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  1. fonne

    my lucky days

    After i did get a 2.6k ore amp light, i did decide to buy me an ore amp 101 BP. But before i started to craft them, i did try some more light ones last night. And i did get an ore amp 104 BP (BP unlimited). For those who are intrested in buying it, he is in auction for another 6 days and cost...
  2. fonne

    first big crafting

    And yes i did manage to have a nice crafting HOF. After i did sell all my armor-faps-guns, i did decide to do some crafting. I almost was broke , had to put the crafted residue and amps in TT all the time to be aible to buy bombs, and when it really was almost over this nice thing came to me...
  3. fonne

    First hunting HOF

    After 8months of playing EU i did get my first hunting HOF. So i did decide to put it on forum. It is my first post as well :) Hope i did all well and the pic will be on lol