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  1. Centurio

    Selling: Hoplite Armor BP's - Ancient Greece

    For Sale: Hoplite Armor BP's - Ancient Greece: Hoplite Greaves (C) Blueprint (L) 150 1.50 (Latest MU 4,000%) Hoplite Helmet (C) Blueprint (L) 226 2.26 (Latest MU 5,197%) Hoplite Sandals (C) Blueprint (L) 83 0.83 (Latest MU 12,000%) Hoplite Thigh Armor (C) Blueprint...
  2. Centurio

    Selling: Boosted Tailoring BPs plus Makeup Mask BPs

    Hi, I have a set of BOOSTED TAILORING BP's for sale. There is a total of 407 clicks (4.07 tt). Selling as 1 lot only: Long Bailey Curtain Blueprint (L) 62 0.62 Long Tied Polka Curtain (C) Blueprint (L) 8 0.08 Medium Polka Curtain (C) Blueprint (L) 68 0.68 Medium Tied Katu Curtain (C)...
  3. Centurio

    Selling: Boosted BPs - Armor

    Hi, I have a set of armor BP's for sale, all are BOOSTED BPs. There is a total of 262 clicks (2.62 tt). Selling as 1 lot only. Offers here, PM or in game Cornelius Centurio Centurio. BPs are SOLD! Luna Harness (L) Blueprint (L) 2 0.02 Luna Shin Guards (L) Blueprint (L) 2 0.02 Luna...
  4. Centurio

    Selling: Yog Hatchling Pet, Level 10, Excavation Reload Speed Increase Unlocked!

    For Sale: PET IS SOLD! Yog Hatchling Pet, level 10. The Excavator Mastery passive is unlocked. This buff increases Excavation Reload Speed. SB/BO was 165 peds New Low Price - 135 peds! The pet comes with 2 Pet Name Tags. Post here, send me a PM, or message in game (Cornelius Centurio...
  5. Centurio

    Selling: Cyclops Heads

    For Sale: 37 Cyclops Heads A key ingredient to make Archon Swords :eyecrazy: As these no longer drop I won't break up the stack and I won't respond to lowball offers. Post or PM offers or in game message to Cornelius Centurio Centurio. Note: the graphics on these are messed up which is...
  6. Centurio

    Selling: Pets - Acceleration, Skill Increase, Ancient, etc.

    Pets for Sale! :whip: RUN FASTER: Corinthian Kanin - Level 17, 8% acceleration is unlocked. Comes with 2 pet name tags. was 150 peds NEW PRICE! 110 peds Blue Leprechaun, Rare - Level 10.5, Increased Pet Focus Generation 10% buff is unlocked (allows pet to be leveled faster). 12%...
  7. Centurio

    Selling: Vigilante (M) set, no feet, low tt

    I am selling my Vigilante (M) set, 6 pieces (no footguards). The set is very low tt, only 26.71 for the whole set. The price is 185 peds total. This works out to around tt +158. The price is firm. SOLD Post or PM if you want it. Thanks!
  8. Centurio

    CLD, Estate, Piron PBR-25, Opalo SGA, Bravo, Flamethrower, Old tt stuff, and lots more...

    I have the following items for sale. These items are available in my Shopkeeper at Genesis, Building B, Apt. 16H. Calypso Land Deed: SOLD Estate Deed - Omegaton Gamma 27D - 740 ped SOLD Estate Deed – F.O.M.A. Alpha East 13B: 379 ped Piron PBR-25 Tier 1.1 - SOLD Marber Bravo Plasma...
  9. Centurio

    Selling: Calypso Land Deeds (CLD)

    Hi, Selling Calypso Land Deeds (CLD) x 13. Price is 1830 each. Post or PM if interested.
  10. Centurio

    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nanochip I

    Lacerating Attack Nanochio I: WTS this freshly looted UnL mindforce chip with very nice tiers rates. (Tier rates are: 160,160,108,134,111,94,141,87,87,91) CLOSED - moved to in game auction
  11. Centurio

    Rabbits (Kanin, etc.)

    I'm trying to get a feel for what these speed bunny pets go for. Any tamers out there have an idea of the approximate value for level 1, unfed (freshly tamed/looted): Silver Kanin Ruby Kanin Rabbiger Eudoracel Any input would be greatly appreciated! :whip:
  12. Centurio

    Buying: Shopkeeper Pad

    Buying 1 Shopkeeper Pad. PM me with your offer. Thanks! CLOSED, got my shopkeeper!
  13. Centurio

    Selling: Ancient Pets

    Taking offers on some of my Ancient pets: 1) Ancient Snablesnot Female Strong, Level 4 2) Ancient Snablesnot Male Strong, Level 4 3) Ancient Exarosaur Strong, Level 4 All pets will have at least 50% Energy (Fed), 100% Mood and 100% Affection, and include 100 Nutrio bars and 2 Pet Name Tags...
  14. Centurio

    Selling: (L) Armor BP Collection; Includes Predator, Luna, Orca and more!

