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    Auction house grows old and useless

    Good its about time! So many new blueprints that the crafters will now need to get orders before they make items. So now if you want say a breerp3(L) you will have to know a crafter or know where his shop is. Unless you want to pay an evergrowing MU on the limited items. This should help...
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    Dr Almond Duchev Log

    Dr Almond Duchev Log. This is cool. Its a book? The story in it is so cool. Im not sure if the story itself is cool but any story in print on an items is cool! I have no idea what it is. I found the item at a shop owned by Mastermesh. I found a link to it...
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    Approximate life

    Yes its a game we like to play. We like to play it because it approximates life and give us the chance to treasure hunt as we do in life. Work in life is our treasure hunt. Life needs food and water and sleep. Food water sleep and security is what the human econimy is made out of. Entropia...
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    Honesty and openness.

    I would like some openness from the game. I want the game to hand over stats to each weapon. % drops on each item for each creature. % stats for all trades and all tools and all creatures. A casino will tell me ok you have a 45% chance to double your money on this bet. Some take skill some...
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    Load times inventory and lag

    nevermind. Its not important.
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    Aliens and Entropia

    There are thoes who believe and thoes who do not believe in aliens. Most who dont believe are busy with daily life. Some do believe in aliens. They believe that they give us technology a bit at a time. If you look for connections in some of Entopias' names. You will find them. The name FOMA...
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    A poll to miner on the astroid

    Would you be ok with a dome that has only small easy to kill creatures who dont even run after you? I ask this because I want to hunt small lvl creatures. I have been told that the miners dont want creatures in the domes where they mine. I understand not wanting hard creatures but the easy...
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    My trip to rocktropia

    I had fun. It was a cool place to explore. The players are unique. They seem to know each other and have fun events for everyone. The mobs seem better because they did equal damage to all my armr. This has helped me tier them all up equal. No fun to just tier the chest and not the leggs. The...
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    Proud non depositors

    For some time now Ive been trying to play with a few friends who are proud non depiositors. They seem to brag at times. Now with the econimic trouble the game has had I wonder now if I want to play with these people. Why should I. The whole point is to grow the loot pool and have people spend...
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    craft run speed shoes

    I doubt its a new idea. What I would like to see is some shoes that help you run faster. They could be crafted using inpart sweat. Maybe the more sweat added the faster the shoes help you run. They could even be able to add sweat while being worn to help me run faster. Sounds like a good idea to...
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    A do and dont guide for players with limited peds.

    An area I understand; Hunting. Do use a TT weapon untill you feel your an expert at the game and then a bit longer. Dont heal yourself untill you reach your destination. Do take time to enjoy the player aspect of the game. Sell your loot on the open trade chat for a fair markup. Dont rush your...
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    While you visit the astroid

    Not open. Its a front for the mob. Shop 40. Want to gamble? That can be arranged.
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    Mobs slow to appear when other ava near.

    I am not able to figure this one out. Ive been just waiting it out but its a bit difficult. Whe a green dot is near me on the radar i am unable to load the creatures or the player who is near me. This does not happen all the time and I can still play. I would like to fix it because I cannot...
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    Dome 2

    I want more creatures
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    Sweat and ForceNexus ME

    I was a bit sad not to be able to help others and Experiment with ME. For me I enjoy trying to learn new ways and new things to do. It was the other day on Rocktropia that i thought" hey well I will use a mindforce weapon". I wanted to do this to help the sweaters and to see if It had any eco...
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    Would you like the Auction House closed?

    Dont answer quickly. It could make items more expencive and difficult to find. It could make it harder for you to sell your items. You may need to travel or spend time in the shops or asking players in person. It could cause shops to be more productive. Traders may find more work. There are...
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    Lower power opalo hunts.

    The daikiba here are now stalkers and prowlers an opalo is of no use. there are some berk in lucky dome 13 and some snable in dome 2. They can be hunted with a opalo.
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    Selling: FREE for all

    Ok if they pop open all the shops. Hey I guess them shops bought and stock by royalty will pop open. Hell they have had epic items in them from week one. UL items so rare but at week one prices. Dam they wont just open them. would have been nice.
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    CDF strikes at pet sancturay AGAIN

    It was about a year ago when I first found a pet tamer who was a bit sad at the new CDF pet ban. I was only hunting small daikiba. This tamer who I will mention later was sitting on a old tree stump. His whip was on his lap. I could tell that he had some problems. This was odd because he was...
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    Buying: vivo T10

    I am looking to buy this item.Thank you.
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    Loot and scopes

    scopes and other laser Do you feel they will add to how much loot you win.
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    Logitech no mouse

    Hey Ive found it! I went over to my friend house. He has trouble with his body. His arms dont stretch out and he cannot play with mouse and keyboard. It causes him pain and he is real slow. I saw he was playing Entropia Univers with a Loguitech hand unit. Me:"wow you can play faster now."...
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    Pet Society

    Pet Society Its about the pets.
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    Help Wanted: Reporter

    pets R us and intrestd partys has an opening for the position of reporter. No experience needed. Job duties include two short news article reports per week. One raido show interview per contract. Reporter is assigned to report on the damage caused by the new vehicles of Calypso. Examples...
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    SOC invites to 'pets R us'

    Many players are excited about the return of pets. I am excited about their return. My fluffy is comming home. If you are intrested in the pet trade and would like ingame info as you play; consider a soc called 'pets R us'. Its a new SOC. It is hoped that we can grow quickly and gather active...