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  1. Hypnotyk

    My 3000 PED UA cycle on Toulan

    Hey hey. So I decided to try a new approach to Entropia. I wasn't active as I'd like to be so I sold my higher level gear and decided to scale back. On top of this, I wanted to explore planets that I never really visited and/or hunted on. Toulan was the most unknown frontier for me so I grabbed...
  2. Hypnotyk

    Buying: Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem

    Potentially shopping for this fap. Let me know if you're interested in selling yours and at what price. Pure PED trade
  3. Hypnotyk

    Question: Heavy grinders/players - How do you do it?

    I see people pretty regularly saying they play something like 10h+ a day and my question to you guys is - how do you do it? Are you retired? Military? Don't sleep? I know that some people play this game as a source of income so it might be a job for a few. Other than that, I'm curious to see how...
  4. Hypnotyk

    Selling: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    Looking to sell my adjusted resto chip. Send offers with pure PED or trade for CLD+PED only. Thanks! -Hyp
  5. Hypnotyk

    Selling: (SOLD)Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 6 Tier 5.99 147/200 TIR

    Hi. I'm considering selling my mace mk6 tier 5.99. This is the highest level mace available in the mk series before the FEN edition mk6. This thing is a power house and efficient on dmg enhancers + it slots all available melee amps in game (including X and FEN X). Maxed at 48 HIT/DMG one...
  6. Hypnotyk

    Selling: Adjusted ML-35 Tier 7.93 (143 TIR)

    With covid-19 changing how the world works I don't have time to play as I used to. Going to park my ped in deeds so no need for this gun to collect dust in the mean time. Looking for pure ped offers or cld+ped. Gun is full TT and can easily hit tier 10 with this tier rate. SB +7500 BO +7899
  7. Hypnotyk

    250PED Entropia Universe Discord Event

    A 250ped prize contest has kicked off on the EU discord yesterday that will run through the end of April 2020. If you have some time on your hands during these pandemic times and have some graphic artist skills, then I encourage you to join and participate! Event details are as follows...
  8. Hypnotyk

    Question: What's your favorite team hunting mob and why?

    As the title says, what is your favorite team hunting mob and why? I know team hunting isn't the most popular in Entropia but i still enjoy it so I'm hoping to gather some ideas outside of proteron :)
  9. Hypnotyk

    Selling: Empty Skill Implant 96.55 TT

    Looking to sell this 96.55TT ESI at a competitive rate. Let me know your offers. I also have two smaller ones 17.69 17.64 Total ESI amounts (3 ESI total) is 130.77
  10. Hypnotyk

    Selling: CalyTrek Spirit MK. 1 Tier 4.99

    Hi there. I outgrew this gun so time for someone else to skill up their BLP sniper skills. SIB starts at 35 hit/dmg, maxed around 40/41. Gun details can be found here: Gun is currently tier 4.99 and is at full TT. TT cost to tier 5...
  11. Hypnotyk

    Suggestion: Members of societies marked friendly show as green dot in pvp

    Hello. With the recent resurgence of pvp (landgrab in specific) and the loss of being able to pull HP bars onto screen, differentiating between friend vs foe is incredibly difficult in pvp situations. As you know, there are many main societies with friendly or junior societies that work...
  12. Hypnotyk

    Buying: WTT Tier 0.9 Calytrek Spirit mk1 UL for higher tier Spirit mk1 UL

    Hey there. Looking to swap my tier 0.9 spirit mk1 UL for a higher tier (tier 4+) spirit mk1. If you don't find yourself using your tiers on your spirit and want to free up some ped, hit me up. Thanks
  13. Hypnotyk

    Suggestion: Enable Classic Double Click Mode in Options

    Hello MA. Overall I think the camera revamp in the recent VU went well and I am happy to see it working relatively smoothly. However, I do have this suggestion to make. Can you either enable an option to bring back what double clicking on items in inventory does (opens item info instead of...
  14. Hypnotyk

    Buying: Spirit MK1 UL, Phantom/Jarhead/Ghoul (M) UL Set

    Hey there. I'm looking to skill some BLP so if you have one and want some PED quick, please let me know. I don't really care much about tiers since I can't compete in those mayhem brackets but feel free to throw me your offers. Looking to score a nice deal with shiny PEDs ready to go. Will...
  15. Hypnotyk

    Question: My two questions

    Hey there! Glad to see the AMA and I'm proud of you guys stepping forward. I have two questions (per the rules): First Question: Should we expect an extension of the ar-matrix (or similar Universal Ammo burning) series to cover other weapons specifically maces, whips, and powerfist? It's a bit...
  16. Hypnotyk

    Buying: Phantom (M) Set

    Looking to pick up a phantom set M - please let me know your price. Hoping to score a nice deal. Pure PED trade ready to go on calypso
  17. Hypnotyk

    Selling: Adjusted Boar (M) Set Tier 1-2

    Hello. Looking to swap my gear up so thinking about parting with this awesome armor set. Overall the set has nice tiers and it's a very very nice mid level set. 3 parts are tier 2 and 4 parts are tier 1 with one piece being tier 1.8. Looking for PED only deals but I'll accept Arkoin at 125%...
  18. Hypnotyk

    Selling: Improved A105 or trade for Dante + PED

    As title says selling imp a105 or trading for Dante plus PED from your end. Thanks!
  19. Hypnotyk

    Buying: Buying PBP-20 high tier preferred

    Cousin is looking for a gun let me know if you have one of these for sale. Higher tier preferred. Thanks
  20. Hypnotyk

    Buying: Arkoins

    I'm buying all your arkoins pm me your price and amount thanks
  21. Hypnotyk

    Let's discuss BLP Rifle Weapon plan from 0-100

    Hello All. So with all the latest changes over the years and overall lack of discussions on this forum outside of sales/whining/etc. I figured I'd start up a topic that might help some people purse the BLP rifle side of things instead of the mainstream Laser. I put my choices below.. what are...
  22. Hypnotyk

    Buying: Polaris Shin Guards (M,L)

    Looking for Polaris Shin guards to finish my set. Let me know if you have a pair you want to sell. Thanks. -Hyp
  23. Hypnotyk

    Buying: Polaris Set (M) - Mid TT preferred

    Hello all. Looking to pick up a polaris set (M). I don't mind having one that is used since I only hunt with it sparingly. Let me know what you got. Currently on Caly. Thanks. -Hyp EDIT: Just need shins and harness now.
  24. Hypnotyk

    Suggestion: Auction House bid limit (Quality of Life enhancement)

    Hello. I wanted to put forth a simple yet very useful improvement to the auction house bidding system. Today we can only place a direct bid of an amount we desire for an item and the bid goes directly through, raising the current bid price to the bid price we enter in. While this system works...
  25. Hypnotyk

    Selling: Castorian Combat Mace mkV tier 1.9, 1x CLD(X), Improved A105 Amp, Reilly Boots 100QR BP, Gremlin (M) set

    Putting a few things up for sale to make ped for another purchase. Mace MK V t1.9 TT+2500 OBO SOLD for +2K in game!!! Tiers 1-113 2-97 3-110 4-74 5-64 6-111 7-50 8-54 9-69 10 Improved Omegaton A105 TT+1725 Reilly Boots Blueprint QR100 TT+1000 OBO Gremlin(M) Set - 2 pieces t2, 1 piece t1...