    Selling some of my BP collection and looking for offers on my (L) armor BPs (all BPs are (L) and most are for (L) armors; see below for complete list.) This sale is for all the BPs shown below as one lot (will not sell individual BPs or break this up.) PM or post your offers. Will sell...
  15. Centurio

    Selling: Blueprints - (L) Texture BP Collection; Arkadia ACA/AS & IFN BP’s

    Selling some of my BP collection; there are 2 lots. I will not sell individual BPs or break up BP lots. Thank you. Lot 1, Arkadia Tailor BP’s: THIS LOT IS SOLD ACA/AS Civilian Uniform Arctic Singlet IFN Combat Uniform Jungle Singlet IFN Combat Uniform Desert Cap New lower Price: BO – 35...
  16. Centurio

    Selling: Set of Furniture Blueprints (L)

    Have the following set of (L) Furniture BP's for sale: Comfyr Chair (C) 1 click Elique Screen (PC) 38 clicks Elique Sign 73 clicks Feffoid Statue 11 Clicks Kitchen Drawer 91 clicks Megaview Screen 16 clicks Omegaton Refrigerator Type C43 99 clicks Opto Display (PC) 69 clicks Opto Sign (PC)...
  17. Centurio

    Selling: Lot: (L) BP's - Welding Wire and Basic Vehicle Components...

    The following is available in a lot: Limited BP's consisting of - Welding Wire (792 clicks) Basic Vehicle Battery (194 Clicks) Basic Vehicle Gearbox (69 clicks) Basic Vehicle Servo (210 clicks) Basic Vehicle Supercharger (84 clicks) Basic Vehicle Suspension (163 clicks) Price for this lot is...
  18. Centurio

    Selling: Hoplite Armor Full Sets, (1) M and (1) F, Textured and Colored

    I have 2 full sets of Hoplite Armor for sale, 1 is female and 1 male. The Female set is textured with Nissit on all pieces as well as colored with Miranda Violet on Chest, Thighs and Gloves. Female Hoplite Set - BO tt +125 The male set is textured with Nissit on all pieces. Male Hoplite...
  19. Centurio

    Selling: 2 BP's (L) - Omegaton Pops and Pilot Goggles

    Recently got 2 nice BP's from tailoring instead of the usual curtains and make-up mask trash. So these are for sale: Blueprint (L) - Omegaton Pops 63 clicks SB: 425 BO: 475 Blueprint (L) - Pilot Goggles 37 clicks SB: 75 BO: 100 SOLD When I get a SB I will put an end time on the...
  20. Centurio

    Archon's Sword BP (L)

    So I saw a selling thread for this BP where asking price is 20K for 56 clicks! :laugh: It makes a really nice sword that has been selling for a lot due to a past shortage of some materials for the BP, HOWEVER... Given that the ingredients are dropping pretty regularly now and there also...
  21. Centurio

    Selling: TI Platinum Shop for 4 CLD's

    Selling my store in the Treasure Island City Platinum Building. Platinum is right next to the TP and the store is an easy few seconds run. Treasure Island Platinum Store, Block B #3. Shop has 50 points inside/10 points outside. [SB/BO 4 Calypso Land Deeds] SHOP IS SOLD...
  22. Centurio

    Logged off on Calypso Last Night; on log in today ended up dead in Space!

    Not sure if this is related to the other space bug where people are getting stuck in space dead and not being able to get to planet but... Last night I flew from RT to Caly. I successfully paid my 2 ped landing fee and landed at PA. I used the TP and went to TI City. Spent about an hour...
  23. Centurio

    Selling: Greece Stuff: Athenian Clothes, Elysian Colorator/Bleacher, Tropical Shades, Hoplite BP's and Armor, etc.

    I have the following Ancient Greece stuff for sale at my shop (TI City PLatinum, Block B, #3, directions below). Prices quoted are pre-tax (which adds a few pec to the prices.) Most of the prices are set below MU, so a short trip can save you peds over auction! Athenian Tunics, M & F tt +3...
  24. Centurio

    Selling: Niko Lights, Retail Partition High Shelving, Signs for your Store or Estate

    I have for sale the following at my shop. Prices quoted are before shop tax of 2.5% (which adds a few pec to the prices). These are available at TI City Platinum, Block B, #3 (see below for directions to store). I won't be stocking these anymore so get them before they are gone. All items...
  25. Centurio

    Selling: Pet Deeds

    I have 50 pet deeds that I have been saving for YEARS hoping that taming will come back. But alas, as I need some peds, I have decided to sell 25 of them. The other 25 I'm keeping no matter what (hoping I get some nice surprises when/if taming returns - kind of like opening Christmas presents...