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    Buying: WTB supremacy thiegh gaurds M

    looking for Supremacy thieghs M & Supremacy gloves M to complete my set
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    Selling: Make yourself great - unl. Shadow (M) with Supremacy Thight

    hey Zho id like to buy those thieghs from u pm in game if u like , thanks
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    Buying: Umbranoid horns

    u try PM george ace skywalker , i know he has or had alot of umbra items some in the castle last i saw
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    Entropia Universe 17.4 Release Notes

    You forgot where u were driving to and crashed your truck is what i read ,, ps hope ur truck is ok
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    Entropia Merchandise

    i wanna an "EU non ATH veteran badge" ! to much ?
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    Server Downtime for Release

    ohhh oooh my EP rocket amps are comin i can feel it meow
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    Dev Notes #20 - Mission System

    bottom paragraph of dev post There will be a similar grace period of one year from the implementation of the new mission system for Planet Partners. More info and specific dates will be provided as the Planet Partner implementation draws nearer.
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    CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE ( Hunting + Mining ) March MEGA EVENT by EntropiaInvest

    register funkyfishy bangfap lootswirlie Hunting UGR thank you
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    Suggestion: drop rate on tier components n mats

    u cant tier without mats components ,, no there be no increase in economy without turnover ,, 1o1 any business plan
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    Suggestion: drop rate on tier components n mats

    confirmed today 10 t8 comps from 10 mobs ,, last i was there a 2 mnths ago 50 t8 comps per 2k ammo average
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    Buying: Tier 9 components

    i need 233 t9 comps pm in game please any amounts
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    Suggestion: drop rate on tier components n mats

    teir 8 comps best from gmc on ark moon ,,, far best drop rates in game that goes for teir 9 comps as well
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    Suggestion: drop rate on tier components n mats

    i think most of us love the new tiering system ,, i know i am for one a huge fan, well done MA on the change , how ever the drop rate for a lot of components are severely lacking for example tier 8 comps, opals, just to name 2 with the new changes tiering item numbers will skyrocket but to keep...
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    Suggestion: Explosive weapon attachments

    hey i think its time we had some explosive weapon attachments ,, mainly amps ,, for all of us who use them we are already loosing peds from shots not at a target and not in pvp or doesn't hit the target because of indirect aiming or the mobs moves out of target before round hits ,,,, i think...
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    EntropiaInvest's Cold Treasure Vault (Hunting + Mining)

    yes please register ty ... funkyfishy bangfap lootswirlie
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    Dev Notes #20 - Mission System

    u really need to read it again Example You have the current “Iron Atrox IV” mission active. After the implementation of the new mission system, for each kill of a qualifying Atrox creature, you will receive progress on the new Atrox Hunting Challenge mission as well as on the legacy "Iron...
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    Dev Notes #20 - Mission System

    disheartened , dismayed , disalosioned, dissapionted seriously after taking 200k caly only kill points away from my progress and 50% to like 9 stamina points id seriously think about accepting another mission at all , in the notes you say your giving us fair warning to complete missions...
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    Camera & Control System Preview and Guides

    my feed back ok so there is nothing wrong with the current system that's been here 15 plus years , I sure as hell hope u are implementing this in away people who like the current system will not be affected by the new changes ,and can set it up to be very similler controls as it is now, u...
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    Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them) - Part 2

    ps forgot to mention isn't it about bloody time they bring out scopes and amps for ep weapons too ,,,,,,,,,,, my two pecs
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    Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them) - Part 2

    Wait for it I suggested to officials back in SGA that ep ammo should be the same as the other types ,, via TT , seems along with adding BPs to craft it and taking out blp weapon cells from loot they have gone the other way,,, now with shrapnel Bps don't be surprized soon when they remove ammo...
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    What do do about players who ruin the game, but never get punished.

    creature control pills work well just pop one and go kill him lol
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    FEN Event Phase Two

    has there been any announcement for a 3rd FEN faze if so anyone have a link I cant find the shit
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    Return penalty for using crit buffs

    some really good discutions but my point is while we are all talking about less and less tt return and the eff of weapons and there affect on loot ive noticed a significant drop of looted items on auction availible for some time now ie less MU loot availible is this because MA is shifting...
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    FEN Event Update #1

    I totally agree something for those who may not have deep enough pockets but still grind there buts off and play gets a chance of reward other then a lil MU for once :D