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    Buying: WTB supremacy thiegh gaurds M

    looking for Supremacy thieghs M & Supremacy gloves M to complete my set
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    Buying: Tier 9 components

    i need 233 t9 comps pm in game please any amounts
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    Suggestion: drop rate on tier components n mats

    i think most of us love the new tiering system ,, i know i am for one a huge fan, well done MA on the change , how ever the drop rate for a lot of components are severely lacking for example tier 8 comps, opals, just to name 2 with the new changes tiering item numbers will skyrocket but to keep...
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    Suggestion: Explosive weapon attachments

    hey i think its time we had some explosive weapon attachments ,, mainly amps ,, for all of us who use them we are already loosing peds from shots not at a target and not in pvp or doesn't hit the target because of indirect aiming or the mobs moves out of target before round hits ,,,, i think...
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    Buying: Mod hedoc

    wanted Mod hedoc or possibly augmented hedoc , trade with Auds convert your mayhem win with Auds u Buy the mod/augmented hedoc and i trade with deeds the ever giving trade pm here or in game
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    Buying: Mod EMT kit 2600

    anyone have one for sale please pm here or in game cheers
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    Buying: KingKong TG-U80

    anyone have one for sale please pm here or in game cheers
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    Selling: DOA Rockjacker Mentor edition , Deptil V-Rex 2000 SGA Edition , UL SK- 80 .

    Selling these items -: ******* UL SK- 80 tier 4.3 - 4 clds/cldx or 100 AUDs or +6k ped * Tons of BPs prefer bulk sales - offers ...
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    Selling: [B] V-REX 2000 SGA Tier 5.9 [/B]

    selling my UL rocket launcher +26k or trade with IMP Hedoc Fap + peds
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    Looking For Edward Tony Stark

    hi all im not sure what soc this ava's in or if he is in a soc at all but if u know him please ask for him to pm me here or send me an in game message thanks ,,, bangfap
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    Selling: Ul sk-80

    Tier 4.3 109.7 heal last known MU is + 13k for a tier 3 one will acept + 10k ped for this great fap btw for those who are comparing this fap to an adjusted hedoc please piss off and waste your time elsewhere this is a rare ul Tiered fap thats worth every penny im asking for it , also...
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    Buying: Shadow Thiegh gaurds & Shadow Feet (M)

    hi im looking for two armor parts to complete my UL Shadow set , UL Shadow Thieghs (M) and Feets (M) please post here or pm with the tier ,part and price of your item or items cheers Bangfap
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    Buying: Supremacy arms , shins , helmet (M)

    hey as the title suggests im looking to purchase UL supremacy arms (M) helmet (M) Gloves (M) please post or pm me the tier , part and price of your item or items for sale thanks for your time Bangfap
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    Buying: [b]doa rj me[/b]

    hey honest entropians im looking to purchase a DOA RJ ME any tier , i know of two for sale atm but due to the fact there being sold by resellers they are asking way to much for the items the facts are there are more and more sib items of very similler traits replacing these weapons and most...
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    armor decay V protection values V other items

    hey id like to ask why it is that only UL armor when not at full repaird gives lower protection as it decays, and to why things like UL weapons and amps dont give lower damage as they decay , finders dont find at full depth as they decay , extractors dont extract full % as they decay and faps...
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    Question: My question is about amps ,scopes and laser sights ,,,

    ok so we know melee amps are out in L series and ul maybe on the way but seriously ,,, when are you guys at MA going to release "" Explosive amps "" for rockets , grenade launchers and cannons Hmmmm ????? i currently use a Deptil V-Rex 2000 SGA model rocket launcher and would love to fit a...
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    Selling: [B]SHADOW / SUPREMACY Armour set[/B]

    Supremacy Harness M tier 3.9 Supremacy Thiegh M tier 2.9 Supremacy Shin M tier .9 Supremacy Foot M tier 1.9 Shadow Helmet M Tier 2.9 Shadow Arms M tier 2.9 Shadow Gloves M tier 2.6 taking offers this mixed set prefer CLDs ,Ped or privateer / starfinder plus Peds "sold pending transaction"
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    Selling: UL Hedoc SK-80

    Tier is 4.0 MU is +13k ped for tier 3 tt value of the item is 3360 ped PM or post offers takeing peds or clds all reasonable offers will be considered
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    Buying: Buying Deptil V-Rex 2000 SGA edition

    buying Deptil V-Rex SGA edition any tier price from 15 k to 30 k depending on the items tier level .
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    cant use toeernt waited for http ,,,

    whent for http download i saved as all the appropriate setup files first set up works till it askes for disk 2 or hit browse for other location of files ?? wth cant find the files where i saved them to unless i look into the all files arera and ther they are ,, but when i use that path directory...
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    Question: grafics cards and ram whats better

    hi everyone ive been runnin a 64bit, duel core AMD with 320hd, 2048mb ram and a geforce8600gt ran ok for a year i guess but now the grafics card has given up the ghost,,, the question is , is if i upgrade to a 9600gt and 3 mb ram will it handle cryisis eng ?? this im not sure if anyone out...