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  1. Sorg

    Selling: Beauty Salon

    Hi! I'm selling my beauty chairs. Body sculpting unit (TT=40.6ped) Face sculpting chair (TT=29.73ped) Hairstylist chair (TT=20.91ped) Rather sell this as a bulk. If you're interested in this don't hesitate to drop me an offer. Bought all those for about 5k5 few years ago. Didn't sold in...
  2. Sorg

    Selling: Ores/ENmatters

    Hello all! Selling the followings : Amount TT Value Acid Root 37 11,84 Alicenies Gel 104 10,4 Alicenies Liquid 101 5,05 Angelic Grit 28 14 Ares Powder 2 1,04 Azzurdite Stone 1 1,2 Blausariam Stone 856 34,24 Cave Sap 49 19,11 Copper Stone 92 14,72 Crude Oil 10132 101,32 Cumbriz Stone 135 20,25...
  3. Sorg

    Selling: Beauty skills

    Selling my beauty skills. Auction end 31 august 2010, 12:00 PM GMT. SB : 75k BO : None Skills : Beauty Sense : 4987 Body Sculpting : 4542 Face Sculpting : 4093 Hairstylist : 5577 Plastic Surgery : 4465 Fashion Design : 3579 Quality Sense : 2532 Genetics : 3234 Bid in the thread or by PM...
  4. Sorg

    PC on beauty/tailoring skills

    Hello, I'd be interested to know the % on the beauty skills : - Hairstylist - Body sculpting - Face sculpting - Beauty sense - Plastic surgery - Fashion Design - Quality sense Also a bit of Coloring and COlor matching skills. Thanks Sorg
  5. Sorg

    State of the beauty market?

    Hello, I've taken some distances with the game due to RL, and i'm wondering about the beauty market since the reimplementation of the system? Completely dead? No demand? Any beautician trying to "stimulate"? Any sign of restart? I've noticed that the "Avatar beauty" part of the forum is quite...
  6. Sorg

    Sorg's Beauty Salon closed

    Ok, so... had a try at the new system... with the camera bug and so... The work still can't be done properly, can't see the face close enough on face chair, and can't see the back of the head on hairchair. I have to relog after each attemps to see the right success rate, and most of time it's...
  7. Sorg

    Feedback on 9.4 Beauty system

    Hello, Since MA are planning to redo the beauty system in few months, i think it could be a good time to send them some feedback of the + and the - from the old system. It was quite (much?) painfull for me at the end to deal with the interface, and really time consuming with the fails and so...
  8. Sorg

    Selling: Beauty shop + Skills

    *** Cancelled ***
  9. Sorg

    PC : Shops

    Hello, Wondering what's the going prices on those, in Mall or cities. That's if there is any for sale ofc. Thx in advance for inputs Sorg
  10. Sorg

    Info: Cat's Eyes @ Sorg

    Some new lenses unlocked tonight :yay: Click to enlarge Some ppl are asking for this since few months already, so about time to get it hehe. Sorg
  11. Sorg

    HoF: Hairstyle 34 too

    mhhhhh just a lol Click to enlarge Sorg
  12. Sorg

    Haircut #34 @ Sorg

    20ped as all the others styles until the end of the skilling event. :) Click to enlarge Sorg
  13. Sorg

    Selling: Hermes Shin (F,L)

    Selling those freshly looted shin, full TT (110ped) SB : 645ped (586%) BO : 670ped (609%) Auction last 1 day after SB is met. Sorg
  14. Sorg

    Achievement: After Beauty sense and Quality sense...

    ... Combat sense :yay: That one got postponed multiple time due to some focusing on beauty skilling, but it finnally came. Avoidance and Medium health to come very soon :) Sorg
  15. Sorg

    FYI: Eyelenses #10

    Unlocked those today, not a big big unlock, but at least something :) : Very big pupil on that one, color is not very shiny tho (Max blue on the pic). Sorg
  16. Sorg

    Selling: Coloring & Color matching skills

    Selling those to help a friend who need some cash IRL :( : Coloring : 1543 points, (6,48ped TT estimated = 2095ped? (~33k%)) Color matching : 957 points, (2,82ped TT estimated = 776ped? (~28k%)) Want to sell fast at about market price. Entropia tools says 2872ped total, so i guess i'm looking...
  17. Sorg

    Info: Entropian Beauty Group

    Leeloo, Missa and myself are proud to present the : "Entropian Beauty Group". It has always been hard for beauticians to work together, due to differences in skills, prices... and we hope that system will allow us to work together and stay independent. How will that work? Each time you get...
  18. Sorg

    20ped haircut at Sorg

    Long time i didn't made any, so : Promotional offer :) : Style change from any of the non avatar creation hairstyle (ie, from #11 to #33) : 20ped End date still to be defined. More infos about prices, check the sig. ;) Sorg
  19. Sorg

    Who has the bigger....

    ...Avatar? :D One new feature at Sorg's Beauty Salon : Height chart Allowing you to measure your avatar height, simply, by standing into the screen. Avatar height going from 1m40 to 2m10 for Male, and from 1m35 to 2m00 for female. (Note : the size in meters are just estimated, but match...
  20. Sorg

    Info: Prof standing required for new haircut unlock

    Just need some more datas to verify it, but it should give something like that : You must add 10 to the hairstyle#, since i don't count the 10 avatar creation style. I'll update the list if needed, if i can find a more precise scheme. Sorg
  21. Sorg

    Info: Pictures of the 3 news haircut of VU 9.3.4

    There we go :) Sorg
  22. Sorg

    All is free!!!!!!!!!!

    One week of free services Everything is free :eek: haircuts, hair color, body and face changes,... All you have to do is to come TI City Silver 3E and give me the password : Sorg is a noob :D Hope to see you all soon EDIT: Ok... so... sorry for that guys, but an ex gf was trying to annoy...
  23. Sorg

    Finally Unlocked .... NOTHING!!!!

    That one took some time, but i finnally reached level 41 in hairstylist, which should have been the required level for the hairstyle #31, and unlocked nothing :yay::yay: Also means there is no male afro :( Hoping for some more at Cry Engine. Sorg
  24. Sorg

    Full beauty package

    Hello! Since i finnally achieved most (all?) my goals in the beauty field, it doesn't really have the same taste anymore. I enjoyed providing this service for almost 1.5 years now, but i feel like my time passed now. Also, i'm finishing my studies in july, and i'll probably won't have much...
  25. Sorg

    Selling: Smurf

    I'm posting this for a friend (Dark Zunami Angel) who want to sell it. SB : 400ped End of auction : Sunday 4 april, 14h00, or if no new bid during 24hours. Sorg Edit : Small make up mask with 99.40ped left.