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  1. Robinffs

    Buying: Vigi (M) 400 ped

    Giiiive me! :laugh:
  2. Robinffs

    Selling: Adj pixie (F) +65

    Price can be discussed! Looking for Vigi (M) and (F) also!:girl:
  3. Robinffs

    Buying: Vigi (F)

    Want to buy the whole set! Kthxbye! :ahh:
  4. Robinffs

    Selling: Adj Pixie (M) tt+65

    Also buying rascal (M) set, tt+30 :wtg: Not buying Rascal anymore. :)
  5. Robinffs

    Selling: Gremlin (F) tt+100

    Selling :wtg:
  6. Robinffs

    Selling: Kobold (M) & Basic Filters 100QR BP

    The armor set for tt+21 and the BP for 26 ped! :wtg:
  7. Robinffs

    Buying: Enkidd Howler Prototype

    Give me a fair price! :)
  8. Robinffs

    Good/bad/normal results?

    My first ever crafting run, got a 100QR BP from a friend and went crazy. :P Total cost for materials was 262 ped and total tt return was about 205.
  9. Robinffs

    Buying: Kobold OR Rascal set (M)

    Want to buy a set of armor. :smoke:
  10. Robinffs

    Returning player!

    Hey guys! Been away for quite some time and I'm wondering what's happened in the last 12 months. I sold some shit in my storage and got 200 ped to play with, I'm currently on Calypso and I've got lvl 15 laser pistol, lvl 8 sniper and lvl 14 dmg. What should I hunt and what should I use? EDIT...
  11. Robinffs

    Selling: Valkyrie Mk1(100% Orange & 100% Hessian Fabric & Midastree texture)

    Selling Valkyrie Mk1(100% Orange & 100% Hessian texture) @ 285% MU + TT value of fuel (53.17ped)! :wtg:
  12. Robinffs

    Question: This or that?

    Me and my girlfriend is moving up the mobladder soon when she gets enough skills to use some better weapons. We are thinking about low-medium maturity Molisk and maybe low maturity Atrox, do you have some other suggestions on mobs? We both have full Pixie sets atm. Should we upgrade with 2a...
  13. Robinffs

    Buying: 14x 2A plates & 2x Bull Tac10

    Hey everyone! I would like to buy 14x 2A Armor plates for tt+30 and 2x full TT Bull Tac10 at 117%. I want to buy these next week. Can anyone fix these to me by then?
  14. Robinffs

    Price check: 7x 5A plates , 7x 5b plates & full shogun both (M) and (F)

    As the title says! Would like prices on those things! Thanks in advance! :wtg:
  15. Robinffs

    Buying: Pixie Thigh Guards (M)

    Nowhere to be found!:eyecrazy:
  16. Robinffs

    Looking for a soc!

    Hey everyone! I've come back to the game just this evening and deposited 15$! Now I got full pixie, Isis CB5 enhanced with some crit bonus, tt-fap and 50 ped worth of ammo! Looking for a noob-friendly soc to hunt with and progress further into the game with! (I'm from Sweden)
  17. Robinffs

    Help: Cannot see the avatar in the "avatar building area"

    My girlfriend got her computer up and running now, when she logs in to her account for the first time she can't see her avatar. Help?
  18. Robinffs

    Info: Order system in auction?

    ..How does it work? Never used it before and now i've got some good deals and wanted to sell them to people who has ordered the items.. Need some instructions :confused:
  19. Robinffs

    IRC Channel?

    Is there any official or inofficial IRC channel for EU ?
  20. Robinffs

    EF forum history?

    I've been thinking about something.. I belive this forum might be close to perfect but as Im fairly new here, have it always been looking like this? If it haven't, does anyone have screenshots or links to screenshots of how it used to look? Would be really nice to see :)
  21. Robinffs

    Looking for a mentor that knows swedish!

    Looking for a mentor that know swedish, I'm looking for a friend of mine so If you are willing to mentor him, just give me a pm!