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  1. -=(ATL)=- KoRn

    Buying: Salamander full set M SGA or not...

    Pure ped trade... PM with asked price if interested in... Thank you...
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    Selling Geotrek LP485 Apis (L)

    Selling Geotreck LP 485 Apis (L) -> 490 Ped unit (little bit under markup) Name: GeoTrek LP485 Apis (L) Class: Rifle Type: BLP Stats Damage: 66 HP Range: 58,3 m Attacks: 53 /min Reload: 1,1 sec Dmg/sec: 58,30 HP Power: 3398,9 Economy Max. TT: 205,00 PED Min. TT: 6,15 PED Ammo...
  3. -=(ATL)=- KoRn

    Oa101 (L) -> 6403 Ped

    Here is the pic -> Click to enlarge :wtg: Thanks to all those who sent me a PM :ahh:
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    Selling Lots Of Carpentry BPS L !!

    Here is my Bulk : Bend Blueprint (L) 1 0.50 PED Bend Blueprint (L) 1 0.81 PED Bend Blueprint (L) 1 0.46 PED Bend Blueprint (L) 1 0.18 PED Bend Blueprint (L) 1 0.01 PED Bend Blueprint (L) 1 0.97 PED Bend Blueprint (L) 1 0.34 PED Bend Blueprint (L) 1 0.30 PED Bend Blueprint (L) 1...
  5. -=(ATL)=- KoRn

    Buying any amount of Firn Boards & Midastree Boards

    Buying any amount of Firn Boards (200%) & Midastree Boards (200%) Ask me for a deal via PM or on this post...
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    Taking Offers On Plasma Sign (PC) BP (L) 90 tries...

    Taking Offers On Rare Plasma Sign (PC) BP (L) 0.90 PED Level IV BP carpentry, recommanded level 7.5 carpenter. 1 Solis paste, 2 quantium. Cost per attempt : 7.50 ped (compo with markup) Current markup on EU history for plasma sign PC : around +20ped Send offers via PM or on this post...
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    Selling Gigantium Screen PC...

    Hello PPL! Here I take offers on Gigantium Screen PC (low TT) Market Value = +835 Ped atm Last Sold on = 675 Ped (With TT) Good auctions & GL ! Current Best Bid -> 450 Ped Via PM From Anonymous No Time Limit...
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    Taking offers on Gigantium Screen PC

    Hello PPL! Here I take offers on Gigantium Screen PC (low TT) Market Value = +835 Ped atm Good auctions & GL ! No Time Limit... Sold for 675 Ped @ Pattetik
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    Taking offers on Verdant Coat M !

    Hello PPL ! Here I take offers on extremly rare "Verdant Coat M" (looted clothe) Click to enlarge Good auctions & GL ! Current Best Offer -> +2.5k Ped Via PM IG by Anonymous No time limit
  10. -=(ATL)=- KoRn

    Taking offers on P2a(UL) Blueprint L !

    Hello PPL! Here I take offers on first P2a(UL) BP L ever! This BP is LVL III & 1 try (TT=0.01) Ingredients required : 20xLyst 2xIron 4xCumbriz 28xOil Good auctions & GL :)
  11. -=(ATL)=- KoRn

    Selling Svempa S60 (L) BP UL

    Here I sell a "Svempa S60 (L) BluePrint unlimited" TT= 0.01 Current markup on history I.G. -> ~2.7k. Current markup on P.E.A. -> ~3.4k. Auction will run until Tuesday 20 November 2007 07h00 AM (Paris Time). Auction Ended -> BP won by Chilix for 900 ped Ty to answer here or by PM with your...
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    Killian Longsword - Double Ubber - 1372 & 1692 Ped

    What can I say.... :eek: Click to enlarge
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    Mar Peeker Davidov - 1719 Ped

    Finally got this baby in a multi session run :yay: Click to enlarge
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    Killian Longsword - 1177 Ped

    First Click :wtg: Click to enlarge
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    Nallo Ceiling Lamp - 1528 Ped

    Full condition long run with QR 100 BP... Finally have this baby... Click to enlarge
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    Taking Offer On Gigantium Sign!

  17. -=(ATL)=- KoRn

    Gigantium Sign !!!

    Click to enlarge :wtg: :wtg: :wtg: :wtg: Here is the beast :) Click to enlarge :eek::eek::eek::eek: PM for offer if you want one...
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    The best furnitures BP ever...

    Click to enlarge :wtg:
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    Buying "Light Liquid"

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for "light liquid" Send me @ PM please if you wanna deal...
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    Tezlapod Mature -> 1696 Ped

    Click to enlarge This time I show you my last hunting ubber... I really enjoy this one... Unexpected loot are the best, isnt it? :wtg: The gun in window is @ poor MkII... No jag parts :eek:
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    Rome Pedestal -> 1256 Ped

    Click to enlarge Another crafting ubber but this time an old one... Not really old, like 2 month ago...
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    Lykke Wooden Chest -> 2897 Ped

    Click to enlarge Hello everybody! :yay: Here is my last ubber loot... Nice isn't it? :wtg: I think it's one of the best loot ever in carpentry :confused: I hope one day carpenters will have their ATH too, like others crafter's prof :scratch2: