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  1. Gum Boot

    Help: Recent Mining Logs

    Hi Guys, i'm looking to get hold of mining logs to conduct some base statistical analysis. Ideally the mining logs should not be more than 12 months old. if anyone wishes to contribute, I'm happy to share the results. Minimum data required is just Find Date (atleast to month-year) Mining...
  2. Gum Boot

    Selling: Calypso Land Deeds

    Hi Everyone Selling 72 Calypso Land Deeds 102,000 PED BO only. Cheers, Gum
  3. Gum Boot

    Selling: Calypso Land Deeds

    Hi Guys, as the title says, pm with offers, >100 for sale. Cheers, Gum
  4. Gum Boot

    Achievement: Extraction

    Hey Guys, picked this up a couple days ago.
  5. Gum Boot

    Buying: 50x Calypso Land Deeds

    As title says Paying 1365 PED/ea Cheers,
  6. Gum Boot

    Selling: Kammaldon DNA Parts

    Hi There, Selling 2x Kamaldon Bone Crests 1x DNA Cartridge 5 Great set to complete the Kammaldon DNA SB: 500 BO: 1K Auction Ends 48 hours after last Bid. Cheers.
  7. Gum Boot

    Selling: Yuka DNA Parts

    Hi There, Selling 3x Yuka Long Bone 1x Yuka Mandible 1x DNA Cartridge 5 A great set to complete the Yuka DNA SB: 3K BO: 6K Auction Ends 48 hours after last Bid.
  8. Gum Boot

    Buying: Arkadian DNA Parts (Yuka, Kammaldon, Riptor)

    Hi There, as the thread says. Keen to hear from people. Commission on information that leads to a trade. Cheers, Gum
  9. Gum Boot

    Buying: DNA Parts/Samples (MM)

    Would love to hear from people that received DNA parts/Samples as part of the Merry Mayhem event. Cheers, Gum
  10. Gum Boot

    Buying: Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/05, SGA Edition

    Hi Everyone, Interested in the title above. Please get in touch if you wish to sell. Cheers, Gum
  11. Gum Boot

    Buying: 5x CLD

    Offering 1250 PED/ea Cheers
  12. Gum Boot

    Buying: DNA Samples and/or Animal Parts

    I'm interested in hearing from people with DNA Sample and/or Animal Parts for the use of making DNA samples. PM me if you have anything I may be interested in. Cheers, Gum
  13. Gum Boot

    Buying: CLD's

    1080 PED/each PM or reach me ingame
  14. Gum Boot

    Buying: Calypso Land Deeds

    Looking for as many as 40 CLD's PM me if you have any to sell Cheers
  15. Gum Boot

    Buying: Hangar

    I'm kicking the tyres in the hangar market, please pm me if you have a hangar you'd like to sell.
  16. Gum Boot

    Entropia Let It Rock: Your Journey Awaits

    Hey Guys, Here is my entry to the let it rock entropia video competition. 3 version. Main version NM Version - takes away all money focus No subtities - no subtitles Here they are Sbutitled Version: Subtitled Version (NM Version)...
  17. Gum Boot

    The R Word - Recession

    So guys, whos feeling the pinch and who isn't? atm, im a univeristy student, so any situation and i'd have no money anyway hahaha.
  18. Gum Boot

    Armour Tax Still Justifiable?

    Hi Guys after not beingin EU for some time now, i have returned breifly. I have noticed that EU has become a far more stable platform than what it once was, and i dont tend to have any trouble with lag on any of my computers or the need to constantly relog due to bugs 2.1 GHz 3Gb RAM Nvidia...
  19. Gum Boot

    Uber Stars

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if i could get hold of 4 uber players, 3 people wearing shadow (tiger would also do) and a last wearing supremacy to star in my video if your keen to help me out, please private message me and i'll get back to you as soon as possible. Regards Gum
  20. Gum Boot

    Latest Download... Big??

    Hi Guys i've read that this download is quite small, for a couple days i couldn't get it downloaded until i ran it as administrator in vista, however now that i've gotten it to start downloading, its saying the file will take 5 hours at 80kb/s im not reinstalling EU, its just the update. the...
  21. Gum Boot

    Eu on Ubuntu

    Hey Guys i got a new laptop, it has ubuntu/vista dual boot, of cource vista probably isn't optimum perating system to use, een tho i got 3 gigs of ram. however. can i run EU on my ubuntu? and does it run well? Cheers Gum
  22. Gum Boot

    Selling Weapons, ARR 8000, KK etc

    Fire Forge ARR 8000 TT + 1225 Karma Killer TT + 700 Marber Bravo TT + 275 FreanD Delta BLP PIstol TT + 265 A101 TT + 55 2xA102 TT + 60 3xA103 TT + 25 2xA104 TT + 145 This isn't an auction persay, these are starting offers, please show interest via pm or post. I reserve all right to inhibit...
  23. Gum Boot

    SELLING Boar & Other Armours

    Full Boar (M) TT + 8,000 SOLD Full Knight (M) TT + 100 Full Gnome (M) TT + 15 Kobold (M) No Feet TT + 10 7x 6A Plates TT + 140 set 6x 5B Plates TT + 980 Set SOLD this isn't an auction persay, these are just starting offers, let me know by posting or by pm if you have any interest. I...
  24. Gum Boot

    Buying FAP-90

    Hey guys, pm if your interested in selling. Thanks
  25. Gum Boot


    This HoF broke my 1 year no HoF record, i was dissapointed with it's value as it's basically just a big global, but atleast i got a full TT korss. I had just logged in after being frustrated that i hadn't looted a korss in 40K ammo and i wanted to get back into real hunting lol...