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  1. Ludvig|MindArk

    Entropia Universe Client Installation Testing Assistance

    A replacement application certificate has recently been installed for the Entropia Universe client application, to resolve the issue referenced in this announcement: Entropia Universe Client Installation Issues. It would be helpful for our developers to confirm that everything is working...
  2. Ludvig|MindArk

    Merry Mayhem 2019

    Merry Mayhem 2019 It’s time once again for Planet Calypso’s annual winter hunting extravaganza - Merry Mayhem! Running over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, Merry Mayhem is one of the most exciting and popular events in Entropia Universe. Entrants may participate in two different...
  3. Ludvig|MindArk

    Info: Information about update issues

    Hello everyone! We are aware of the fact that some players are still experiencing update issues, and we are working on fixing these issues as quickly as possible. We are also following the discussions on the forum regarding this. The solution right now should be to install the latest Visual C++...
  4. Ludvig|MindArk

    Enigma Keys Event Update

    Unfortunately, ongoing issues affecting The Enigma Keys instances have resulted in the event being paused for the time being. The dev team is still identifying the exact nature of the issues and the best resolution to implement that minimizes impact on the integrity of the event. A more...
  5. Ludvig|MindArk

    Enigma Stage 3 Instances Now Available

    The Enigma Keys instances, “The Enigma” and “The Matrix” are now available to enter. We thank you for your patience during this incident, and we will be continuously monitoring how the event proceeds. Should you have further issues with the event please contact the Support team.
  6. Ludvig|MindArk

    Enigma Stage 3 Official Update

    The Enigma Keys stage 3 instances “The Enigma” and “The Matrix” will be temporarily disabled until further notice due to instance logic errors that can cause crashes that affect other users/instances. Participants who have already completed “The Enigma” instance will have the opportunity to...
  7. Ludvig|MindArk

    Servers are Down

    Our servers are now down while we implement Entropia Universe Release 15.16.0. We estimate that the servers will be made available again at 09:00 UTC 2018-03-27.
  8. Ludvig|MindArk

    Entropia Universe 15.15.4 Release Notes

    Posting the Entropia Universe Release Notes for today, as Bertha seems to only have been able to get the Calypso-specific ones: Entropia Universe 15.15.4 Release Notes 24 Oct 2017 We have made several improvements to address performance issues and are continuing to make the experience...
  9. Ludvig|MindArk

    NEW Battle Simulator Update Feedback Thread

    Hello all! As you may have already seen, we recently introduced some changes and updates to the Battle Simulator. You can find a full list of the changes at the bottom of this post. This thread is mainly intended for feedback regarding these changes. Are they good or bad, too big or too small...
  10. Ludvig|MindArk

    Battle Simulator Ideas and Suggestions Thread

    Hello Entropians! First off, we would like to convey our appreciation for the generally positive and enthusiastic reception of the new Battle Simulator system. It has been great fun to watch the many streams and videos posted. We have a lot of ideas for the future of this new system, and some...
  11. Ludvig|MindArk

    Info: Clarification regarding Teleporter fee

    The MindArk management team has reviewed the proposal made by the President of Virtual Reality concerning teleporter fees, and has determined that such a system does not complement the current development plans for Entropia Universe and therefore will not be implemented. However, the proposal...
  12. Ludvig|MindArk

    Selling: Aeglic Ring Improved

    Sale thread closed...
  13. Ludvig|MindArk

    Interesting article on M/F gamers and avatars

    Here's the link: It's an article about how gaming behavior differs between males playing male avatars, males playing female avatars and females playing female avatars :) quite interesting I have to admit that I do...
  14. Ludvig|MindArk

    Pictures from the MindArk office!

    Found a link today to a new(?) page on MAs site with pictures of their office and staff :)
  15. Ludvig|MindArk

    Achievement: Force Merge

    Well, it took a while but... :D And thus, I have another achievement as well... one unlock per year since I started Mindforcing :cool: 2009 - Started using Mindforce. 2010 - Unlocked Power Catalyst. 2011 - Unlocked Etheral Soul Language. 2012 - Unlocked Mindforce Harmony. 2013 -...
  16. Ludvig|MindArk

    "Real Life" Falxangius Lived in Mongolia

    Therizinosaurus (picture from Wikipedia): Falxangius Entropedia page: The Article:
  17. Ludvig|MindArk

    Info: Highest Known Psyche in Entropia (New List)

    THIS LIST WILL NOT BE UPDATED ANYMORE. The intention of this list is to inspire skilling and friendly competition. I will not post avatar names unless that player is OK with me doing so. Please do not post a scanning screen of another avatar as that particular person may not want to be added...
  18. Ludvig|MindArk

    Info: The Different Types of Mindforce 2.0

    The Professions and Their Powers: Biotropic Health Augmentation Increases max Health of target. Regeneration Restores Health to target. Regeneration Acceleration Increases natural Regeneration of target. Regeneration Field Restores Health to targets (AoE). Regeneration Inhibition Decreases...
  19. Ludvig|MindArk

    Selling: Male Jedi Outfit

    OUTFIT SOLD Outfit contains: Cognac Coat (M,C) - 100% Generic Leather, all fields. Urban Pattern Shirt (M,C) - 100% Generic Leather, one field. Basic Pattern Pants (M,C) - 100% Generic Leather, all fields. Trailblazer Boots (M) Total TT Value: 236PED Asking Price: TT+114PED (350PED...
  20. Ludvig|MindArk

    "Video game starship worth $9,000 destroyed in ambush" in EvE Online, Entropia mentioned at the bottom of article
  21. Ludvig|MindArk

    New Entropia Universe Concept Video uploaded by MindArk

    Saw this when I went to YouTube just a few minutes ago: EDIT: Professions listed in the "professions" part (courtesy of me pressing Play/Pause quite a few times to have time to read it): Hunter, Miner, Crafter, Trader, Tailor, Stylist, Medic, Archaeologist, Mentor, Landowner, Event Manager...
  22. Ludvig|MindArk

    Looking for a new society!

    After a great many years in the same society (Irken Invaders), I have decided that it is time to move on. While I still love my old society and the time spent in it, I feel that I want something new. I have already gotten a couple of offers from ingame friends, but I figured I'd create a thread...
  23. Ludvig|MindArk

    Achievement: Mindforce Master

    Finally, I managed to reach Master rank! :cool: I knew my many hours of electrocuting animals, mutants and robots of all shapes and sizes would lead to something :yay:
  24. Ludvig|MindArk

    Calypso Ads on YouTube

    EDIT: This ad just popped up on Wookiepedia: Was watching some gaming videos (non-EU related), these 5 Calypso ads popped up alongside a few other game ads (and some other ads):
  25. Ludvig|MindArk

    Achievement: First Tier HoF for an unlimited Mindforce chip

    It's not much, but here it is :) TIR was 105 for tier 1. Recipe: 99 Lyst Ingots 52 Melchi Crystals 39 Blazar Fragments 19 Pile of Garnets 18 Tier I Components EDIT: Also reached Tier 3 first (but not Tier 2):