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  1. Capt.Dex

    Buying: Adjusted EWE EP-41 Military

    pls pm with price/tier rate or post here in this thread thx dex
  2. Capt.Dex

    Selling: ESI Bulk 152,53 TT total

    Hello Chippers, i got 10 small esis (range 14-17 ped) for sale total value: 152,53 ped 850%
  3. Capt.Dex

    Selling: Shogun (M), Gnome (M), A103

    Selling those 2 full (M) Sets: TT Shogun: 107,63 Tiers 0.x SOLD TT Goblin: 33,89 Tiers 0.x TT+20 Omegaton: A103 TT SOLD
  4. Capt.Dex

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Dante

    pls send me your offers! thx
  5. Capt.Dex

    Achievement: Dex on COMMANDO! (Commando Unlock)

    WOHOHOHOHO! Finally after a busy summer (almost couldnt play due work) i unlocked a milestone in every hunters career! Thanks to all mobs who get looted during this process, to all my teammates and ofc lootius! P.S. Commando day was pretty good lootwise: SoloHof 587 Levi, TeamHof 2841 Prot...
  6. Capt.Dex

    Uber: Proteron Young 2841 PED - der loot muss stimmen:)

    This little fella popped finally up, special thanks to my mate Shadow Punisher Dark from SZ Enterprises :laugh:
  7. Capt.Dex

    Selling: Empty Skill Implant 257,80 PED TT

    Yow folks, selling this fresh looted ESI! TT value as mentioned above 257,80 PED BO: 750%
  8. Capt.Dex

    Selling: Kinetic Attack Nanochip IV (L) [BULK]

    YO folks, got a nice batch of Kinetic Attack Nanochips IV (L) for sale. some full TT (39 ped) some lower, even with nice tier rates atm ~ 300 ped TT auction price for a full TT one 40 ped (102,56%) dex price 102% laters!
  9. Capt.Dex

    Buying: Knight Face Guard (M)

    looking for a Knight Face Guard (M) to finish my set :laugh:
  10. Capt.Dex

    Selling: Electric Attack Nanochip I (L) [BULK]

    Due Feffoid Mission i got plenty of Electric Attack Nanochips I (L) Auction price: 116-117% Dex price: 110% bulk deals preferred TT per chip: 7 ped p.s. mostly at aegis mound
  11. Capt.Dex

    Selling: KAZ Ingots / 1k peds TT [CALY]

    Hello folks, got a nice stack of KAZ Ingots, (1073TT) located already on Calypso. Looking for daily markup wich is 108-110% regards Dex
  12. Capt.Dex

    Selling: some small and bigger Empty Skill Implants (L)

    YO folks, some unused ESIs sittin in my storage, here is the list: some regular 10-20 ped ones: Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 18.07 PED Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 19.64 PED Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 14.60 PED Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 13.19 PED Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 10.44 PED...
  13. Capt.Dex

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co DANTE!

    As in title shown im looking to buy a Fi/Ra/Co DANTE blp amp. pure peds rdy fair offers welcome! ty dex
  14. Capt.Dex

    Buying: Face Paint (Black)

    Buying: 1 face paint (black)
  15. Capt.Dex

    Uber: Optimus Dex scores again - Allophyl Mature 1198 PED

    Hello Fellas, after my lucky 10k Traeskeron Guardian (thx for all gratz btw.) Optimus Dex is back in the HOF List. Today i just finished the missions on the west island to collect the Vaccine (or whatever it called) to enter the Vulcano Island. Killing those Rextelum is exhausting, even for...
  16. Capt.Dex

    Uber: Traeskeron Guardian 10595PED

    Seems like the new VU loves me :yup: During the kill 100 Traeskeron Mission - this little fella popped up :eyecrazy: Loot: can't complain :yay:
  17. Capt.Dex

    Discovery: First Disciple graduated after mentoring is back on 04.10.2011

    Heyas, my disciple andi gelber yellow managed to finished his disciplehood first after mentoing is back today! He was already 100% when the update was out so we just finished the 3 things he had to do (hunting with mentor, crafting and mining) and WOOOSH! here comes the HOF spreeeeee :eyecrazy...
  18. Capt.Dex

    Uber: Argonaut young 9596 ped incl. Embra C1

    Heya Fellas, finally after reaching LVL 60 in Laser Pistoleer (Hit) i decided to do a quick run (just 500 ped) on small argos with my blix to finish my 10K argo quest in the next week. After loosing on trox, and scips lately this little fella brought me back on the winning street :wtg: even my...
  19. Capt.Dex

    Uber: Atrox young 7805 ped @ OLA39

    Finally i got a nice uber after grindin BABYTROX- seems my blix is my lucky weapon on trox :yay: check out OLA #39 SW of akmuul for babytrox
  20. Capt.Dex

    Selling: Empty Skill Implant ESI 417.07 PED

    Taking offers on this nice sized ESI TT: 417.07 no offers below 800% btw THX SOLD
  21. Capt.Dex

    Uber: Silent Atrox Uber incl. 417 ped ESI

    Finally im back in the HOF list - got this nice ESI :yup: good luck guys!
  22. Capt.Dex

    Global but no loot :)

    Some Victim of the team stack share order @ steelbirds elite got the global message but not the item :silly2: so not most dmg gets the item for sure sk50 to someone else :confused:
  23. Capt.Dex

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Dante

    yo folks, looking for Fi/Ra/Co Dante blp amp pm's welcome :D
  24. Capt.Dex

    Uber: ... and again Vast Caldorite (XXI) 1292ped...

    Yo fans, after my Vast-XXI-Caldorite-2103-Ped-*yeha* my unlimited OA101 draws blood again... :D seems like DOME 5 loves me :wtg: and finally some posing as usual: funny ting is it was only the 27 bomb on my trip :laugh: UBER ftw! p.s. special greetings to my friends at the rig (filip...
  25. Capt.Dex

    Uber: Vast XXI Caldorite 2103 Ped *yeha*

    Finally my little OA101 unL wents HOT and gave me a nice ÜBER :headbang: some posing afterwards - hehehe next stop: :tower: