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    Highest mob agro

    Ok I'm bored...What mobs in game have the highest agro range? When i was new it felt like mermoth could agro from the edge of my radar :) Any other mobs with high agro? Is there an attribute that determines the agro range? Hope you're all doing well.
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    HOF on EntropiaLife

    Had two small hofs mining this week. Looking at EL today and the hof trophy logo is not next to those globals :scratch2:
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    Achievement: 200 HP and 30k Primordial Longu

    Finished 30k kill points on Plongu today. Picked the evade + 50 agility token reward. And last week I hit 200 hp Goal for 2020 maybe lvl 70 :yay:
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    Selling: Ecotron v.26b Prototype

    Traded for this great new gun but still looking for ped to mine. I love the range and excellent eco. You can see the damage with the amp attached. SOLD Thanks for looking. BB Punisher
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    Selling: Ecotron v.15e Prototype

    Gun traded away. Will create new selling thread. Thanks. BB
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    Loot Waves...I thought this was fixed?

    Congrats to those who looted these. Nothing against you. I thought loot waves were fixed?
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    Planet Cyrene needs more people running EntropiaLife please

    I'm going to try to get it working on my pc again. I hope some more players can too!
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    Achievement: Marvelous lvl 60

    I haven't had much to post lately but I did finally reach lvl 60 laser sniper hit! [/IMG] Give me some luck MA :)
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    Selling: Marber-Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator

    Sold sold sold
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    Sorting missions by reward?

    Is it possible to see a list of missions that include agility reward or stamina rewards?
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    Achievement: 10k Bronze Argo and 10k Foul

    Came back to caly and finished this week. Bronze Argo Done.:yay: 10k Foul Done. :yay: [/URL][/IMG]
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    Selling: Shagadi Disintegration Sword t0.9

    Selling this very nice unlimited longblade. Great tier rates remaining. PM here or ingame tt+600 for buyout. BB Punisher. Tiers: 146, 75, 110, 67, 80, 145, 147, 136, 126, 58
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    Artemic Ring Perfected

    Recently discovered by a friend. Right Hand Ring 24% taming Any ideas? Thanks
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    Achievement: All Stages Trooper and Tiarak

    2 more Iron Missions Completed 60k Trooper Kill points. 41 globals over all stages :( 12k Tiarak kills and 60k Tiarak kill points 113 mini globals over all stages :)
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    Achievement: Iron Challenge - 60k Kerberos

    Fun little mission...really enjoyed them. [/URL][/IMG]
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    EL rankings not working?

    My profile ranking has been stuck for a few weeks. Check top hunter rankings vs that hunters profile rank to check. Anyone else notice?
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    Will someone stream a lvl IV exp bp run?

    I think a few people would enjoy watching. :yay:
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    Devs? Devs? Where are you?

    Why do we have a Dev's corner? I haven't seen one dev post in three months.
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    Selling: Generic Fuse

    Selling a few of these. Just got to Caly. 55 ped each. Thanks. BB BB Punisher
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    Selling: Full Set Adjusted Pixie (M)

    I've recently upgraded. Full set of Male Adjusted pixie armor for sale. Make an offer.
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    Selling: Knight (M) Armor Set

    Selling my full set of Knight armor M. Stab: 12 HP Cut: 12 HP Impact: 12 HP Penetration: 6 HP Burn: 6 HP C/S/I 36 HP is a nice step up from low level armors. Full tt currently 148.5 ped. All parts are tier 1.0-1.9 SOLD
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    Selling: Xent Tech Light Rifle X3

    Low tt, nice tier rates. SOLD Most days I'm on Ark or Cyrene. Thanks. BB BB Punisher
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    Buying: Dehera Immolation Sword

    Pm your price. Any tier is fine.
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    Will Laser/BLP ammo be removed from loot now?

    Just curious.
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    Can we get a server update before the weekend?

    The work week is almost over. Can we get a hardware update please? Thx.