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  1. dougkush

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Mangula Many Conqua
  2. dougkush

    Uber: 12.5k Atrox Old

    Gratz! It's about time :yay:
  3. dougkush

    (Agility Log) Danimal's 89 Agility to 100 Agility in 3 Months Time

    I must admit, I was still in bed avoiding the inevitable fate of going to work. This is the tread I wanted!
  4. dougkush

    (Agility Log) Danimal's 89 Agility to 100 Agility in 3 Months Time

    I remembered watching an agility log that Stryker made after the attribute nerf that took place a long time ago to go from 94 to 95 agility. Might give you some ideas. Goodluck :)
  5. dougkush

    Question: Any1 doing tier upgrade services?

    I have had Auktuma tier my high cost items at no cost but he has not been on for some time.
  6. dougkush

    Mission Rewards Rebalancing Update

    They are probably non-tradeable in the spirit of attributes which are non-chippable.
  7. dougkush

    RGA : Submissions thread

  8. longu RGA #3

    longu RGA #3

  9. dougkush

    RGA : Submissions thread

  10. entry 2 - longu

    entry 2 - longu

  11. dougkush


    *slightly off topic I have the same sentiments as you in a way about eco counting, but the thought that lead me to this belief was tiering. It seems that cost to tier is a function of eco and not the destructive force of the weapon. Take for instance mkVME, tier 3 is 1.1k peds while a DOA...
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    RGA : Submissions thread

    heres one.
  13. entry 1

    entry 1

  14. dougkush

    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    !Register Mangula Many Conqua
  15. dougkush

    Calypso Land Deed Update

    50% of PP Gross Revenue = 25% of Calypso Revenue Think it as 50% goes to MA then 50% goes to PP but with CLD the PP gave up 50% of their own stake giving 25%. Therefore 50% of PP gross revenue, not 50% of calypso.
  16. dougkush

    FYI: Temporary spawn of Shinkiba Young on OLA #15

    Guess I will get the chance to put my allo mission on hold... Cool :)
  17. dougkush

    SHall I do this experiment

    I do not think this holds true, not in my case atleast. Held CLD's since they came out and I wouldn't call my loots any worse than before CLD's. Just another attempt to try and link reason in a reasonless world. :yup:
  18. dougkush

    Smilgs jamming 4 event registration - 20 people

    promise I wont mix friday up with monday :) I'm in
  19. dougkush

    Smilgs jamming 3 event registration - 20 people

    I'm game for round 3
  20. dougkush

    Question: Are Limited Long Rangle BLP Rifles like ML35 (L) planned?

    There are plenty of L weapons outside of the aggro range of the mobs, you can just use those just fine. And how about rather than them adding new guns and killing MU everything, they can just make my m71a2 have the same dmg interval :). Really though, an ml35+dante comprable weapon would make...
  21. dougkush

    Achievement: Bronze kreltin mission finished

    gratz! now I will not be able to message you everytime I log on asking how far you are from finishing!
  22. dougkush

    Question: OLA1 Equus or no Equus?

    Just my opinion, I think you went wrong placing a unique DNA on a land with an already unique DNA. You should definetly keep the equus because it is unique.
  23. dougkush

    Smilgs jamming 2 event registration - 20 people

    I'm in for round 2!
  24. dougkush

    ATH: 206K Peds Zinc: HELL of a night!

    gz farmer :) glad to see you're still doing well!