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  1. dj.


    Client loader->Tools->Repair->Start Repair->Delete Unexpected Files-> I clicked 'OK' This was a mistake was it? :confused: I am now missing 'ground' in-game. I have everything else, but 'everything else' is now floating rather amazingly, on sky and sea :tapfinger: I probably should not be...
  2. dj.

    Last Patch..?

    I hunted earlier with no problems, game ran fine (this was after deleting some file and sorting that nonsense out) then took a break. A few hours later I go to log on, but I get a patch, then a message I do not have enough disk space, I ignored that, closed the window and managed to log on...
  3. dj.

    Dismal Palace?

    Havent been around recently for personal circumstances and a spell of illness, yet felt well enough to log in tonight. Really wanted to see C.P since Buzz aquired it. Where the fu£k did everyone go? "hellooooooooooooooo, anyone out there??????????" The place is like a ghost town, I hopped...
  4. dj.

    Happy 2010 From Divine Justice!

    Happy New Year to everyone at Entropia Forum! Happy New year to all my Soc Mates at Divine Justice! 15 of the nicest people Ive ever met, how did I get all you nice guys? :laugh: For Entropia Forum- Thanx for the laughs, and the advice Ive read here, mostly for the entertainment between...
  5. dj.

    PM & DJ EU Birthday-5 Years!!

    Dejay DJ Jaguar born in EU 18 Dec 2004 Petrus PM Molinus born in EU 20 Dec 2004 2 days apart, same soc, firm friends!! Happy bithday PM, Happy Birthday me!! 5 years, and my best friend in EU, been quite a journey!! Have met you in Milton Kenes, Windsor London, Amsterdam, and Paris, will try...
  6. dj.

    Someone Test YouTube Please

    I cant get in :scratch2:
  7. dj.

    TP's not needed anymore?

    :D Click to enlarge
  8. dj.

    No Resources Found!!??

    What an insult huh? I rekon ma need to change that message too.. *Nothing this time mate, maybe next time, no offence, gl!* Well, they bloody should, would take the edge off finding nothing! LOL :wtg: bah! :beerchug:
  9. dj.

    My Phone Is A Brick!

    Right Christmas is coming up! :yay: This is my one and only chance to ask for anything I want... and maybe get it lol :laugh: Ive had my mobile for about .. omg do I admit it? :eek: a good five years.. if not more :ahh: No, ive never smashed the screen, lost it, dropped it down the toilet...
  10. dj.

    Divine Justice Recruiting Again

    Hi all :) This soc was formed by a group of friends in May 2008 and currently rank 28 of 50. Theres 13 of us now, and I think we need a few more people. Of those 13, we are all adults in our 30's/40's/50's, and from Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, England, USA, and where-ever else Ive forgotten...
  11. dj.


    Im too frightened to go to bed. My nightmare last night was so bad, I darent sleep. Was more like "Night Terror's" Anyone ever had those? I thought I was awake, which makes it even worse :eek: Used to have them when I was a kid, unbelievable I should have another as an adult. Im really...
  12. dj.

    Faith and Grace in my Community

    Was a leap of faith thinking someone could generate enough peds to actually deliver Angel Shoes. At first, when I saw the thread from Crouching Tiger, I was quite embarassed :ahh: But then I went along with it. Ive been totally stressed out all week this might go wrong, that someone was out...
  13. dj.

    Im A WeekEnd Slob!!

    Come the weekend do you refuse to get dressed? Refuse to the house-work? Do you refuse to even shower? Or even brush your teeth? Does Saturday come and you just run to your pc? Is Pizza on the menu? Im a weekend slob, I admit, any others out there?
  14. dj.

    Phobia or.. Instinct?

    Have you an irrational fear of something that the rest of the world does not comprehend, yes they might understand what a phobia is, but they themselves cannot see the rational in it. For instance, my friend gets me in fits of laughter, she's frightened of wasps. On occasion, as we both own...
  15. dj.

    Supreme Master In HandGun!!

    Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I wait a long time to see a new rank in hand gun. To see that light green message show up.. well.. was better than a HoF.. better than bloody sex actually! :laugh: Oh, and wanted to get a screenie with the message, and I tried, but a Trox was chewing on...
  16. dj.

    EF Running Slow?

    ..Or what? I like to flitter about QUICKLY! Speed read, move onto the next thread. Bloody slow tonight. Just me? :scratch2:
  17. dj.

    Mouse problem

    Im trying to help my friend here, this was posted in the bug report thread, but its one of many, and someone that may have encountered it and fixed it, might not want to trawl the entire thread to try to see it, and offer advise. So here goes; Please help my friend, any advice is...
  18. dj.

    How To Climb A Mountain,MA Approved!

    When finally you find yourself unable to climb any more, just keep your finger on "W" while chanting "Please please please" You may add extra words, If your skilled enough, like; "Oh FFS, let me climb this mountain!" Once skilled enough AND ONLY THEN, you can add.. "You fuck&ing Tossers...
  19. dj.

    Someone Call Mountain Rescue!

    Look before you leap! :laugh: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Cords: 86915 78980 Anyone got some rope?? :silly2:
  20. dj.

    Hey! Oki Teddy Doki!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY MATE!! :cheer: :cheer: FROM ALL YOUR ADORING FANS! .. and Divine Justice ;) :laugh: :yay: :wtg: :yay:
  21. dj.

    Trifle Confessions

    I think you should all know I had a family size trifle in my fridge, strawberry, cream custard etc. On deciding I had the munchie's, I didnt get a bowl out of the cupboard, and help myself to a small portion. NO! I peeled the lid offf, and ate out of the whole damn tub of it! yes I did...
  22. dj.

    Petrus PM Molinus, Happy Birthday!!

    :birthday: :birthday: Happy Birthday! Have a glorious day, and may the hof be with you! :cheer:From your best friend, and all at Divine Justice!:cheer: :birthday: :birthday:
  23. dj.

    ARH Listener!

    I am just loving Atlas Haven Radio :wtg: For a start, I only logged in to hear my friend JamHot..Then a couple of nights I heard Woodger. Woodger I thought wasnt such a great DJ.. but I was wrong really loved his music :yay: So, again on Friday, I was hunting Neconu, but looking at the...
  24. dj.

    Why Call It Hunting?

    Just a quickie while my loot is pants, maybe yours is too, and you have time to read and reply? :silly2: How is this hunting? No this isnt real life, but surely if I shot a mob (animal) in rl, it would run away hurt.. or die.. or run away and die. What fliipin' animal would get shot and run...
  25. dj.

    Are You Normal?

    Have you ever wondered if you are like the next guy, ever wondered if you are NORMAL? Do we all have some degree of autism, or O.C.D? What is normal anyway? I want to know what is wrong with me, and if anyone esle does it (probably not lol) Im shit at maths (maybe) But all day long I count...