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  1. Painwrecker

    Why MA can set up any price for an hour of gaming and you will pay them?

    Hi i have not been in game for well over 6 months now:cry::cry::cry:, I do miss it a lot. I need to re download the game :) I remember when I started in 2010, my Soc leader told me "don't depo, what you can't loose. the key is playing smart, not fast." If you want to spend $100/hour, good...
  2. Painwrecker

    Blade of Akire - YouTube Channel

    i am subbed to your channel, I like the vid's that you post
  3. Painwrecker

    Guess or calc - event

    gonna say 842.4, best of luck mate regards, PW:wtg:
  4. Painwrecker

    Info: Lizzy's Hunting Log

    good too see some green runs! I love the graph that you put up! keep at it!! Best of luck!
  5. Painwrecker

    Info: Lizzy's Hunting Log

    Hi there Best of luck with your log, I do hope that the green trend keeps going on and on. going to sub this thread. Fellow South African :) :yay: regards, PW
  6. Painwrecker

    Tenunded's mining log

    Hi there Best of luck to you and I ill be subbing this, had a good giggle when I read it.
  7. Painwrecker

    Selling: Prospecting Skill Implant (L)

    bump it up
  8. Painwrecker

    Selling: Prospecting Skill Implant (L)

    Hey there Selling a Prospecting Skill Implant (L) TT - 11.37 Ped, it is already in a chip for your convenience. BO - 179 Ped which should put is around the current market value. Kind regards, PW Contact here or via PM so we can set up a trade.
  9. Painwrecker

    is it worth it?

    that does not sound bad at all! haha well hunting is fun. I am around L47 DMG & Hit for BLP pistoleer and Sniper. still got a set of adj pixie i think. might do a smaller depo to test the waters this week. :ahh:
  10. Painwrecker

    is it worth it?

    $1000 and having fun, while making the peds last
  11. Painwrecker

    is it worth it?

    hey everyone reading is it worth while to make a come back? I have been in and out of EU for quite some time now, going on a year now (more out then in atm).RL and such takes priority after all. I have seen a lot of changes etc in the game and markets, what is your opinion? Should I make a...
  12. Painwrecker

    WOF 2014: Team Africa

    team Africa Ava name: Yettie Painwrecker vonNjaapenstein Country of Origin: south Africa Main or support team: Either Agility points:71 (I think) Thanks Slip for the mention as Captain, but I will not be able to do so! RL has me super busy atm. I will do my best to support the African team in...
  13. Painwrecker


    Nation of choice: Any country :laugh: Avatar: Yettie Painwrecker vonNjaapenstein Captain: :scratch2:
  14. Painwrecker

    Please add a Total Skill count!

    +1 It would make thing much simpler for all entropians PW
  15. Painwrecker

    I'm tired

    i always face south :laugh: haha seriously though, it sucks I hope it turns around for you soon regards, PW
  16. Painwrecker

    Achievement: 30k points - bronze - Longtooth done

    awesome job man, how long did it take you to do all of the quest? all in on migration or did you spread it our over a couple?:yay: regards, PW
  17. Painwrecker

    All the swords in EU

    too short:dunce::laugh::dunce:
  18. Painwrecker

    Selling: 60% increase critical damage

    you should probably say an asking price...
  19. Painwrecker

    FYI: 1 Year Anniversary of!

    gz man, I must say I have spent some time there, whenever I go to Cyrene! to find out where the mobs are and damages etc. good luck in the future regards, PW
  20. Painwrecker

    All the swords in EU

    Hey everyone, I think I found all of the swords that we have in EU in RL.. or at least a pick of it! Link to image if font is too small :lolup::yup:I can see the Nano dai, Katsuchi, Mako, Falx, RT beat cop stick...
  21. alqpwwp 460s v1

    alqpwwp 460s v1

    EU Swords in RL
  22. Painwrecker

    Sweat gatherer Skill and Level Hall of Fame!

    in my 4 years in game now, I doubt I will ever be on this list. L3 SG :ahh:
  23. Painwrecker


    well done man, very happy for you!:yay: regards, PW
  24. Painwrecker

    A call to all new South African Players

    Recently back into EU, any SA players still active? Regards, PW
  25. Painwrecker

    Question: Little update for Auction House

    i highly doubt this, as MA will loose to much in the long run. If you know who placed the order, you can just sell directly to them. MA looses the commission.:wise: regards, PW