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  1. dougkush

    not another "is this new?" thread

    don't know quite exactly what to search for but today I was randomly running around the outposts at PvP4 and found a tunnel in the mountian under the lighthouse. After running for awhile thinking it was just gonna take me to the otherside, a televator popped up and it took me to the top of that...
  2. dougkush

    PC: large green-black animal carpet

    wondering what this lovely carpet is going for, freshly looted ummm... 1.5 years ago? :D last sold for 190 ped in september so wondering what ya think it'd be at now little wiki for ya :)
  3. dougkush


    I am possibly selling my beloved birthday present:( ... my sweet sweet as-129 PM with offers :wtg: and for those to lazy to go to wiki and look at the stats... here 90 dmg with the dante = yummy :) also on sale is my boar (M).....bye...
  4. dougkush

    PC: Shear XR50 87 attempt

    ......need a pc on this and here is a pic just for refrence Click to enlarge
  5. dougkush

    Buying: Boar parts (M)

    I'm looking for harness in Boar (M) :dance: :dance: PM with offers Gloves have been have arms :D
  6. dougkush

    Weekly mob selections

    I'd like to see an event thing held by MA: Have a dome floating out on water somewhere and have the TP available, each week have a new thing in the vote terminal of which mob you would like to see and what maturity, Like one week a berycled stalker is voted as the mob of choice then the next an...
  7. dougkush

    Finally another global

    Went on a 20k ammo shooting spree and was doing bad until this :D Drone global The number 2 behind the lesser TP chip are 2 generic transformers...seems a lot of these components have been dropping again
  8. dougkush

    60 ped exarosaur

    So today I decided since skilling rifle is pointless I would skill something else. Decided to break out my pixie and with 30 ped left bought some en-knuckles from the TT since it would be an easy skill, ran east of PA and got me this :D Exarosaur Young its a 25 ped fap-15
  9. dougkush

    69 Ped Atrox Young

    Decided to take 1k ammo to amethera and got this :D Atrox Global
  10. dougkush

    It gave me 356 ped

    First day I've ever seen these and when the first one attacked me I thought it would kill me in one shot but it didn't so i had fun killing them :D, even tho it said 327...356 popped up in my inventory. BTW i didn't use a jester d-1 :silly2: My equus
  11. dougkush

    first hunting global

    I was on for 3 minutes and up came this... Its my first in hunting :D
  12. dougkush

    Doug's "many" Diary

    Well I've been playing for 4 weeks and I've gotten 3 globals and 1 HOF all mining. Other than that found out a member of our soc was a scammer and he got kicked real fast after a talk with Obi.
  13. dougkush

    My first HOF!

    This was my first HOF location is disclosed....It took me about 2 hours to extract all of the Lyst but I got it, all 144 PED of it :D I had some emotional support by Lexy which is also in the pic...yes thats me in noob orange...
  14. dougkush


    How exactly does an orefinder work?
  15. dougkush

    My first day of real mining

    My first day of real mining and could be yours too So I'm out mining for my first day just geared towards mining my first bomb gets me a 20 PED copper 2nd bomb gets me a 12 PED next 40 bombs get me nothing...then get a few small things...get pissed off go hunt kill a combibo young...
  16. dougkush

    Is it me or does the sweat gathering reset?

    I was playing last night and noticed my sweat gathering level always resets back to level 1. I was a level 7 gatherer I went back the next day I was back at the there a reason for this? Of course I could be missing something. BTW I'm a noob to the game but I also have an...