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  1. Robinffs

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Ultimate Sonny n' Robin
  2. Lancer Immortal

    Lancer Immortal

    Big ass Arkadia mob!
  3. Robinffs

    Selling: Adj pixie (F) +65

    Bump! :smoke:
  4. Robinffs

    Buying: Vigi (M) 400 ped

    Giiiive me! :laugh:
  5. Robinffs

    Selling: Adj pixie (F) +65

    Price can be discussed! Looking for Vigi (M) and (F) also!:girl:
  6. Robinffs

    Buying: Vigi (F)

    Bumpz! :cool:
  7. Robinffs

    Selling: Adj Pixie (M) tt+65

    bump :ahh:
  8. Robinffs

    Buying: Vigi (F)

    Want to buy the whole set! Kthxbye! :ahh:
  9. Robinffs

    SFE - Southern Fortress Engineering - Armour Specialists

    Refill Ankitus for me in PA please :)
  10. Robinffs

    Selling: Adj Pixie (M) tt+65

    :yay: Bump!
  11. Robinffs

    Selling: Adj Pixie (M) tt+65

    Bump! :lolup:
  12. Robinffs

    Selling: Adj Pixie (M) tt+65

    Bump! :wise:
  13. Robinffs

    Selling: Adj Pixie (M) tt+65

    Also buying rascal (M) set, tt+30 :wtg: Not buying Rascal anymore. :)
  14. Robinffs

    Selling: Gremlin (F) tt+100

    Already sold, thread can be removed. :)
  15. Robinffs

    Selling: Gremlin (F) tt+100

    Selling :wtg:
  16. Robinffs

    Skill Scanner

    Still nothing.. Can someone upload an old version?
  17. Robinffs

    Help: F.O.M.A. down?

    Is FOMA having problems again? Entered with my spaceship, crashed in loadingscreen and now I crash everytime I try to log in.
  18. Robinffs

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2013!

    The pumpkins won't be tradable. :)
  19. Robinffs

    Selling: Ranked HK1750 Tier 6 - Best Dps for your bulk

    I'll keep this in mind when my paycheck comes. :cool:
  20. Robinffs

    Achievement: 20k Kreltin

    Which setup did you use? :)
  21. Robinffs


    Welcome! :) Take your time and read, there's a lot of info to be founda on these forums. :)
  22. Robinffs

    SIG FUND presents - WIN THE LA: CLD's, Guns, Land Areas and much more to be won

    Register team: Guardians of the lost society Captain: Robin Robinffs Borg
  23. Robinffs

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Over 1 MILLION PED in prizes!

    Cool, thanks! :) 4 globals this morning, go ambus!
  24. Robinffs

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Over 1 MILLION PED in prizes!

    Too bad Entropia tracker doesnt show me my team globals, Ultimate Globals or I feed! got 7 globals on sunday, when will those be accounted?