisium

    Hello. I am Selling Ignisium ingots (under Mu). Will sell at good prices pm me here or add me ingame : Arthur Arthur Aspback ALL SOLD!
  14. Arthur

    Uber: Loots of Ignisium

    Hello. Mining had been pretty bad for me like 1 week now and i went back from big amps to smaller amps, My soc mate sold me some cheap Terra amps yday and today i went out mining whit em and i got this nice surprise :D...
  15. Arthur

    Selling: Full Knight (M)

    Selling Full Knight (M) All parts t1 expect Arms Picture of tiers = Set TT is 148.5ped Start Bid = TT+80 Instant BO = 90 RESERVED
  16. Arthur

    HoF: 1260ped RE-101

    My 1st ever crafting hof :D played around 8 years now and i rarely ever done any crafting, but today i decided to try some , did 130 click's RE101 and it ended badly. after that i noticed i had 9 clicks left so i decided to click em too and im happy i did :D Oh and that BP was eMINE FS(L)...
  17. Arthur

    Buying: Knight (M) parts!

    got em all ty.
  18. Arthur

    Selling: Full Koroma (Male)

  19. Arthur

    Selling: Full Vigilante (M)

  20. Arthur

    Selling: Single Reactor

    Selling - Single Reactor No one seems to know what this items is or where its used! might be something new and used on new BP.s that arent yet discoverd. Post Bids here or send PM! Items TT is 9ped as you see on image. This Auction has no end date!
  21. Arthur

    Selling: Adapted Vivo UR175(L) BP(L)

  22. Arthur

    Selling: Paladin Thigh (M)

    Removed. Gonna put it to ingame auction.
  23. Arthur

    Televators to LA.s?

    I think it whould be great if there was a Televator to Nearest La.s on every TP... that whould take you to the Claim rod on the LA. And at Claim rod Televator back to TP... that way all LA.s whould be close, always... i know that it whould make all LA.s worth more/less coz some LA.s ar expensive...
  24. Arthur

    Where ar Formidon Young-old???

    Where ar Fromidon Young-old????? i been trying to find em but no result :( only found big Fomis :( i seen lots of globals of em so i know they ar out there somewhere :)
  25. Arthur

    Buying: B: Ghost (M)

    Closed got one :)