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  1. Painwrecker

    Selling: Prospecting Skill Implant (L)

    Hey there Selling a Prospecting Skill Implant (L) TT - 11.37 Ped, it is already in a chip for your convenience. BO - 179 Ped which should put is around the current market value. Kind regards, PW Contact here or via PM so we can set up a trade.
  2. Painwrecker

    is it worth it?

    hey everyone reading is it worth while to make a come back? I have been in and out of EU for quite some time now, going on a year now (more out then in atm).RL and such takes priority after all. I have seen a lot of changes etc in the game and markets, what is your opinion? Should I make a...
  3. Painwrecker

    All the swords in EU

    Hey everyone, I think I found all of the swords that we have in EU in RL.. or at least a pick of it! Link to image if font is too small :lolup::yup:I can see the Nano dai, Katsuchi, Mako, Falx, RT beat cop stick...
  4. Painwrecker

    Info: TT Mindforce implant

    Good day Last night I bought a TT mindforce implant and then latter upgraded to one, i got off of a trade. When I went back to the TT to TT the implant, i did not show that it had any value, however the peds were still returned back into my card. I believe this is just a visual bug. I do not...
  5. Painwrecker

    Help: Need some info please

    Good day my fellow EU nuts :laugh: so after about a year and a bit away (logged on to keep account open). I started playing more actively again, I have never really been any good at crafting. I am mainly looking to skill this up and reach my goal of unlocking Blue Print Comprehension.:wise: any...
  6. Painwrecker

    HoF: Some Gazz @ Gaia's Cradle

    was running low on peds and did a 80 ped probe run, happy to see this after loosing a bit over the last 2 weeks.. here is the eye candy :ahh: have a new rule as given to me by our society Master, always have fun:yay::yay::yay: Kind regards, PW
  7. Painwrecker

    My credit card is dynamic

    Hi there I don't mean to bitch about things, but alas i figure i need to rant a bit. Since the start of the month, i made a depo of $170 not much I admit, but as of today my Ped card is on 36.60Ped. I can understand that the loot is dynamic and all that other crap, but too loose that much...
  8. Painwrecker

    Achievement: 101k skills

    i ran the skill scanner today and to my delight i saw that i have 101k skills now, not too bad for a noob like me :laugh::laugh: or if you like... looking forward to the next 100k :yay: also the...
  9. Painwrecker

    Achievement: Level 40 BLP Pistoleer (Hit) and coolness

    Today went to neas place, just to offload some rounds, and got this in the bag good luck to all regards, PW
  10. Painwrecker

    Buying: Ewe ep-40 or 41

    Hi as the title says, i am looking for one of these, pm me if you have one to sell. thanks in advance regards, PW
  11. Painwrecker

    Uber: Unamped with a Finder F-105

    Got my first Uber unamped on FOMA, using a Finder F-105 in Dome #15 :wtg::yay::yay:
  12. Painwrecker

    Question: Argonaut set up

    hey there Just a quick question regarding the most eco set up for argonauts... What gun is good for grinding on them (200 ped ammo per run) Armor is not really and issue, Pixie + 2A's or Rascal is good :) Thanks in advance Pain
  13. Painwrecker

    Selling: Omegaton Pops Bp (L)

    As stated above, the BP has 33 clicks in it. SB: 99 ped BO: 250 ped
  14. Painwrecker

    what most of us think

    I got bored, hope you like it regards, Pain
  15. Painwrecker

    Selling: kick butt with burning power

    Hey there, Selling Grunt Flamethrower (L) TT 19.45 and Stealth Flamthrower (L) TT 160 BELOW current mark up!:yay: Crazy good prices, they are on the auction. these weapons have DOT- damage over time as well :wise: regards, Has been sold
  16. Painwrecker

    Selling: Selling Quad wing

    Hi there I want to sell a Quad wing (L) TT is a little above 40 peds, Pm if you are interested Regards, Pain
  17. Painwrecker

    New Switzerland

    Hey there I would like to thank MA and the owner/(s) of new switzerland for an awesome LA, have gotten many globals there and last night my first HoF in mining no less! keep it up guys/girls Regards, Painwrecker ^.^v